The Mark, The Number & The Name

There is much discussion taking place now between believers about the mark of the beast, and many expect that mark to be in the form of a microchip implant. That is perhaps an appropriate expectation, as we see much focus in the world’s system on methods by which they might track people and what people do.

It may also make quite a bit of sense to imagine that there could be a time in the near future when the world currencies which are struggling are replaced with a global cashless system that might use microchips to conduct financial transactions.

I think in spite of what seems like the most obvious way the mark of the beast might take form, we should not so quickly decide that we know these things for fact.

It is wise to remember that Satan is subtle in all his ways, and would
seek to do what the people of YHWH would least expect. It is also true that many believers in Him have focused upon the mark, but have neglected to notice that Revelation does not only speak of a mark, but also a number and a name.

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666.
– Revelation 13:15-18

“no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name”

By this we should perhaps consider that not every person who pledges loyalty to the beast will have to accept a mark. Some will be accepting a mark, some the name of the beast, and some the number of his name.

It is important to understand this, because it is very possible that many believers feel that so long as they do not accept any sort of mark, they have not given themselves to the beast, but this is not necessarily so.

We must not only identify what might be the mark, but we must also identify what is his name and what is his number as well as what it means to have these in order to buy or sell.

Would it be so difficult to fool many who believe they follow Messiah in to accepting a number or a name in some way? Nearly every person in this nation already is marked by a number, the social security number.

What if the number of the beast came in the form of something which seemed to only update the system already in place? His people must be wise as serpents as well as harmless as doves, and be wary and ready to resist should any new thing become mandatory in order to carry out financial transactions.

An inability to buy and sell perhaps seems frightening but He has said He will provide for our needs, and trusting this in these last days will become a choice between eternal life and eternal death.

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19 Responses to “The Mark, The Number & The Name”

  1. I agree with you that Satan is very subtle. As Moses tells us in Genesis, ‘more than any other’. Jesus warns us that deception is at the core of the end times crisis, that false prophets and false Christs will deceive many. Revelation 13, in which the mark is mentioned, also repeats the warnings of Jesus in Matt. 24, that deception is Satan’s first weapon of choice (the second being force).
    That said, I think it would be critical, if we are to know what the mark, number, and name means, that we understand first who the beast is.
    A sure identification of the beast, will then afford us grater confidence in knowing what the mark is, and how to avoid it.

    • hi brakelite,

      yes, i think it’s important we recognize the man for who he is when he begins to come into his leadership, or even before. perhaps i am somewhat cautious though when there are so many claims as to who he is. many have the spirit of antichrist in the world, but i am expecting the Pseudo-Christ to be someone who is not so easy to recognize at first. he will have great following in the world and many will see him as achieving peace. i am not sure those individuals who have been pointed to often times by believers are people we can say that about, but this is why we must remain aware and awake.

      Prodigal Son, TNL Contributor

  2. concernedx2 Says:

    Some very insightful writing concerning something that is right at the door for America and the world. I really don’t think that Satan can disguise himself enough to fool a servant rooted and grounded in Jesus. If we are led by the spirit, that alone will provide the needed shelter because the spirit knows all about those things still hidden in the darkness, but God will bring all things to light. Keep the faith, you’re doing well!

    • hi concernedx2,

      i agree that those well rooted in Him will understand, it is maybe my concern that so many who go by the name “Christian” are not so well rooted in Him these days. it is amazing to me how many do not even read the bible that their faith is founded on. i hope very much that those who have not yet gained maturity in His word will seek it with new hunger before the worst comes in this world.

      Prodigal Son, TNL Contributor

    • Concernedx2, hi. The reformers were in complete accord as to the identity of antichrist. They saw how both in practice and in prophetic fulfilment, that the RCC had replaced Christ in the hearts and minds of man, and imposed an apostate system on the world in His stead. This is the true meaning of ‘antichrist’. One who replaces Christ. A “vicar”, “Vicarius Filii Dei”. 666.
      But today, protestantism no longer believes this. They have been deceived by furturism, a child of the papacy, and while looking to the distant horizon for a great menacing destroyer called ‘antichrist’ to appear, they will be run over by the “friendly” train coming from behind them.

  3. Hi guys. I’d like to refer you to my post to find the real antichrist. Study carefully, this isn’t my opinion, but Bible revelation.

  4. hi brakelite,

    i have read your post on the identity of antichrist. i agree with things you have said about the characteristics that antichrist should have, perhaps my question is, though, how would it be that the whole world will be accepting and admiring of a papal figure?

    the secular world might be quite unimpressed with anyone coming from the Vatican, even if he was very charming as the secular world is not interested in anything which even appears to be Christian. Non-Catholic believers for the most part, i would think, will also not be very accepting of a Pope as a ruler. maybe most believers who are not part of the Catholic church already recognize that institution as having serious pagan overtones and is not well trusted.
    Prodigal Son, TNL Contributer

  5. In the year 2000 the pope was given official leadership of the world council of churches. The protestant world is no longer protesting, and running back to ‘mother’ by embracing ecumenism with relish, for “unity” is seen as the great panacea for the church’s ills.
    The secular world is also darkening the portals of the Vatican in droves. Nearly every nation on the planet has diplomatic relations with the Vatican, and recently over 150 world leaders representing as many nations met together with the pope in the Vatican to discuss world affairs. The pope is recognised today by all world leaders as one of their own, a statesman and politician to be respected and honored.
    Look at the number of Catholics in your own Government. Over 10% of your House of Representatives are graduates from Jesuit Universities or colleges, and over half of the Supreme Court is Catholic. Where do you think their loyalties lie? Any Catholic politician is sworn and duty bound to the pope first, the country second. No exceptions.
    Obama himself is very favourable toward Catholicism, and gets along with the Catholic leadership in the US well. It is the cherished ambition of the Vatican to convert America to Catholicism. Protestantism is handing their nation over to the Catholic church on a plate. They don’t have to call themselves Catholic; just accepting Catholic doctrine and submitting to papal authority will suffice.
    The beast (RCC) that received her deadly head wound in 1798 is well on the road to recovery and complete healing.
    Revelation 13 shows the second beast (the US) giving power and authority to the first beast (the RCC) and being the first nation to enforce the mark of the beast. (The mark of the RCC). This is not a bar-code or tattoo. The controversy between Christ and Satan is not about finance. It is all about how, who, and when we worship. Financial restraints will merely be used as an inducement after voluntary submission fails.
    In the coming end-time crisis with the expected great increase of disasters etc, the world will turn to a spiritual leader to lead them back to God. Just as your nation scurried off back to church in droves after 9/11, so also will the world do so in coming days; when earthquakes and greater climatic disasters begin to have a decided effect, the world will seek someone to defray God’s judgments. This leader will be the pope.
    And the first thing the pope will do will be to encourage submission to papal style worship. As he has done in Croatia, Germany, and other European nations, so also in the US he will encourage legislation to be enforced in particular to exalt Sunday sacredness. This is the Vatican’s pet child. The most cherished doctrine of the papacy, one they boast of as being their “mark” of authority in religious matters, and the one that will be eventually forced upon every man, woman, and child in the world, in direct opposition to the 4th commandment of the scriptures.

  6. i would not disagree that the Catholic church is a great contributor in the antichrist system, but perhaps only looking at the Roman Catholic Church is ignoring a much, much bigger and further reaching intricate world system of controllers.

    the Catholic Church itself was not a new thing in its beginning but simply a new model of a very old system of worship that goes back to the days before the flood. hundreds of secret societies, governments and government agencies are affiliated with this idea of an illuminated elite which holds ancient knowledge from impostors they recognize as gods.

    i would maybe suggest not ignoring all other compartments of this system which are in the world today and i would not agree that all things spoken of concerning the antichrist system or the days prior to Messiah’s return are not future events. we have not yet seen them all come to pass, but we can recognize the season that is here.

    this article is a good explanation of those who operate as the controllers of this age in this world –

    Prodigal Son TNL Contributor

  7. While I have strong objections to the ‘nephilim’ theory, I concur with your suspicion of secret societies etc., in particular the Jesuits. Are you aware that 15% of the members of your house of representatives are graduates of Jesuit universities or colleges? Along with an almost total Catholic representation on the Supreme Court, the increasingly benevolent relationship between Washington and Rome, and the loosening of the separation of church and state, I see your nation in great danger of soon submitting to papal rule as Europe once was in the dark ages. The Catholicization of America is well under way. Standing for religious liberty as espoused by your constitution is the only defense against religious tyranny. That is, if the Supreme Court happens to interpret the Constitution according to the intent of the founding fathers, who would be all thrashing about in their graves at the increasing influence of Rome in modern America, and the strains being placed on religious freedom which was established to protect society from papal and kingly rule.

  8. i first want to mention that the link i referred you to was an article written not by me, but by Cyprium, but i thought it the best explanation of what i was discussing about multiple centers of global power with one goal.

    have you considered that the true nature of the religious philosophy which all of these institutions, politically and socially influential people who make the decisions in this world is Luciferianism, a tradition which is upheld in kabbalisitc mysticism and the Talmud? these things go back millennia, which means that such modern offshoots of them like Catholicism is not the root but a single branch.

    perhaps i would urge you to reconsider your objections to the idea of the existence of nephilim. if we reject that they are real then we must dismiss thousands of points of evidence, both in scripture and outside of scripture. what does it mean that thousands of world wide oral traditions echo an identical theme of a hybrid race born to men and beings from the heavens? what does it mean that there are structures which exist on earth today that modern man can not, with any technology available now, recreate? what does it mean that there are clearly airplane and helicopter type vehicles depicted in art thousands of years old? what does it mean that precise understanding of complex astrological phenomena were understood long before any modern instruments existed to measure them? what does it mean that there exist remains of humanoid beings that are clearly not human or not totally so?

    if there are objections to the reality of the existence of nephilim or the pre flood society that surrounded them, these things must have an explanation which is supported by better logic than that they were the result of human and angel interbreeding. aside from mainstream science, which gives no good answers to even basic things such as creation itself or just repeated insistence by Christian clergy that it is not so, i do not see what better explanation one might have.

    Prodigal Son, TNL Contributor

  9. Actually, there is a very logical explanation for scattered evidence of technology in the pre-flood era without giving the credit to angelic beings. Adam and Eve were created direct from the hand of God. They were perfect, and unlike us who have greatly reduced capacity for learning, (something like 10-15% of our brain potential) Adam and Eve had their total intellect available to them . What’s more, each individual in those days lived for nearly a thousand years, and with virtual photographic memories had no need for written language. Today, it takes a list of 5 items to shop or as a job list, and after the third, I need to refer to it.
    The world believes that we have evolved into more intelligent life, whereas the opposite is true. We have devolved, and it has taken us 5000 years to catch up on stuff it took just 1000 years to develop in the beginning. We don’t have to resort to nephilim for an explanation; man, created in the image of God was at that time fully capable of developing such technology without any angelic help.
    That said, neither theory is provable; but to develop an ongoing belief system based on either theory is somewhat shaky.

  10. Hello Brakelite…

    an entire article which deals with just this subject:

    Upon close inspection of all evidence available the explanation that humans alone account for all these things does not answer all the questions.

    -Cyprium, TNL Network Creator

  11. Shalom in Messiah.

    this is truely a most discussed topic.. it is sad some believers are so amazed by finding out seemingly matching prophecy regarding the RCC, or resprectively, with the counterfeit state of Israel, that they are stuck in their own doctrines and cant get out missing the greater picture. This is very dangerous. It is a form of pride.. pride over having decoded “secret knowledge”, which others dont have, and thus also abandoning the absolute necessity of relying completely and alone on Elohim for further enlightenment and guiding.
    Additionally, many of those think they could avoid calamities by knowing beforehand what will happen. So once again, relying on one self and own strenght and mind. It is not dangerous to not know prophecy, but it is in fact very dangerous to shift even just a tiny inch out of trusting in Yahweh by thinking one has deciphered prophecy..

    That said.. I have read that the name of the sun-god HELIOS adds up to 666 in Greek.

    Another input: I studied the legends of a tenth planet, named Marduk, Nemesis or Nibiru.. it seems to me the cataclysms of Prophecy and the great signs in the sky etc. are triggered by this.
    I also believe that the chemtrails have also the purpose to hide those sky signs. (In fact, I have seen various times a very strange second sun behind the chemclouds)
    What do you think?

  12. Peace, Follower

    I agree how dangerous it is to cling to an idea that one has figured all things out in how prophecy must be fulfilled. i do not believe He gives prophecy in order that people might take some action beforehand (other than remaining faithful to Him) but rather He gives it in order that He might be glorified in it’s fulfillment and that we might be witness to His faithfulness by fulfillment of prophecy. He continually surprises me and i can only expect that He will continually surprise us all in how He brings things to pass.

    Nibiru, or actually “Ibiru” does exist. others have mentioned seeing it lately as well. This heavenly body is called a planet most of the time, but it could possibly better be called an organic, armed transport. I believe by way of this, He will execute His wrath of Earth. i believe chemtrails are being used for multiple reasons. hiding or cloaking things taking place in the heavens, intentional weather modification in connection with HAARP and intentional adverse biological effects on human beings.

    something you might find interesting – Nibiru or Ibiru means that which crosses over. it comes from the same as Eber and Hebrew – crossing over, passing over or transition. the Hebrews crossed over the Jordan (Yarden) into the promised land. Yarden means the descender, that which comes down. A preflood patriarch named Jared (Yared) had a name of the same derivation meaning – to descend. In his lifetime certain angels descended to earth and caused great corruption. The Hebrew people were established to “pass over” the “descenders”, that is, a people established to bypass the corruption caused before the flood in order that Messiah might be born.

    – Prodigal Son

  13. I am just amazed my friend! I could not be more in agreement with you.
    And, thanks so much for confirming this and for the intersting informations. Great job!

    What do you mean with organic, armed transport? Is Ibiru the residence of the fallen ones? The Abbyss?

    • Very welcome Follower

      Ibiru was created by YHWH as all heavenly bodies are and it is organic like a planet. rather than mechanical or like something that is man made. It has in the past brought Watchers to Earth but it did not belong to them and they do not control it now. it is a weapon though as it can bring great disruption and destruction and i believe He will use this to bring wrath on the Earth in the last days.

      Peace in Messiah

      – Prodigal Son

  14. Johann Says:

    There is a 666 subtly placed on each and every barcode found on products in the stores. Read Revelation about eating things sacrificed to idols. Read about the merchants of the earth in Revelation 18. These are clues that I submit are a proof that the subtle deception of Satan is the barcode, which will disappear when they put the RFID in the money!

  15. I think accepting a mark of the Beast could very well be right down to DNA.We are made in the image of Yahuwshuwah,Yahuwah.we are also covers by the Blood of the Lamb,if you are saved.Satan mirrors everything of Yahuwah.he would want mankind in his image,in order to do that he has to reprogram the image of mankind. Our DNA can be reprogram ed . That’s how Yahuwshuwah is going to change us in a twinkling of an eye.He will finish the work He started in us.Satan has corrupted man at the he is going to finish what he started all so.i think Satan’s mark is a DNA MINIPULATOR, DRACO. Of corse it’s made with nano technology. They are going to force this vaccine on man.i think this vaccine also destroys the part of the Brain that connects us to Yahuwah.when this part of the Brain is destroyed,we will not love,all the good that was in us will be gone.basically we loose our soul,all nd we become empty .alluded the demon’s come in,all nd did the DNA manipulator changes us in to something else, something nasty,something horrible.i think that the chip will be apart of it. I think the chip will acctivate the nanoparticals. So first comes the vaccine,then comes the chip.maybe the number 666 is a computer program that activates the nanobots.when they program the chip,the chip programs the nano bots . maybe the chip will come first then the vaccine.or maybe both at the same time.i just know that Satan mirrors everything of Yahuwah.

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