The Curious, Missing Blood Factor

If you have ever researched the Rhesus blood grouping system, you probably already know that there is something mighty peculiar about the rhesus negative status. The Rhesus blood grouping system is differentiated from the ABO system, dealing with separate groups of antigens.

First, to give some foundation information on blood grouping: the ABO blood grouping system reflects whether a person has the antigen “A”, or the antigen “B”, or has both, or neither. “O” simply stands for zero, or “null”, having no A or B antigens.

The Rhesus blood group system contains some 50 different antigens, but the one of great importance is the “D” antigen. It is the D which determines the rh status of an individual.

This, the most immunogenic of the Rhesus factors, is key in knowing what individuals can donate blood or tissue to another without complications. The presence of a D antigen will not be tolerated by a body which does not have it, just as an A or B will not be tolerated by a type O.

Most people do have the D antigen, the function of which is said to not be fully understood in the medical field, though there is sufficient evidence to suggest that it plays a role in cellular respiration facilitation, or the transference of oxygen from the red blood cell to tissue and co2 from tissue to red blood cell.

If you live in the U.S., you have about a 15% chance of not having the D antigen present on the surface of your red blood cells.

This next statistic is highly speculative, (as i have no way of measuring this) but i will venture a guess that if you live in the U.S. and are reading this article, the chances that you are rh negative are better than 70%. I’ll explain that speculation a bit more further on.

The supposition that the scientific community has expected you to believe about the origins of this strange deletion of a blood antigen in some people is that it derives from a completely random mutation of unknown origin.

The blood being as highly resistant to random mutation as it is, it would not seem likely that this accounts for it.

Furthermore… there is no other known anomaly in all of nature that can literally turn a mother’s body against it’s unborn offspring as if it were a foreign entity.

Where it is found in nature, (not referred to as rh status in all species) the absence of a blood antigen in a parent animal which can destroy it’s own fetus that is positive for the antigen, occurs in novelty and hybridized strains, such as mules.

In other words, where man has done some selective breeding of animals, or the breeding of animals which would not naturally breed together, there arises the potential for haemolytic disease.

When we see the body reject some tissue, as it would in the case of organ transplant, we automatically understand that the reason is because the body does not recognize the tissue as it’s own.

Rhesus factor Haemolytic disease is offset these days by a drug called Rhogam, which, just as in the case of organ transplant, is an anti-rejection agent designed to stop the rh negative mother’s body from attacking the rh positive fetus’ body.

In the most dire of circumstances, haemolytic disease will cause the rh positive fetus to be killed by it’s mother’s antibodies… in lesser circumstances, the baby is subject to the possibility of a number a serious congenital deficiencies which might manifest as mental disabilities like schizophrenia.

It has been often reported that there is a list of odd circumstances surrounding rh negative individuals… it’s really very unfortunate that the scientific community does not offer the public great quantities of answers related to these things…

Though it’s not impossible to research some of the findings which relate rh status to certain other characteristics… just try it. More often than not, you will run into documents that are provided by medical journals which you will have to pay to read.

Not all data requires the input of the medical field to observe though… so i will mention a few that the average person can verify for themselves in everyday life.

Rh negative individuals tend to be “Caucasian”… though it is not impossible to find people of African descent with an rh negative status, these people usually have what is referred to a “weak” or inactive D antigen… a D antigen is present but it is dormant and non-functional.

People of Asian origin with rh negative status are almost non-existent. Perhaps in obvious relation to that, rh negatives tend to have blue, green or hazel eye color… though you will find that those eye colors are far more common in rh negative Caucasians than in rh positive ones.

RH negatives think differently… this is from where my speculation on the percentage of those who are reading this comes.

Even if you are unaware of your blood type and you did not access this subject because you are already aware you are rh negative, chances are… you are.

The reason for this is because it is the nature of the rh negative brain to think in an unconventional way. These individuals seek out subject matters which are beyond the scope of average information, socially accepted answers and assumptions.

They tend to gravitate towards challenging information and are not deterred by a sense of something being “too weird” to look into. They accept the “abnormal” and delve into the unknown with fervor, and yet not without a serious bent towards the analytical and technical.

Rh negative people don’t assimilate well… this can be looked at in one of two ways.

Some might see these types in society as individuals who are difficult to get along with, do not follow rules well or fit into the the mainstream of society.

On the other hand, they are greatly resistant to propaganda and do not readily believe the status quo answer to many questions in life.

They might seek beyond the teaching of the normal educational system, and rh negative children tend to become incredibly bored by the structure of teaching in public schools.

The result of this lack of assimilation into “normal” society either seems to produce people who really achieve beyond the norm, or become a complete societal “drop out”.

Rh negative people have strength, but little stamina… there is a tendency in connection with cellular respiration and an endocrine system which functions differently, and the rh negative status.

These people might very well find that they can produce bursts of strength and speed that seem disproportionate to their size, but for a very limited time.

The ability of the adrenals to be kicked into a hyper-drive at the drop of a hat accounts for the bursts of strength and speed, but the lack of a well facilitated system of cellular respiration means that the body exhausts itself quickly.

RH negative people might be more likely to lift a car off of a victim pinned beneath it than run a marathon.

RH negatives have hyper-acute sensory perception… while it might seem magical or mystical to talk about such a thing as “ESP”… in reality what accounts for the ability to perceive beyond what seems normal is simply a brain which receives at a conscious level, the very smallest stimuli of a normal sense, such as hearing, vision, touch, etc..

Whereas most would only receive these small stimuli on a subconscious level and not process it to be “surface aware” of it… the rh negative individual will more likely recognize these little cues.

Brain waves, as we know, are electrical… they can be heard and they can be felt… but they are not normally perceived. Those who do perceive them would be called “telepathic”.

RH negatives have an innate draw towards spirituality, but also an innate reluctance towards YHWH and Christian scripture…

Those with an Rh negative factor will often find themselves incredibly interested, in an almost instinctive way, in all things “mythological”, pagan and new age. At the same time, there is a pull back from all things which relate to Judeo-Christian teaching.

It is interesting to note that a proven phenomenon called genetic memory might be at work here. The process by which the memory of a hundreds of ancestors throughout history will imprint upon their descendant in their very DNA has been called “The Monarch Effect”.

This makes a tendency toward pagan tradition coming from a bloodline which is the Origin of such, a sensible result. Also interesting to note, is that those rh negatives who do make a decision to follow YHWH often end up being the most zealous and faithful of followers.

I have personally never met any confirmed rh negative individual who called themselves an atheist… a belief in some spiritual reality seems to be ingrained in them.

Rh negative people are drawn to one another… it is incredibly interesting to observe.

It would seem that whether you might attribute it to subtle chemical signals humans unconsciously perceive through smell… or whether it is the recognition of the similar pattern of brain wave stimuli, or simply a case of “birds of a feather”… people of an rh negative status find each other, and stick together.

Perhaps the need to find others who understand them in a world which makes them feel so very different from the “norm” is a great driving force that brings them into each others lives.

There are quite a few other curiosities which surround this blood type… though most of them are much harder to observe or otherwise research.

One of those is the connection between the rh negative status and reports of “alien” abduction, another is the reports of certain whistle-blowers who have accused the CIA and other agencies of keeping a database and tracking those with the negative status throughout their lives.

Understanding that the world is rife with pride, and every person alive has had a pride problem since the fall of man, obviously this often leads those who know they have a negative rh status to find proof of their “specialness”.

I’m not here to uphold anyone’s ego, though… there is nothing “special” about the lack of the D antigen in one’s blood… there is something anomalous about it however.

This blood abnormality derives from angels who “crossed the line”. In all aspects… physically, mentally, spiritually… the result of being rh negative has certain seeming advantages, and some disadvantages, but one is not despised by their Creator based on the origin of their birth, even if that origin was not in His will…in the same way He would not despise the person who was a child born of rape or unmarried parents.

We all have the same choices to make for or against Him. What knowing your rh negative status, and what it means, is able do for you though… is to help you come to terms with the reasons you have felt “different” all along – and to come to understand that your Creator can use what is different about you to work great things in your life for His name’s sake.

From my perspective… i find it particularly awesome when i come across rh negatives who are called to faith in Him.

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89 Responses to “The Curious, Missing Blood Factor”

  1. Emyliw Says:

    I am Rh-Negative.
    I have black hair, excellent brown eyes and I can spot a phony and a wanna-be in about two minutes, I think we all can.

    I am multi-racial, Spanish, Black, French & American Indian – my D antigen is certainly not “weak” or inactive…it is defiantly not dormant nor non-functional – verified medically via the birth of my two sons & my time with the military.
    Verified cosmically because my ‘ability’ has been with me since birth, I have always known I was different although, recently I have found a way to connect with others like me which is wonderful and odd as I have spend my life being truly different, now finally it seems I have found my people as it were, other Rh-Negatives.

    My reason for this letter to you is, although most Rh-negatives are “Caucasian” you wording would lead one without information to think “Caucasians” are the only actual ones save a few weak stragglers.

    I have found that B-Negative blood is predominant in the middle-east, (unsure how I got it) in areas where MANY believe Aliens or God started life with the first ‘pure humans’.

    In fact, none of us know anything for certain, we can spin stories and even find a few random facts to support them, but in the end we are all searching for the answer to why we are and where we came from; it is important to empirically examine everything if we are to get to a true answer and not simply one that we like or are comfortable with; it is equally important to review you word choice when providing information to the masses – unless in fact you intended to state your case as you did.
    Just something to think about…


      • Hello CC….


        Please read the response i gave to Emyliw….

        “weak” and “inactive” D Antigens are

        1. not people…they are blood antigens

        2. medical terminology that i didn’t invent or theorize about.

        I have no idea if you have a missing D antigen (which is rh negative) or a weak or inactive D antigen…only a blood test would reveal that. However in any case, finding the idea of a weak or inactive blood antigen offensive makes about as much sense as being offended that some people have freckles.


    • Katrina Wiley Says:

      Thank you so much for writing this. I have Black, Spanish, Ethiopian, Irish and Indian in me. I am B negative which is the second rarest blood type in the world. This was a racist, ignorant post. God bless you! I have black hair, brown skin and brown eyes.

      • Katrina, please do let me know how my article was racist or ignorant. I promise i didn’t make up the population statistics on blood types.

        Wouldn’t you, yourself, have to assume that there is such a thing as a “superior” blood type to believe that pointing out what ethnicities have which type is racist?

        In my article there is no assumption of superiority or inferiority according to blood type. From what world view are you coming from?

      • Hey guys, there is no reason to get upset. The facts are the fact, MOST RH Negative people are caucasion. This isn’t being racial this is just a science fact. That being said, Black, white, red or yellow how cool is it to be a RH Negative? Good Griefers people, lighten up and be happy. Or maybe figure out why words make you so angry?

    • andrea Says:

      Where have you fund others like you to connect with? I am negative blood and have always felt different and now I understand better why.

    • well said. I have o negative blood. Lived a life you cannot make up. Only another rh-negative would believe it. 38 years old black,native american,irish,italian. adopted at birth…Dilligently seeking…Know I am here to change the world.

  2. hello Emyliw,

    Being multiracial with two bloodlines which are European, i would not expect that you would have a weak D positive blood-type. This trait is mostly seen in a minority of people of African descent and African is only one fourth of your genetic makeup according to what you said..

    “Units which are D negative are often retested to rule out a weaker reaction…this phenotype occurs because of an altered surface protein that is more common in people of African descent. ”

    your quote-

    “My reason for this letter to you is, although most Rh-negatives are “Caucasian” you wording would lead one without information to think “Caucasians” are the only actual ones save a few weak stragglers.”

    My wording was certainly not meant to imply that attitude…but rather just a clinical presentation of the facts as it pertained to where rh negative blood is most predominant in the world population and the term “weak D” is a medical term describing the phenotype mentioned above. The subject matter is, after all, a blood protein…not anyone’s “strength” or “weakness” of character or otherwise as a person. A blood factor obviously does not add to nor detract from anyone’s inherent value as an individual…


    “In fact, none of us know anything for certain, we can spin stories and even find a few random facts to support them, but in the end we are all searching for the answer to why we are and where we came from; it is important to empirically examine everything if we are to get to a true answer and not simply one that we like or are comfortable with…”

    “None of us know” is a big phrase, wouldn’t you say? I would certainly agree that none of us creatures know Much for certain…but there is One that i am Certain knows everything for certain…the Creator who made us all. 🙂

    You might have either read a good portion of what i have said on an Insistence of objective data gathering…or it’s just the rh negative tendency to seek that .I agree, the last thing that i think belongs in any search for an answer is feelings, subjectivity or personal desire. If that was not the case, i might have gone with the “blood of the gods” theory which i have heard many times in reference to rh negative blood. The truth usually flatters us less than we’d like it to.

    I do believe in an absolute truth and that it begins in YHWH…

    peace in Messiah

    Cyprium, TNL network creator

  3. susan Says:

    Hello ,Yes as you already have figured out I am a rh neg.I would like to think we are decedents from the prophets ,rather than Fallen angel bastards.I actually am a practicing Muslim,but I do a have a natural diversion to pagan Christianity .

  4. Your quote:

    “I would like to think we are decedents from the prophets ,rather than Fallen angel bastards.”

    I Understand…but yet, what does what we would “like to think” have to do with what is true? It’s my objective to not involve what i might like to think in looking for what is true. Those two things are quite often very different.

    “I actually am a practicing Muslim,but I do a have a natural diversion to pagan Christianity .”

    If you understand Christianity as Pagan, you might really misunderstand what Christianity is. I urge you to search with reason and not desire.

    – Cyprium

  5. I truly enjoyed your post, it’s one of the best encapsulations I’ve found of the missing blood factor (which I have).

    I’ve always known I was different.

    I am psychic and have experienced both psychism as well as telekinesis since childhood. I do NOT however, accept anything in exchange for my psychic gifts (I use them expressly in the field of forensics).

    I come from a long line of females who have had certain mystical abilities. I am Caucasian, blonde & blue eyed. My maternal family descended from the Basque region of France.

    I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and occult but have never considered myself a pagan. Even though I work with herbs and crystals I am a devout believer in God and Jesus Christ as his Son.

    None of my family members were Christian or Believers so as a child of 5 I begged neighbors to let me go to church with them. I visited several churches and found one that ‘fit’ and stuck with it until I was around 15. I finally gave up on organized religion because it was holding me back spiritually and chose/choose to worship God in my own way.

    Even though I am RH Neg, nothing could ever sway my faith in God, and I have been tested many times over.

    • Hello Moonsmuse,

      Thank you, i’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

      I’m sure you found growing up “different” a pretty interesting experience…i’m aquatinted with some rh negatives with a fairly high affinity for telepathy, i’ve got a high tendency toward “reception” myself…which has the potential to be annoying to myself and others at times, lol.

      Unfortunately, i think differences like this have a way of making others uncomfortable, particularly in Christian circles. This has the effect of repelling some rh negatives from the church scene and there is often times a feeling of persistent confusion as to why one feels so out of place. If churches were willing to teach the whole truth, those questions would be answered.

      That’s pretty amazing that at 5 years old you reached out to know the Creator without anyone teaching you. He says that He knows His sheep and calls them by name 🙂

      In this day and age, i’m sorry to say that i don’t know a single church i would attend…that’s not to say there isn’t one out there somewhere, but as far as i have seen, churches that are willing to teach the Whole of scripture, and not simply what they pick and choose seem to be non existent. This is why my “church” is simply discussing Him and His word with close friends and family.

      Thanks very much for sharing with us…

      Peace in Yahushua


      • Rebecca Says:

        Wow I feel exactly the same as you. Thanks for this great article. i wish I had fellowship with some like minded believers.

  6. Laura Says:

    Wow, thank you so much for this post. I particularly enjoyed your assesment of the likelyhood of the reader being Rh-. You didn’t have to point it out, but the fact that you did tickles me in a sort-of Rh- inside-joke way. Prior to reading this the concept of such a thing (an Rh- inside-joke) had not occurred to me. 🙂
    I am self-urged to share extensively, but, with an impending move, cannot at this time. I will say that I have always been different and the consistent point of this made by others helps me to discern it from my own ego. I even had a friend tell me, “You’re like a planet.”.?. My own mother (Rh+) claims to not know ‘where I came from’. My step-mother confessed to me when I was 10 that she sometimes did not know if I was 10 or 100. I said at the time, “Oh, I’m 10.” My boss gets annoyed with me and counsels me against “analysis paralysis”. Paralysis? I think not. This recently culminated in her frustrated statement, “Not everything can be black-and-white for you.” She thinks she’s frustrated?
    I am a Christian although have had to defend this to members of my own family who are offended by even the presence of a Bible in my possession given my tendancy not to submit to a particular church/orthodoxy; not a very Christian approch IMHO. Herein lies the issue. I recently had to state, “I am a Christian. I know God. I know Jesus. I do pray.”, to a man I thought knew me intimately; perplexing to me.
    I also enjoy the “Time No Longer” theme. I am known to be no friend of time and am interested to know how that personal observance may have an association with being Rh-.
    Many of your observational challenges have already been confirmed in my personal experience. I have oft sought knowledge of the history and presence of the -Rh factor, but have been discouraged by conspritorial and ridiculous mumbo-jumbo. I like your sensical approach.
    Thank you again.

    • Hello Laura…

      I’m happy you enjoyed the article 🙂 I would enjoy hearing your full story when you have the time. Many rh negatives who come to find out that they are not the only “different one” in the world can appreciate how nice it is to have some affirmation that there is a sensible reason for what might have always seemed like their own personal “abnormality”.

      “”You’re like a planet.”.?”

      Just not Earth? lol

      “My step-mother confessed to me when I was 10 that she sometimes did not know if I was 10 or 100.

      It seems to be quite common that rh negative children in particular have a sense of agedness beyond their child years.

      “”analysis paralysis”

      Otherwise known as perfectionism..seems to be a great necessity for rh negatives and a great source of frustration for those around them. Perfectionism can be a a very good thing though…

      “I also enjoy the “Time No Longer” theme. I am known to be no friend of time and am interested to know how that personal observance may have an association with being Rh-.”

      I believe..though this is just my own theory with no great evidence behind it..that rh negatives, having a heightened spiritual affinity can feel ill at ease in the temporal reality of the ages which is set to end with the creation of the new heaven and new earth. There is an innate yearning for an eternal existence rather than the temporal one now experienced.

      “I have oft sought knowledge of the history and presence of the -Rh factor, but have been discouraged by conspritorial and ridiculous mumbo-jumbo.”

      What i find particularly offensive and disturbing in places i have read about it are points of view that rh negatives are somehow doomed to be mean, cold hearted and even irredeemably evil. As i mentioned in the article…some of the most fervent and faithful believers i know are rh negatives who once they found the Truth, grasped onto it with both hands and fierce determination.

      Peace and Blessings in Yahushua


    • phyllis Says:

      Wow, what a great post you did. I love that “analysis paralysis” statement! It is quite intriguing to persons that like me are pretty analytical. I read a great statement from someone: The difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that the pessimist has more information!

    • Thank you for sharing…also Rh- (type – 0 )…I could relate to your sharing that your own family is offended by the fact that you love the bible. (mine too)… my doctors were always perplexed by the extra rib and the extra vertebrae as well as the super sensitivity to light and sound. (my high school students swore I wore the ‘whisper 2000’ because I could hear even their whispers!)…in all the blogs, it is rarely mentioned that till the 50’s couples were required to get a blood test to qualify for a marriage license…(LOL) but interesting how Rh- seem to ‘smell each other out’….my mom and dad were both Rh negative: Irish, Welsh, Native, Jewish and French (some Basque on the Celtic side)

  7. (I am an A-, Black hair, brown eyes, mostly “caucasian”.)

    This is an excellent article, in fact, I think it’s in the top three I’ve ever read, especially in terms of its over all accuracy. One thing that rings particularly true is the part about our sensitive perceptions. This is spot on, 100% correct on all counts. I used to think I had a sleep disorder as I am always waking up at various times of the night. Most of the time it’s due to a noise. One time, there was an insect on my bedroom window, and the noise that woke me up was the sound of its tiny little feet on the glass. However, I wouldn’t say that was the ONLY reason I woke up. As absurd as this may sound, I felt the presence of the insect while I was still asleep. It was a very casual kind of “here I am” kind of feeling if that makes any sort of sense at all. In other words, even though I was asleep, I knew I was going to find an insect in the room after I woke up, and so when my eyes opened, I already knew what I was looking for.

    I will understand if anyone does not believe this story, but it did happen and continues to happen regularly. It’s almost as if I perceive things from the inside out.

    • Thank you Sig, i’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      I’m not as surprised as you might think to read that your perception of hearing (physically or mentally) is acute enough to wake you at the approach of an insect. I’m familiar with other rh negatives who wake to similar tiny sounds or stimuli in the room which unfortunately can result in a slight case of insomnia sometimes. Thank you for sharing.



      • Absolutely! ♫ – and as hard as it can be sometimes, I wouldn’t trade in my Rh negativeness for anything in the world.

    • Kimberly Cradler Says:

      Happens to me all the time, 😉 I am A RH- blond hair blue eyes.

  8. Theresa Says:


    I’m O rh -, How do you know we’re fallen angels ? Who could really tell we are hybrid from anunaki’s? But for sure WE came form the stars…little girl at night looking through my window at a brillant star I asked “when are you coming to take me with you ?” At six I flew in a plane for the first time in my life, and when the plane was in the sky into some clouds I wanted to go out of the plane into the clouds…I always loved rainbows and dolphins. I don’t like snakes…so …I don’t like how David Icke write about our “bloodline”…why is he so sure about what he writes ? I believe God is alive, HE created the Anunanki’s and the pleiadans you talk about in the net and all the creatures: you tell that God didn’t want to have rh – : you’re wrong…He helped me so many times to live a better life among the rh +…

    • Hello Theresa…

      You ask “How do you know we’re fallen angels ?”. I don’t, of course, believe anyone who’s flesh and blood is a fallen angel, as angels are purely spirit creatures. Perhaps you’re referring to the hybrid status instead.

      The conclusion that rh negative derives from a hybridization of angelic and human origins comes from a long list of evidences, some of which are supplied in this article, some in others. Firstly, that there was such a hybridization is without question for anyone who accepts the entirety of scripture as true. That those hybrids existed after the flood, that the peoples who were named as being nephilim were not ever wiped out…are things also attested to plainly in the Bible.

      Conclusion 1, must then be…some group or groups of people alive on Earth right now must be hybrids.

      Conclusion 2, there is going to be a physiological indicator of who they are.

      Conclusion 3, hybrid animals exhibit missing blood factors comparable to rh negative in humans.

      “I don’t like how David Icke write about our “bloodline”

      I’m not a David Icke fan and his foundation for what he teaches is not based in the Word of YHWH. I have no beliefs that rh negative people are pre-ordained to evil or damnation…nothing i have mentioned indicates that i feel negatively toward rh negative individuals. Quite the opposite… they have a great potential to be very zealous believers.

      What i do not want to do..what i don’t want anyone to adopt beliefs based on which ones sound good, feel good, make us look better than average or special or otherwise cater to personal desires. Quite a lot is true that we don’t Want to be true.

      “I believe God is alive, HE created the Anunanki’s and the pleiadans you talk about in the net and all the creatures”

      Elohim certainly did create Watchers (whom i assume you refer to using the name “anunnaki”) as well as other classes of angelic beings. Some of them chose to disobey Him. It was not His ordained order that they should cohabit with human beings.

      Many people are born out of circumstances which are not His will…this does not mean He does not have a purpose for the results thereof. We each make our choice about whether or not to fall on the mercy of Yahushua and that will be all that matters, human, hybrid or otherwise.

      “And we know that Elohim causes all things to work together for good to those who love Elohim” – Romans 8:28

      I believe He’s helped you..and i know He wants you in His kingdom…if you haven’t already, consider the sacrifice of Messiah and what your answer to Him is. This is literally the question, the answer to which, matters eternally.

      Peace in Messiah


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    анализ фамилии асташова

  10. Hello
    Caucasian, dark brown hair, brown eyes,allergic to almost all antibiotics,
    low body temperature, i can’t stand even static electrical shocks.
    rh negative. I can guess people’s age exactly to a year, I can feel/read people’s mood/spirit. I’m thankful that GOD found me and gave me faith in unseen, hope for salvation, love for mankind. People tell me that I have to many hard (unneeded questions).
    I don’t share much of this with my relatives but I’m 33 and i still have a lot of dreams with places I’ve never been to in reality and I see people I’ve never meet. Most of the time when Im dreaming I know it a dream and somewhat I can control whats going on in my dreams yet I can’t support practice of lucid dreaming due to every time ask the “questionable” entities in my dreams to admit that GOD is their LORD things go haywire. Same goes for OBE sometimes I’m half awake and actually can tell/see whats going on in a house ether it is buzzing electrical current in light bulbs or dripping water at bathroom i refuse to leave my body because of strong feeling that it is not my domain in this state of reality.

    Thanks for great article!

  11. Theresa Says:

    I am O negative – Irish – Cherokee decent – strawberry blonde hair green eyes.. and that was crazy to read – I felt like someone was spying on me or you knew me! That was on the money on so many different levels.

    I am very turned off to Christianity and the mind numbing sheep mentality they display. I am originally from Arizona and I hung out with people more like me with “paganistic” ideas on spirituality. We questioned things and saw through mainstream media’s bull shista.

    But now I live in Minnesota and I have not been able to connect with anyone that “feels” right in that way. I find so many close minded judgmental christian type folks and I feel so alone.

    It’s also making me feel almost suffocated like being held under water. I need my own kind is what it feels like and I am so far away from it.

    Thank you for the article there was a comforting feeling as if hearing a friend describe you and realizing they really get you!

    • Hi Theresa.. this is one of our most-read articles here on the site.. probably because there are so many people who fit this bill nowadays — though, as you brought up, they can seem few and far between, depending upon one’s location.

      the article author will reply to you soon i’m sure, but in the meantime, i wanted to write to you about a couple things..

      one – i feel your Michigan pain, as i’m a southern transplant to the North as well. =/

      two – thankfully, there are more Christians of this type than it seems.. from time to time, non-Christians join our social network, and it’s probably because of the understanding in these areas, if only on the subconscious level..

      if you haven’t already, i’d like to invite you to visit our network.. here is a link to this same article on it, which includes comments by members there.

      The Curious, Missing Blood Factor

      i’m Christian, my sister is ‘agnostic’.. we were both ‘black sheep’ types growing up in our small country town.. that’s the story for a lot of the Christians i’ve met who fall into this category.

      this is a temporary life with an eternal afterlife.. i pray that the Savior of us all, Yahushua Messiah, becomes apparent to you in your life so that you can know the redemption and liberty in Him as well, and how much He loves you.

      Take Care,

      TNL Contributor

    • Hello Theresa…i’m glad this article helped a little. 🙂 I understand the position you’re coming from in regards to how Christianity is displayed in many people who claim to be Christian. I am no fan of any churches I know of…any type of seminary trained “authority” on the matter and even less of a fan of the very “mind-numbed” form of “Christian” that gets produced by such.

      Unfortunately, these are the big voices out there representing what Christianity is…and it’s an illegitimate representation. What our Creator and Savior have told us about ourselves, reality and our relationship to Him is such a far cry from any of that. He’s limitless…our thinking doesn’t belong in a cage if we follow Him. He makes sense… we have no business buying the mainstream molded “virtual reality” that doesn’t make sense. There is boundless wonder to what He’s created and the freedom we have to know about it is as eternal as the life He promised us… to live like this little mortal coil is the best it can get is sad to see a proclaimed “Christian” doing.

      As one of our forum categories are entitled… “The Truth is Out There..and it’s not Subjective”. It’s not only our duty but our awesome privileged to search it out… and the good news…is that it’s very good news.

      Most importantly… He taught (no matter what Christian behaves otherwise) that He came to show mercy…and for any one of us to do less is an affront to Him. For any one of us to be less than a shining beacon of compassion and hope is a dismal failure in what we’re called to do.

      Anyone in the world can be happy for now….but there’s only One Forever Peace. It’s our job to demonstrate it.


  12. Kalai Says:

    Hi and thankyou for this insightful article. I’m still recovering from all it’s revelations. I can relate to almost all the descriptions of this blood type…
    -Feeling alone, not of this world
    -Always challenging information
    -Being called, ‘Alien’, ‘Weirdo’, ‘Stubborn’
    -Strange encounters with the supernatural

    I am a female of the B Neg bloodgroup (tested several times) and of East Indian origin and a Malaysian citizen. I know of two other family members who has Neg blood.
    I have always been drawn to New Age Religion growing up. Since a child I knew that there has to be much more to life than what can be seen. I embraced Christinianity 15 years ago and have never looked back.
    The past few years I have tried to find out more about alien abductions and my bloodline, but only recently have found a few people that explains it from a Christian viewpoint on the internet. (God bless them)
    I am always frustrated by the lack of humans (and Christians) around me to discuss these matters without calling me ‘possessed’. Sometimes I feel like just screaming and squeezing myself out of my body to see what’s out of this suffocating world I live in. Thank you for making me feel I belong somewhere.
    I somehow sensed I could be of a certain Hybrid group and was wondering how I would fit in God’s kingdom. Well, you’ve answered that.
    I hope God will continue to reveal more to me. I have so much questions that I need answers to.

    Two questions for you:
    1. Why do you say Yahushua, Elohim and YHWH instead of Jesus Christ and God?
    2. What are your theories on Asians with these bloodgroups?

    God Bless.

    • Hello Kalai…

      You’re welcome… all thanks to YHWH for whatever i do that ends up helping someone else. 🙂

      Yes, it’s a hard world to feel different in… but we can take conform in the fact that what makes us Really peculiar is being one of His people. (so peculiar isn’t such a bad thing, right?) – “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that you should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light;” – 1 Peter 2:9

      Being different before being saved has its advantages. We see the depth of things…we take care to open our eyes to the facts that make others want to shy away. Once we’re saved, what makes us different suddenly makes us hungry for the truth.

      The world might not always understand you…but that’s fine…Father in Heaven does. It’s awesome to hear that you came to Him and never looked back. Welcome to the peculiar little flock!

      I think we all have moments of wanting to escape this world that doesn’t fit right. Just a little patience…Yahushua is coming, and when He does, we’ll fit just fine in the world He reigns in.

      Most of Christianity doesn’t like to think about the fact that some out there are hybrids…if they’ll admit that much, they don’t want to consider the salvation of those people. I’m firmly in the minority here and i’m not budging because His word says it all – “whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:15 Praise the Great Equalizer

      Now for your questions…

      “1. Why do you say Yahushua, Elohim and YHWH instead of Jesus Christ and God?”

      The reason i use the Name “Yahushua” is because this is literally the very name Messiah was given in the language it was said. I don’t judge what is on others’ hearts to call Him because i believe that each person knows what they have been convicted by His Spirit to do and it just happened that i sensed a personal conviction to use that name. The same applies to Elohim rather than “God” because it is the word He is entitled with in His own message to us. Sometimes words and names we apply to Him have come down from sources which were originally used to denote a different deity. I don’t believe everyone is convicted to change their title of Him from “God” to Elohim but i was because my own message through this site dealt so heavily with the history of pagan roots. YHWH was the name that Father told Israel was His name and so i use that. I think His Name is awesome in its meaning and its power and its good to keep it in the hearts and minds of His people. 🙂

      2. What are your theories on Asians with these bloodgroups?

      Asians have the rarest occurrence of rh negative blood out of all ethnic groups. There are, however, a very few Asian families who historically have had it and have descended from the dynastic rulers of their people from ancient times.

      Thank you for your comments and questions Kalai.

      Peace in Yahushua

      • Kalai Says:

        Hi again, thanks for entertaining my curiosity. God bless.

        Sorry but I have so many more questions and queries now. I am a very private person by nature so I’ll try not to be too cryptic.

        1. You do not have much references for your theories, so I do not know where to further research it. It would help if you could kindly diirect me to more research materials/sites.
        2. Do you keep your own database of Rh Neg people?
        3. Do you know if there’s a link between Rh Neg blood and auto-immune deseases? I have family members diagnosed with several different ones. Mine was detected many years ago. (Jesus is helping me overcome this.)
        4. Where can I get more information on your theories of descendants from Asian dynastic rulers? How did you come to this conclusion?
        5. Where can I read more on the link between Fallen angels, hybrids and Rh neg bloodgroups? And also why so many of you came to this conclusion?

        I typed this in a hurry so please forgive me for any repetition.

  13. Kimberly Cradler Says:

    When I was 5 years old I had a dream of something terrible happening to me in the future as an adult, I am 34 years old now and exactly what I saw in the dream at 5 years old happened to me when I was 22 years old. I got into a serious motorcycle accident and almost lost my right foot, in the dream there I was in the emergency room on a stretcher with a white sheet covering me and my family/friends all around. The sheet was stained red from blood where my right foot was under it. I never was sure how old I was in the dream but now I can tell you that it’s exactly how I looked at 22 when this actually happened to me. Everything is exactly the same as in the dream. I just wish I had known how old I was in the dream in order to have prevented this.

    KimC “A Rh-“

  14. Very interesting, enjoyed your analysis, mostly because it’s like looking at myself in the mirror. My mother was rh negative, and so was my father, and just by coincidence I am rh negative too as well.

    Not too much real scientific information out there on us. When I was pregnant the doctor told me that I had to take the rhogam shots or else my babies life would be in danger, but she never bothered to explain why other then to say blood incompatibility.

    As much as I enjoy being rh negative, unfortunately being rh negative also has some huge draw backs. My mother died of cancer
    and during her illness there was nobody else but me to donate blood for her, to make matters worst the hospital kept stealing the blood that I donated for my mother, and to add insult on top of injury the hospital not only stole my blood which I had donated expressly for my mother, but they also gave her four units of expired rh positive blood. They really wanted to kill her, and they did kill her ! To this day I am convinced that my mother did not die of her illness the doctors killed her on purpose, I can not believe it was an accident.

    I am also a Christian by the way, I believe very deeply in The Lord Jesus Christ, but I don’t believe in the church, and I absolutely refuse to go to any church of any denomination or label. But, I do have a very sweet, very simple,very loving relationship with God. Basically God is my Heavenly Father and I am His beloved daughter.

    My ethnic background is Spanish Basque, French and German.

    To me God is my everything, and I will not compromise my relationship with God for anything in the world and no, it’s not about religion to me, it is about a personal relationship that I have with God. I love Him with all of my heart. By the way have you ever noticed the way that the word HIS story is spelled? I find in my life as well as in life in general, it’s all about HIS story ! It’s amazing.

    Best Regards,


    P.S. Hate to say this, but from very painful personal experience, unfortunately the doctors and the hospitals are very heavily interested in stealing rh negative blood. It has happened to me too many times when I was donating blood for my mother, it was heart breaking because she really needed my blood and I was willing, able, healthy, and eager to give it to her, but the doctors and hospitals kept stealing my blood. And they were very blatant about it, and completely unrepentant monsters.

    One doctor when I confronted him about him stealing my blood and not giving it to my mother told me that he wanted to sell it to the pharmaceutical companies because he said they will pay big money for one pint of my blood type because they use it as the key ingredient to make drugs for HIV patients, which helps to prolong their lives for several years by helping them fight infections. Unfortunately we humans are becoming human by products and our body parts are being bought and sold by the medical mafia, they are not just doing it to babies anymore. If you are rh negative and you are thinking about donating blood to help out a relative, or even a total anonymous stranger, BEWARE! because your good intentions may not be respected and instead of your blood being used to help out a needy relative or stranger, it could get used to fatten up the wallets of greedy doctors and hospitals, I am so sorry to tell you that, but it has happened to me too many times.

    I even threatened that doctor with a lawsuit, and guess what they are not even afraid of lawsuits because they are very heavily protected by the legislature. I know because for well over a year I tried to sue them, and I kept getting road blocked by the judges and the legislature, the whole experience has been a complete nightmare. There is so much evil in the world, it’s disgusting. But I find great streanght in God, as well as great comfort. I am not trying to discourage anybody from donating blood, I am just trying to warn you that if you are rh negative, your blood is highly sought after for neferious purposes.

    • Hello DC…

      I’m very sorry to hear about your mother. It has seemed that there is consistantly a “shortage” of rh negative blood which doesn’t match the numbers of donors. We saw an obvious example of this following 911. So what is happening to this blood might remain somewhat of a mystery but evidence would suggest that there is a demand for it in research that the public is not privy to.

      As for the medical field…i’m not a fan. They have shady past, a shady present and i’m sure the future of it isn’t getting any brighter. I’ve seen everything from neglegence to what looked for all the world like intentional murder take place at the hands of doctors.

      There is, sadly, a lack of resources for the average person to research blood type. They will tell you there are issues of incompatibility…but no one with mainstream medicine is able or willing to answer why this would be the case between a mother and infant.

      I am an unconventional Christrian myself. Much like everything else in the forefront of the mainstream…Christianity in a church building of any denomination has become sadly lacking in really searching out the truth YHWH gave us. I don’t suppose that’s an accident either. The enemy is aware that the root of understanding has to be struck the hardest to maintain control over the hearts and minds of the people.

      The Powers That Be have been busy trying to take Him out of HIS story and just provide us with a story…a fictional one.:)


      • Hello!

        And thank you for your kind reply. Church to me has always seemed as though the middle men, namely the priests, rabbis, reverends, etc are selling God to the highest bidder. That is extremely sinful in my opinion, you have to pay the middle men to get access to God. That’s not what God is all about. Also of course a lot of doctrines of demons going on in the churches, and a lot of state sponsored propaganda. Bush Junior got himself elected to the white house by using the corrupt evangelical churches in America.

        What most Americans do not realize is that church and state should never be mixed together, for the protection of the people, because European history teaches us all about the mass murders that took place in the past when church and state were united.

        The separation of church and state is crucial for the protection of the people, but unfortunately Americans are ignorant of the past, they are ignorant of the present, and both the church and the state are promoting even more ignorance, and thereby taking unfair advantage of the ignorant people who are being looted by both church and state and led to the slaughter as well.

        • “you have to pay the middle men to get access to God. That’s not what God is all about.”

          True, DC, We already have the only mediator we ever needed in Yahushua. When men attempt to call themselves the mediator between God and man, they effectively are taking on the role of a “pseudo-christ”…what the bible calls antichrist. Not a good position to be in.

          In regards to church and state…what we have now is the church acting as an arm of the state. They routinely teach a perverted version of sections out of Romans in order to prop up the idea in people’s minds that obeying the corrupt government = obeying YHWH. No Way…

          Blessings and peace in Yahushua

    • I spent 10 days in a hospital ICU because of an adverse Rx drug reaction, and they took so much O-Neg blood from me using those super large vials- for no medical reason that I could tell, by the way- that my veins collapsed in both arms. Then, they started extracting blood from my hands. I pulled myself together to tell them “No more!”

      If you think Rh-Neg, especially O-Neg, blood drawings and donations are sneaky, just wait until you have a Rh-Neg baby! All of the afterbirth tissues, the placenta and U-cord that naturally accompany the birth of your Rh-Neg baby are also super hot commodities on the medical market. From stem cells to actual blood, these items are rich with BigPharma & BigBiotech goodies that will command top dollar for the hospitals as well.

  15. Passingby Says:

    I won’t speculate on the unprovable fallen angel or alien stuff.

    I wouldn’t enjoy the special status of higher chance of my children being stillborn, anemic, or far lower chance of receiving donor blood.

    What is there to celebrate to have a blood type which exposes oneself to slower reaction time, schizophrenic rh-positive children, and prone to getting into car accident due to 6X chance of being the victim of cat parasite toxoplasma gondii?

    The only boast-worthy aspect of rh- is playing universal donor, but that is if one is an O negative, 7% of population.

    In my view, O positive people – 40% total mostly Asians – are the true universal donor group, because their blood is compatible to 85% of the world’s people, except the very special 15% rh negative, who has to donate if only to help their own blood.

    Perhaps that is the spiritual lesson. Sharing.

    • Hello, Passingby,

      “What is there to celebrate to have a blood type which exposes oneself to slower reaction time, schizophrenic rh-positive children, and prone to getting into car accident due to 6X chance of being the victim of cat parasite toxoplasma gondii?”

      This article is not about a celebration of a blood type nor is it meant to promote the idea of superiority for anyone. It was written for the purpose of giving people with rh negative some place to find answers for why they have experienced life differently from others.

      There are some disadvantages to having rh negative..that’s true. In physical life there are a lot of things that one can end up with which will express a disadvantage to them physically. In the end, physical advantages and disadvantages are rather a moot point from my perspective. I believe in a Savior who puts us all on equal ground for the things which really matter.


  16. Frederick Says:

    Hey everybody and poster of the article. I really can’t even tell you guys if I’m rh negative or not, as I haven’t checked. I can say though that I’ve experienced much of what I am reading of here. I have been followed around my entire life by strange people. Now at 33 I at least know they are freemasons, which are a satan following group. That along with the fact that I realize I have been unusually loving and protective, lead me to believe, if we are defendant’s of someone, it would be Jesus. But like the poster said, we must seek the truth, not what we want. I first noticed being followed at around the age of 14. Sometimes adult strangers would come up to me and say or do, the weirdest, or meanest things. I don’t trust websites, or the people following me obviously, so I won’t say in what ways I am the same as you guys. There is one way, that I can say is beyond extraordinary and to me it speaks of God in every way, not evil. Like another poster I also refused several times to leave my body during sleep, because I don’t believe we are to be astroplaning; it is witchcraft. It is very very nice to know there are at least others like me.

  17. I am Rh positive but my mother is negative; however I fit almost all the characteristics: low blood, bursts of energy, low body temperature, psychic, higher intelligence, loner, etc.. One of my son’s is way worse and is positive; however my husband’s mother is also RH negative. Btw- we are fair, light eyed etc…After reading about the RH factor, I would assume that if people in your family carry the gene, you yourself carry the DNA. I find this very interesting, and my best friend is RH negative as well.

  18. Andrew Says:

    Very interesting. I don’t know my blood type, we are English my brother and sister are RH neg. I suffered from anemia as a child and am allergic to antibiotics. The Lord saved me from the new age and i was heavily into the truth movement before i realized most of it was being used to piggy back new age teachings on the back of it.
    Like you i find it difficult to find a church to attend as it’s easy to spot the worldly compromised position of most of them and the many false teachers amongst them and i blog about how the church is falling into deeper apostasy. Other christians i know at work think me over zealous and a conspiricy theorist LOL and i suppose i have found most church goers in truth are still very secular in their world view and simply can’t comprehend the deceptions of Satan or even begin to think we many be at the start of the end times.

  19. Cashmere Says:

    I am rh- when I was little my mom says I was always waiting for my real family to come get me she said I would look at the starts when I’d say that to her. I completely believe in God but I don’t believe we have any real knowladge of God because we are not allowed to , I don’t believe in Jesus being Gods son I believe he was a teacher and chosen by God. But if you add the accounts as we know in his life and look into it you would see that most of Christianity is pagen itself the trinity , crusifiction, virgin birth it all came from pagen roots so I an mot following the new testament because I believe it is false ! Constantine had a group decided the divinity of Jesus with a vote ! I want the truth that’s all! And I know most of what the world lets us know is a lie.
    Soo any ideas on how to keep them from monitering me?

    • Frederick Says:

      I hear ya Cashmere, but the pagan roots, were taken from God’s way of doing things. The enemy ALWAYS tries to copy. That is the reason for the unholy “trinity” Nimrod, Ishtar etc.

    • Hello Cashmere

      I understand your concerns about the mainstream Christian church, yet the truth doesn’t rely on their practice (or lack) of it. Truth is not traced back in documented chronology. It preceded anything that was ever written, therefor we can’t look at what seems similar in texts and conclude that the first written document reveals “truth”. We watch lies being reported on the news everyday….it might be breaking news, but its status as being first reported does not reflect its validity or lack of it.

      Yahushua is a rock of offense to the world…but who loves you more than the Creator who would die like any mortal soul just to save yours?

      He is how we remain safe from “them”…He is our rock and our shield.

  20. Katrina Wiley Says:

    I am RH negative and I am African-American. Who are you to say I have the D antigen, but it is weak. That sounds racist to me. Don’t say this is the case for most people of African Heritage because you do not know what are talking about. Some people of African heritage a mixed with European blood, so it is possible that they are FULLY RH negative, and do not just carry a D antigen that is weak as you say.

    • “I am RH negative and I am African-American. Who are you to say I have the D antigen, but it is weak. ”

      Katrina, I didn’t say it…lol. I have no idea what your blood type is. As for the statistics on who has rh “null” and who has a weak or inactive D antigen…i posted the wikipedia source from which the information came. It’s not an opinion..

      Do you know what a weak D antigen is? I don’t think so…if you did, i can’t begin to assume you’d actually argue about it.

      ” Don’t say this is the case for most people of African Heritage because you do not know what are talking about. ”

      I didn’t say that. Can i ask that you read what i did say before you form an erroneous opinion of it?

  21. Katrina Wiley Says:

    I am RH negative and I love Jesus Christ

  22. killalltraitors Says:

    I have a question nobody wants to answer. Is it coincidence that people born in what id say is the time before vacines are never listed as – or +? I think everyone knows its a fact that all vaccines are grown on live tissue cells. What type? Rhesus monkey up until very recently. My question? How did a monkey gene ever get into human blood? Is it possible the purpose of the vaccine industry has been to contaminate human blood with rhesus monkey genes? Its just too much of a coincidence for me that all vaccines were manufactured on rhesus monkey tissue cells. Also look up historical people born in the 1800s. For instance hitler they say was type a, no – or +? Also otzi the iceman was type o but no – or +. What’s up with this? Its way too strange for me and I’m thinking everybody was rh – before vaccines. There is never any discussion on how a monkey gene ever got into human blood? Is the vaccine thing even a possibility? Hope somebody can enlighten me on this a little bit cause I’m damn curious.

    • Frederick Says:

      IMO the whole rhesus monkey thing could be a complete sham. God created us . . and certainly not from a monkey. I always take it back to scripture. The fallen angels were and are the problem with the world today, as well as our DNA tampering. Having said that, supposedly rh-‘s are tracked by the cia throughout life, but besides that, there are supposedly, like 400 different blood types lol we just aren’t told of the variations.

    • Hello…

      I would just like to clarify that the rh factor is not a gene, it is a protein, and one which has nothing specifically to do with a rhesus monkey nor any other monkey. The misinformation really provides a crutch to lean on for evolutionists but the name was gotten by way of experiments which introduced rhesus monkey blood into rabbits which caused a haemolytic immune response much like the one seen in the rh negative mother/ rh positive fetus combination.

      Vaccines really are dangerous..and they are responsible for a host of ailments not seen before their widespread use but the rh factor follows ethnicities which still produce a set of common traits aside from the factor itself.


  23. Elizabeth Issa Says:

    Thank you for posting what you find interesting about us Rh-negative folks. I am B-negative and received my deleted Gene from my Grandma Jean. I have a cousin who is type A-negative as well. My grandmother was of German decent. Her maiden name was Zahn. She was special. She gave me an incredible gift that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It skipped my mother, and it skipped my children… so someday, I hope to find that some of my grandchildren receive this extraordinary gift from me.
    I fit the profile in so many ways…. OBE at 7 years old and very much love the fact that I am in my body and hope to never venture out again.. but do hope that someday I will figure out who I was with… because I was not alone. Missing time (only happened once but with compelling eyewitness reports and and impossible phone call log) which I also wish to avoid for the rest of my days. I do match the physical trademarks, but feel that this portion of identifying rh-negs has been clearly erroneous. I feel a kindred to all peoples of all shades of sepia and even more so to those with a similarly deleted gene. I will not get into religion, political views nor socialistic urges… however I will confirm that you are correct in your statements about adverseness as well as your hunch concerning DNA memory. I was certainly pre-programmed with the lack to assimilate and accept certain systems of believe as well as social norms. I shine like a beacon for other rh-negs… they always find me. O-negs are always kind to me, and I enjoy their company – truly I do not know what David Ike has against them… they are not reptiles, they are warm and sensitive. I mostly like them because they are as smart as I am and can follow a tangent-jumping conversation with me with ease.

    Mostly, I wrote this post in hopes of recieving a response from timenomore. I have a question about your initial post… when I read the line pertaining to angels who crossed the line I got chills. I tried to look it up on line, but came up with nothing. When you have a moment, I would love it if you could elaborate on this information as your post was filled with accurate data but all seemed to be a summary of facts. I would like the details if you have them, and am also willing to search for myself as long as you don’t point me toward doctrine. Is there a story that speaks of angels other than Lucifer who disobeyed? Be thorough in your response if you can please it would be best if no facts nor assumptions are held back. I have no idea why this line resonated with me so deeply.

    Thank you for posting such great content for us rh-negs (are you not one?_ If not how did you pick up on us?)

    in lak’ech!

    • Hello Elizabeth…

      Those of us that maintain the site are all rhesus negative…so yes, we’ve all experienced and observed the effects of being a little outside the “norm.”

      I’d be happy to answer your questions but I just want to add that it’s very difficult to do that without discussing doctrine, if that doctrine is the gospel of Yahushua, because that is Key in understanding all of this.

      The historic record of the rebellion of angels is represented in every religion and culture back to the dawn of mankind. In pagan traditions they are viewed as deities….in modern times they are viewed, often as aliens…but the bible was the one account that never sugar coated the truth, so that’s where we need to go.

      In Genesis, we are told that the “sons of God” (a term always descriptive of angels in the Old testament) came to earth and took wives of human women and sired very powerful, very large offspring with them, which the bible calls the nephilim. Nephilim means “feller”…something or someone who “takes down” others…a tyrant.

      “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

      That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they [were] fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

      And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also [is] flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

      There were nephilim in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown. ” – Genesis 6:1-4

      The word Nephilim is sometimes translated as “giants” in English translations.

      When we speak of angelic rebellion, most Christians automatically think of Satan and those angels who rebelled with him. Satan rebelled before man was made and he is who is seen beguiling Eve and then Adam into rebellion. The rebellion spoken of in Genesis 6, however describes a later event….a different group of angels. This event took place in the days of Jared, after several generations of humans had been born. The much more detailed account of this event is described in the book known as 1 Enoch (not 2 or 3 Enoch). 1 Enoch is not included in canon but it is validated as true scripture and prophecy in canon.

      “1 And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto 2 them beautiful and comely daughters. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: ‘Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men 3 and beget us children.’ And Semjaza, who was their leader, said unto them: ‘I fear ye will not 4 indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.’ And they all answered him and said: ‘Let us all swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations 5 not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.’ Then sware they all together and bound themselves 6 by mutual imprecations upon it. And they were in all two hundred; who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon, and they called it Mount Hermon, because they had sworn” – 1 Enoch 6:1-6 (RH Charles translation)

      The corruption of the physiology of mankind became pervasive to the extent that almost no pure humans remained. Animal life was also, likewise corrupted.

      “And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth. ” – Genesis 6:12

      The solution to saving His creation was to destroy the present world and its inhabitants, saving only Noah and his family and representatives of the animals aboard an ark. Noah was found to have no nephilim ancestry.

      “Noah was a just man [and] perfect in his generations, [and] Noah walked with God. ” – Gensis 6:9

      The word “generations” above, literally refer to his genetic makeup.

      Generations later, Israel enters the promised land and is commanded to take the land from the inhabitants of it. Those inhabitants which are found there are stated to be nephilim….the descendants of fallen angels.

      “And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, [is] a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it [are] men of a great stature.

      And there we saw the nephilim, the sons of Anak, [which come] of the nephilim: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. “

      They were under strict command to not marry them, not join themselves to them, but to destroy them utterly. Many find this event in the bible to be cruel of YHWH to command His people but what is not widely understood is that if these were not destroyed, He knew that not only would all humanity be right back where it started before the flood, but that no Savior could be sent to mankind if there were no purely human woman left to give birth to Him. Satan understood that as well

      Israel did not obey. They spared some, they married some, they learned some of their ways. If we understand this as a historical account, we then must understand that these bloodlines survived and they exist to this day.

      In the famous chapter about Lucifer in Isaiah 14, we see this plea –

      “Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.” – Isaiah 14:21

      In this day we are approaching the fulfillment of an ages old plan to usher in a New Order….an order that believers understand is the kingdom of antichrist. This vision has been constructed over ages and ages by the leading families who are bloodline descendants of these same nephilim. The hybridized status of some human beings inevitably means that it is not exclusively found in the most prominent families, but has overflowed to be represented amongst the general population to some extent as well. That information is likely to be chilling to many people…especially once one recognizes the inherent differences of the minority they, themselves are evidently in.

      However…it ends with good news…actually…it ends with Great news. Yahushua Messiah came to change sinful people into everlasting sons and daughters of the Most High. Justice is what it is…we deserve nothing, and that goes for everyone no matter who they are….but Yahushua came to add mercy to justice. He promises that He will make New Creatures of those who call on His Name. 🙂

      “Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. ” – 2 Corinthians 5:17


  24. Hi ,
    I m too an O neg….and startled to see some similarities i possess with my blood group..i am extremely sensitive towards my surroundings …sometimes i start crying inconsolebly when i see people and animals in pain…i observe people as if i dont belong to this world…this observation is without my awareness at the consciuous level…..i have few friends nt boz m introvert…its coz of some unknown reason m yet to know though i get along well with many people…intuition is very well developed…most of the times i will be already knowing what other holds in his heart n get extremely disturbed before time coz i come to know somethng will happen bad….my eyes look light brown in sunlight and black in shade… is reddish brown….may be coz m an Indian ….though dont feel i belong to India at all….sometimes i magine myself as buddhist monk in some monestry…though i very much want to lead a family life….somehow there is a paradox in love and relationships however i have not experinced alien contact…or ufo thing….bt i strongly feel the presence of alien life here….this may seem baseless bt i feel domestic cats are not from this earth, their eyes if looked carefully one can sense if they can, tell a tale of universe…i relate extremely well with animals …so much more is there to tell

  25. Enjoyed this and the substance of it rings true to me.
    I am a devoted follower of Yeshua after a life of struggling and leaning toward the dark side.
    I just instinctively think most of your material rings true.
    There are many wild theorys out there on RH-s.

  26. Bruce Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article. I’m O-Negative. I have hazel eyes, brown hair, love Jesus(Yeshua), I have a love for space, cryptozoology, UFO’s, stuff do with the paranormal, and spirituality. I know what you mean about ring attracted to “New Age” and all that. I’ve been attracted to Rastafari, Buddhism, and the Native American belief system. I was Saves(accepted salvation) July 26th, 2011. It was the best day of my life. But I’ve knew I was never normal. I’ve had an obsession with space since I was just a little child. My first word was, “moon”. My grandpa would take me out on the back deck every night to look up at the moon and stars. I do despise the school system and their teachings. I am also a conspiracy theorist, quite political. And have a strong hate for government. I find the reptilian, draconian rh negative theories really interesting. That’s all I’ve really gotta say and I love how informative this article is. God bless.

  27. Ronda Says:

    I am O+ reddish blonde hair, green eyes and freckles. My parents are both + as are my siblings, husband and his family and all our children. Obviously I am Caucasian as well of European/French/Hebrew decent as are all above family members. I have dreamed dreams that have come to pass in my life. I have a deep desire for Yahuah and Yahusha and the truth. I tend to find that I am rarely wrong in seeing things and having a kinda sixth sense (not pride because it hurts many times in being right) yet I and my entire family are all + rh and I have many characteristics that are being attributed to rh-. Blue eyes and blonde hair are very prominent in my family. I was drawn to this article because I am looking for the link between certain characteristics of the Nephilim and seeing if the rh- has anything to do with it such as polydactyly (6 fingers or toes) I know many that share the love and truth as I do that are also all + rh. I have learned that most that claim encounters with “aliens” or abductions from such tend to be negative rh. My point is, rh + people can and do have the same traits, characteristics, and feelings as do the rh-. See I am not of this world because I belong to Yahushua. That is all that matters.

    • Ronda Says:

      I will add, all my children and myself included all have a fascination with space, and the solar systems. I find myself digging into the ancient past as if I can’t stop however, with each dig, Yahuah shows me truth. I have no attractions to other religions except to learn from them. I see everything that the world says is one way to be the opposite and what is right is wrong. I do not think feeling different in this world is simply because of the rh +/- factor although I do believe that the negative rh is not what was intended and was originally introduced by angels.

      • Frederick Says:

        I agree with every single thing you have said, we are similar, except I am a man and am black lol. The one true God is good, He is love, He will come and He will reign forever. I love my connection to Him and will never let it go.

  28. nobody Says:

    I was told by great grand-mother we are mixed with starpeople she also called the fallen ones.she was ab neg.and so is my mom,and some of my sisters and bothers,but I,m ab pos.where do I look for more on this.we all have visons and believe in God,Christ,& the holy ghost but we DON’T TELL WHAT WE SEE,thxs 🙂

  29. Mrs. C Says:

    Thank you for this article. I am just exploring my rh negative status so this was informative. I am a believer in Jesus Christ btw and can remember searching for Him since I was very young. To be honest I find some of this info on rh negative a bit scary but I do find that I fit the profile in some areas. Not sure what to do with all this though or what it means to me personally.

    • Hello Mrs. C…

      I’m glad it could be useful to you. You’ve already taken care of the most important thing you’ll ever do…believing in Messiah, so what you get out of this information doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it can first seem.

      I have chosen to see it as evidence of the boundless mercy and grace of our redeemer and also evidence that nothing in one’s own power or makeup or background can win that mercy and grace…it’s all freely of Him and His own power and love towards us.

      RH negative Christians can feel twice estranged from the world they live in…once by genetic predisposition and again because they are bought out of this world by the blood of Messiah. When the bible speaks of a “peculiar people”…that describes it very aptly.

      Life might be a little strange…and there are some hard to digest truths included in it..but for what would you really trade it? Your unique perspective on the world was something He had planned for you…and His plans are always good ones. 🙂

      Peace in Yahushua

      • Mrs. C Says:

        I appreciate your words. I am glad I found this site because I was feeling shaky about all this. Reading the comments here are just what I needed. God is so good. Hoping God will bring more RH negatives into our fold. I have family out there that are negatives and don’t know the Lord! Thanks again for being here.

  30. Wisegal Says:

    Came across your article today. I have felt different my entire life. I was raised in a Christian home. Both parents were type o, but not sure if -or +. I am o negative and my second child actually had the allo immune neutropenia even though I was given the rhogam. I was completely unaware of the rarity of my blood type until just a few years ago. I had this sudden desire to begin researching this subject which obviously continues. I am a born again believer whose faith has grown in ways I never though possible over these past few years. Thank you for posting this blog. I want to continue researching the subject but am very cautious what I read as much of it is quite questionable, in my view. Can you recommend any literature on the subject which is from a biblical perspective? Thank you.

  31. Hello, I’m ab- and I have pretty much been drawn to Jesus from early childhood……and have been shocked to see how very much i have been ‘led astray’ esp. by the so-called ‘churches’. Discovering I was rh neg has explained alot, the unconventional thinking, yearning for the truth and praying, reading The King James Bible leads me to know that my identity is in Christ, who came for ‘The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel’. I do not believe that i am offspring from the fallen angels…..they are seed of Cain, i believe Iam a descendant of Christ, the purebred from original creation, before the fall. White, blondhair, green/yellow eyes. I try to wait patiently for His return, when He will wipe out all our enemies which are all around us, as we are the remnnant, His flock. I look forward to the day when we are all brought together, as it can get pretty lonely at times!!!!!

  32. Hello. I made a comment today and it is not here, did i say something wrong?????????

  33. Hey there, forget last comment as I can now see it here, silly old rh negative me!!!!!

  34. Hello! Such a fascinating article, I could not stop reading. I am O negative as are ALL my siblings. My parents were both O negative, my father was born in middle east and my mother in south Africa and the odds of their meeting, let alone both having O negative blood and producing 4 children with O negative blood is probably pretty astronomical. My father was Muslim my mother Christian and I have always been fascinated by all religious teachings even though I am a born again and devoted lover of Christ. I feel such sorrow when I see people who call themselves Christians behave in ways that are, to put it mildly, unkind and judgmental. It drives people away from the hope we have in Jesus. I have been intuitive and super perceptive all my life, but never thought it had anything to do with blood type! How very interesting! And how did I miss the chapter in Genesis that talks about angels “knowing” humans? LOL. As a child, I constantly waited for my real family to come pick me up. I never felt like I fit. And now I read that it wasn’t just me. So glad I found this site. Thank you for your wonderful posts.

  35. Hey.
    I find most of what you have stated in your article to be reasonably accurate with one exception… I do not believe RH negative blood is from the fallen angels….or from aliens. I believe from my personal research and “contecting the dots” with science and reliable history the logical answer is it is the blood of creation and of Isreal. Most European royal lines claim a heritage to the throne of King David. Arab nations lay a claim to a heritage from the Abrahamic line through Ishmeal, or Esau ( they too are rumered to have negative blood- including the Pharohs) The “alien” or “fallen angel” theory is an easy theory many have concluded regardless of what their personal faith is – Christian or new age. However the truth is – we are all attempting a theory we can be comfortable accepting. I can assure you, mine is not made from pride. I personally have RH negative blood (I know- no surprise) and was atracted to the ocult and new age spirituality, however I left it because I “sensed” I was being used and tricked and led away from something. The knowledge I gained was given to me with anger and bitterness. Spirit/demons hated me.
    Attempt researching the holocaust. There is a bit of info on how only certain jews were sent to be killed while others after blood being drawn were allowed to remain as slaves within the camps.
    Anyway, God bless

    • Hello G2…I’m glad you are researching it.

      “However the truth is – we are all attempting a theory we can be comfortable accepting”

      It is not necessarily comfortable to accept that nephilim might be your heritage..and this is what my point was in stating that we are apt to look for what defines us in a good light. Claiming Israeli heritage has filled that need for several groups, however in the end, I don’t even see need to pinpoint who Israel is and I believe there is a certain purposed (by YHWH) ambiguity to who it is in this day because of the pride factor. Whoever Israel is, they are not saved by virtue of that inheritance.

      I would pose the question, though, if rh negative marks who genetic Israel is…why is this also the group that consistently makes up the families who are generationally involved in the occult and have high Luciferian ties?

      A claim to the inheritance of Israel is also the hallmark of a group mentioned biblically who are singled out for a particular rebuke in that claim. By virtue of the sheer numbers of ethnic sects who have claimed that, one would expect those who were specifically mentioned to not only be in error in that sense, but also worthy of mention on a larger scale. I think it’s very apt if applied to the global ruling elite:

      Revelation 3:9 – Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

      All that said, our Savior came to heal the sick, not tend the well, right? Heaven rejoices more over the one that was lost and is found than for the 99 who never went astray.

      Thank you for your thoughts…

      Peace in Yahushua

  36. thefollyofman Says:

    My mother and I are both Rh negative/o-negative. She is a devout Christian and believes in the Christian God 100 %. I, on the other hand, believe in nothing and cant bring myself believe in anything until I see it for myself. I am not pagan, wiccan, or anything of the like and find anything I hear about the spiritual realm absolutely ridiculous. I don’t believe in spirits or ghosts or demons; I find myself much more drawn to facts, science, and explanations not based on faith. Like you said, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an “atheist,” but only because disbelief is just that: a belief. And as I said before, I don’t believe in anything until I have proof. I just thought I’d throw that out there to add to your rh-negative mix. 🙂

  37. Hi,

    I’m Asian with O- blood. I have dark eyes and dark hair, but I do experience sleep paralysis/ lucid dreams frequently. I am also sensitive to electromagnetic fields. My Asian boyfriend just so happens to be Rh- as well.

    So based on my experience, I wouldn’t really call it near “non-existent” for Asians.

  38. O neg Says:

    Notice it is the stereotypical “victim” who takes offense. Anyone with the true gift of discernment would be able to read this unbiased article without crying racism. This is what is wrong with America. Ignorant sheep always looking for someone else to blame for their problems/insecurities.

  39. I am o negative and have a question. If most of the powers that be illuminati have o neg blood and make up most of our government. Why are we being tracked. If we are of the same blood group, then why would they want to harm us? No one has ever answered this question.

    • Hello…

      Very good question. The reason is this… the “unilluminated” masses of the rh negative population are a rogue element in their game plan. They are not “their” people, they are people with a tendency to escape the brainwashing and question the official story…they also tend to speak about it.

      In my observation, rh negative individuals are the first to spot the elephant in the room, the least likely to be happy about it, and the last to shut their mouths. This is not an advantageous demographic for their elite, distant relations and probably the group that is most targetted by them, particularly if they see the entire, spiritual “big picture”.

      • JohnX Says:

        Few years ago I found this place. Time to time I come across almost “unrelated” information and wanted to share a bit of my conclusions about NEG factor. Just a theory here and please bare with my English.
        I will not quote bible here as im sure most of you will see the numerous hints of references to what are we dealing with here… and I hope most of you will connect the dots if I succeed explaining my theory.
        I think that “secret” of neg blood types lies in its metaphysical quality…or to be more correct … “classified” physical abilities of blood.
        As for regular person blood is just important liquid for proper functioning of the body….for others it is very important if not main thing of importance… starting from proper killing for food to blood lines of the stock……Im not even touching religious/occult role of blood…..for now.
        So…lets look at living human body as more or less comparable hardware to be used by more advanced form of energy (spirit/soul).

        Let me go back in to the times of Noah or Enoch….”Nephillim” knew that their time is up….. If as advanced being with knowledge of mysteries…. they pretty much where aware of “cleansing” process that was looming with ark being build….while nothing “unclean” where not to make to new age of earth…..some how….the remaining DNA of nephilim slipped thru:
        ***Male microchimerism in women without sons: quantitative assessment and correlation with pregnancy history.***

        Today we see it manifests as “mutations and anomalies” like
        six fingers…gigantism…..”weird blood types” to name the few.


        Lets look at Negative blood type case…..
        While common folks don’t give to much toughs about what is going on…we just go…
        –im different but its probably only in my head…..”majority” cant be wrong… nothing to it just blood mutation….and we go on with our lifes…

        On the other hand…Elites of this world are very serious on what dna they have in their “blood lines”……got to make sure a body/vessel is pure”blood” .

        Most of us would agree with cases of “possession”. Most of us heard of destructive outcomes of “possessions” due to religious back grounds it is considered demon/entity is trying to kill a human..destroy body….But if we look at it as simple case of incompatibility….between spirit and host body…..wrong software in wrong hardware….leads to destruction.

        Power that be…
        How about if body(vessel) most similar to the body of pre flood hybrid …….and thru ritual and other “manipulations” it is dedicated for spirit nephilim to enter and act “normal” ….be a leader….. policy maker…..gifted scientist……artists……”giant” not by size….but by mind….



  40. Sorry but i dont think people should be upset with what is placed in this wall. We all joined because we want to know or are curious about our blood type. I am hispanic, born in Mexico, my family ancestry is German, Spain, Portuguese and Papago. Brown eyes, brown hair and light skin and im not offended, please do not be so sensitive about all this lets just learn and enjoy this site and thanks for the article.

  41. There was more than one lineage of rh neg. One indeed came from the fallen angels. The other lineage did not. It is true…. MOST of the RH negs have aversion to Christianity. There are a few who don’t and there is a reason why.

  42. Anthony Says:

    I love Christ and I am a huge Christian
    I am RH NEG??

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