Welcome, everyone, to Time No Longer’s “Front Lobby”

Time No Longer

This introduction is to acquaint everyone with how we work, as this is not what you would call your average blog.

Our main site is a social network which anyone can join and which you can find many links to throughout the blog…
(including here: timenolonger.ning.com) : )

On this site that you are on now, you will find featured article content from our social network by various authors, rather than being the work of one blogger. The links to those authors’ profiles can be found at the bottom of each posted article.

Those joining the social network site of Time No Longer are free to discuss the subjects presented here in the forum, post their own material, photos, videos and host their own blog on their respective pages, or just “hang out” and fellowship in the chat room.

Anyone interested in writing full length articles with us can have their material published here to reach a broader audience than what is available on the social networking site…and we always appreciate those who have a special interest in “shouting the truth from the rooftops”. Enjoy..

Peace in Yahushua,
Cyprium, TNL Network Creator

TNL Network Creator Profile : Cyprium


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