“godlikeproductions”, Tavistock & Internet Mass Mind Control

last year i was banned twice by the godlikeproductions site.. as of today i have been yet again from it three times more.. after a total of 5 bans from the site, i decided to go digging.. what i found was a rabbit-hole which leads straight down..

in September of 2009 i joined godlikeproductions.com.. i posted in a thread where someone was posting in an effort to get O-Negative blood types, starseeds, crystal children, etc. to join him at a website where their ‘god’ natures could be explored, enhanced, etc.. not long after, i clicked to post a discussion – only to find i’d been banned.

GLP ban page

below the email address there are two notes:

“we sometimes have to ban entire ISP Providers because of attacks on this website.. ”

“If you have been inadvertently caught up in one of these bans please accept our apologies email us and we will try to clear it up for you”

after mailing the staff, i received a reply that the ban had been lifted and perhaps it was my browser that had prevented me from posting.. soon after that, when i tried to post a discussion (unfortunately i don’t recall what that was at the time) – i found i was banned again..

until a couple of weeks ago, i hadn’t been back to the site more than a handful of times.. on May 15th i stopped by and posted a large portion of Culling The Herd : Their Intentions for the Flock.. there were 372 total views.. i wasn’t banned and thought the issue had been resolved..

on May 19th i posted 3 paragraphs from Plan to Put the Whole World in a Demonic Trance – including the paragraph containing this :

“In pre-World War II Germany, the emphasis on eugenics and mind control made a strong come-back. The psychiatric branch of the eugenics field through the Tavistock Institute began to promote social engineering, euthanasia, and sterilization of certain “genetically unfit” groups of people.”

if you’re not familiar, on most given days godlikeproductions tends to have around 1500 people visiting or using the site, and comments can add up quickly.. after posting the above paragraph i decided to check for comments.. there were a few.. i got another post ready and hit the publish link..

GLP ban page inset

and there he was.. that old familiar face again.. not exactly smiling back at me..

banned again, and clueless as to why, i decided to email the support staff and inquire as to why.. the next day a reply followed, instructing me to “try it now”..

here is the transcript of godlikeproduction’s reply email :

Subject: 66Re: Not a Stalker..
Date: 5/20/2010 5:23:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time

> Hi.. why was i banned, please? thank you.
> Born Again Nerd : B.A.N. (is it my username initials?..)

try it now…


so i went to the site and posted a short comment.. things seemed back to normal..

later that night it was realized that the word “Tavistock”, in paragraph 3 of my discussion post from the day before, had shown up as “Merry Christmas”.. “..The psychiatric branch of the eugenics field through the Merry Christmas Institute began to promote social engineering..”

once again, i was clueless as to why.. i sent a second email to the ban staff, and asked why it was that “Tavistock Institute” was changed to “Merry Christmas Institute”..

Subject: 66Re: 66Re: Not a Stalker..
Date: 5/23/2010 10:34:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time

> Hello.. it’s me again..
> thanks for reinstating my abilities..
> also, i’m banned again..
> why is it that “Tavistock Institute” in my post draft becomes “Merry
> Christmas Institute” once it’s published – and then i’m banned? (i don’t
> recall
> reading anything in the TOS about using the words “Tavistock Institute”)
> thanks for the help.
> Peace in Messiah

GLP detractors use the bogus TI link to try and inflict some sort of
damage to the site’s reputation, probably trying to drive posters away,
which doesn’t work. We ban because of the haters spamming the forum and we
change the offending words to prevent other posters from quoting them and
getting banned too.

send us your IP again so we can check out the ban for you…



i sent it, and the next day received this reply:

Subject: 66Re: 66Re: 66Re: Not a Stalker..
Date: 5/24/2010 5:42:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time

> Hi.. that makes sense.. “###IP###”
> i appreciate all the help.
> Peace in Messiah

there are no bans against your IP…but, if you are getting the BK dude
then there’s probably an ISP server ban affecting your IP accessing the
site; you might want to accesss the site via a proxy meantime, sorry for
the inconvenience.


today i returned, to post a comment in an effort to clarify the “Tavistock”/”Merry Christmas” confusion.. this time i decided to post the word “Tavistock” vertically, just in case.. It didn’t work.. “Merry Christmas” was there instead..

needless to say, i was nonplused.. not only was i being repeatedly banned.. but the word “Tavistock” was apparently related.. which i found odd on its own.

so i began searching for clues.. here is some of what i found in less than an hour..

Oct 2, 2008 : From : thestraightandnarrow.org

“I used to frequent a conspiracy theory message board (forum) called godlikeproductions (http://www.godlikeproductions.com). You can find all sorts of crazy topics on there, but every now and then you can find some truly interesting info that seems to have credible sources that you can actually validate. I would visit for the entertainment value and also for the chance that I might stumble upon a post by someone that might actually know something.

Anyway, one day I saw a post titled “The truth about GLP”. It looked interesting so I clicked it. The poster said to google three things: “webhelper trinity”, “the best kept secret in america” and “godlikeproductions”. Before I did this, I scrolled down to see some of the responses. Someone had posted a couple of sentences that didn’t make sense. They said, “Jack_Frost has caused quite a buzz by buying out a popular internet message board, godlikeproductions.com. He is posting there under the name “^TrInItY^”, and bans anyone who mentions bunny or flowers.”

A couple of posts later, someone quoted that and said, “See! Some of the words automatically got changed” or something along those lines. I thought to myself, “Wow, so this conspiracy theory message board is censoring certain words.” I really wanted to know what the original sentence said so I started googling like the original poster advised. Upon googling “webhelper trinity”, I clicked on the first link and it was to a thread on a message board. I actually found the exact sentence that the poster had copied and pasted (without the changes obviously).

The original sentence was, “Jason Lucas has caused quite a buzz by buying out a popular internet message board, godlikeproductions.com. He is posting there under the name “^TrInItY^”, and bans anyone who mentions lop.com or spyware.” So we see here that Jason Lucas got changed to Jack_Frost, lop.com got changed to bunny, and spyware got changed to flowers. I wanted to make sure that someone wasn’t just messing around, so I decided to test it myself by copying and pasting that sentence into a reply in the thread. Sure enough my post was there with those three words changed.

I immediately went to repost and when I hit “submit” I was greeted with “You are banned from posting” or something similar. This was all within less than a minute. I was very surprised. Apparently, if you post one of the banned words you get auto-banned. A few minutes later the whole thread was deleted.

After a little more research I found out that Jason Lucas used to work for (or still does) lop.com which is/was a company that made spyware and malware. According to some sources, it was speculated that Mr. Lucas works for the US government and this spyware was used to collect info for them. At this point you may be thinking, “so what?” Well, Jason Lucas bought godlikeproductions back in 2004 from the original owner and is a forum moderator there that goes by the name ^TrInItY^. Obviously he doesn’t want word to spread about his past with lop.com. He also attempted to buy Rumormill News and Surfing the Apocalypse; two similar websites. They turned him down.

What’s REALLY interesting is that another one of the banned words there is Tavistock. If you post that word in a thread, it changes to Merry Christmas and you get banned. It doesn’t take much to deduce that Mr. Lucas must be associated with them in some way as well. I have another blog on here that goes into great detail about what Tavistock is. I suggest reading it here.

Basically Tavistock Institute has done much work and research in the fields of mind control and social experimentation. That’s simplifying it, but like I said, if you want to know more read my blog “The best kept secret in America”. I didn’t write the article, but I reproduced it here in it’s entirety. […] ”

Oct 3rd, 2008 at 9:14 am [Comment by “SS”]

“well i can tell you that i joined GLP in the 1999 after running into the forum on cyberspaceorbit.com during some research. this was long before trinity and his gang of mods were even a thought form there. in those days we truly had freedom of speech as i can vouch for the previous owner who actually built the forum.

i ended up leaving GLP due to my research threads constantly being deleted for no reason. they do indeed change many words and some of those do indeed have to do with the word spyware.

i have also witness them take someones private information such as pictures and edit then and post them on their forum ban page in what i consider very hateful ways which i am sure was for their own pleasure.

i suggest the previous owners new forum:


as a viable alternative.”


Posted By: Rayelan, Rumormill.com
Date: Tuesday, 8-May-2007 03:48:39

“Take a look at the words that will get posters BANNED from GLP the words themselves are also censored…

Some of the banned words/sites are as follows:

Alien earth, proxywhore refuge, modlikeproductions, juryroll, ghosthunterscry, abovetopsecret, rumor mill news, surfing the apocalypse, buddhas grove, malware, spyware, adware, Jason Lucas, Elaine, Defiler, tavistock, stanford research institute. (VN: The link to the stanford research shows funding by Tavistock to various US institutions and Stanford research is one of them, and Donald Rumsfeld was hired there. Scroll down the link to the list of institutions and memorize them, MIT, NIH, etc) Also, using a tiny url will get you automatically banned.

Here is a post from STA. Theresa asks a VERY telling question. WHY would GLP ban the word Tavistock? Why don’t they want people to know anything about Tavistock. And why is information about the Stanford Research Institute banned???

Theresa and I KNOW why Rumor Mill News and Surfing the Apocalypse are banned… they HATE us… we exposed them for what they are… a spook social engineering operation run by god only knows who.

They also ban the name Jason Lucas, he happens to be one of the owners of GLP… I suspect they ban HIS name because they don’t want you to know of his association with GLP and with lop.com… a malware and spyware company.

Don’t believe me… take a look at this article he wrote. It is STILL on a government website:

Click to access 040312lucas.pdf

Mr. Jason Lucas
C2 Media Ltd.
London, (VN: home of Tavistock Institute)
United Kingdom

FTC Public Workshop: “Monitoring Software On Your
PC: Spyware, Adware, And Other Software”
April 19, 2004

Dear Sirs:

As someone “in the industry,” I wish to submit for your review a brief (but necessary) description of the actual difference between ‘adware’ and ‘spyware,’ together with an explanation of why that distinction is extremely important in the present controversy that has generated so much public debate. In order to understand the current situation regarding………..”

Isn’t it interesting that Jason Lucas is from London… as is Tavistock? Now I wonder if the operation that went on, several years ago, at GLP, which tried to destroy “Rayelan” and “Theresa” was a Tavistock inspired operation?

It certainly makes you wonder doesn’t it? If you don’t have a clue as to what I am talking about… please carefully read the information I have inserted in this post.”



there is so much discussion, past and present, regarding this circular relationship.. unfortunately many of the links to articles with details on things like godlikeproductions and CIA involvement and Jason Lucas offering to buy the “abovetopsecret” site, have apparently been deleted from their various sources..

More and more, information sources and networks that were once useful, even if only temporarily, are being sucked into the vortex of communication control.. not just the internet conspiracy sites.. not too many looks into the societal state of reality and one notices the shift of vast numbers of agencies, businesses, churches and schools toward a censored singular system.

where does this leave the people who actually care to learn and repeat the truth?

on our toes, for one, i’m sure.. doubtful it’s any real surprise to anyone who has visited, that godlikeproductions is a beast tool.. or ATS.. or actually, just about any major site out there.. the pickings are getting ultra-slim, and the bones of what’s left are being boiled down to a thick slime of programmed rhetoric and reality-censorship that is brewing in virtual petri dishes on tell-tale tables in the black labs of the ruling controllers.

regardless of what group really runs any major site.. i think it’s safe to say that when the bread crumbs of any of them are followed far enough, one inevitably finds the source back in the thick forest of confusion which may as well be known as the Dragon’s Den.

Satan’s ultimate control and rulership of sin is the source of course, and i think we’ve all noticed the increased lack of information on subjects which shine lights into the weak-eyed topics of his plans and exploits, especially when the trail weaves such a tight web of deceit and violation around the truth..

major internet networks have, nearly shamelessly, become barely-covert breeding baths for toxic ideas and well-kept experimentation grounds, cultivating participants’ minds into dull robotic thorns.

thankfully, we are given rights in Messiah to continue to learn and share the truth about Him, as well as the truth about the enemy. this life is temporary, and while it’s not wise to make one’s self a target, there is certainly only good in telling the truth about the lies.

“Make me to understand the way of Thy precepts: so shall I talk of Thy wondrous works”
(Psalm 119:27)

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23 Responses to ““godlikeproductions”, Tavistock & Internet Mass Mind Control”

  1. i’ll invite you although i don’t know how long we’ll be up at that address.
    just a few of us talking conspiracy theory and cracking jokes. keeps it ‘lite’

    as for GLP, yeah, i saw it happen too.

    this is the first time i have seen my suspicions given names.

    the cyberwar is on, and it’s just beginning.
    a war to censor, omit data and thus prop up the same old world order we’ve been used to.

    i personally view blogs as part of the same mess, and avoid using them.
    every now and then i see something like this: i wonder how i will share it with people.

    you FOUGHT with that guy, you
    went and got dirt and shared it.
    with people like me. i was pissed, pissed, pissed about being banned…

    and them calling someone a geekspeak term doesn’t make it real. i know what mass mail and solicitation are and did NOTHING like that EVER at glp…

    Jason is why people hate nerds. he lives in a tiny mental world and when reality threatens he blocks it out.

    i was also part of the original GLP, just before the buyout…

    watched it all become more intimidating and fascist.

    the same thing happened at a site i modded at that was started by a celebrity, courtney love. she ran hole.com and after her band broke up changed the name of it to kittyradio…

    her friends turned on her and outlawed discussion of HER on the site…it was ugly and THEY WON which was the worst part, jealous geeks basically killed a great site…

    i tried to fight back but i gave up.
    it was shit…there were too many of them…

    this is why things like web 3.0 happen…

  2. hi chiptruth.. thanks for the invite.. we opened this blog and our ning network about 4 months ago.. there is a small group of us there discussing reality.. hopefully it’ll remain a safe-house as long as possible for those willing to hear and speak straight.

    “Jason is why people hate nerds”.. i have a theory that all cool people have some nerd in them somewhere..

    personally i don’t know Jason (and prayed for him to get salvation) but became ‘curiouser and curiouser’ with the pattern trail of information i found in such a short time..

    “Jason is Deputy Director of a “data mining (spyware/malware) a.k.a. flowers”program for Dept. of Defense (DoD) Joint Forces Command.” intheknow7.wordpress.com

    i agree that blogs are part of the same mess and no variety of online communication is immune from controllers who have their fingers stuck in every pot.

    over the past couple years i’ve watched the thinly veiled contents of those propaganda pots cooked from a separated runny broth into a rich and thickening subliminal sludge.. the line separating so-called ‘alternative news’ is so smudged..

    maybe you will enjoy this: Wikileaks Weirdness and Turn-Coat Truth-Spinners

    this homogeneous mixing will continue i think until there exists a singular unified flow of consciousness which is fully dictated and controlled by the PTB..

    not that it isn’t congealing today, because it is.. but that as the next several years pass there is a lot of probability for that condition to solidify, and be seen saturating the overwhelming majority of society and gushing out in an unexpected type of oppression on an unprecedented global level (think about Matthew 24:21)

    here we are working to be part of that knife that divides the truth from the lie and hopefully that type of work will remain and flourish unbound in as many places possible for as long as possible.

    glad you enjoyed the article..

    Peace, Bean

    • Gotta churn up the shorts – why do you think the market went up this week on total comet, 11/11/11 doom etc… gotta keep those doom dates a comin… it’s a big moneymaker for the city of london probably have everyones trading account cued up for the next batch – i have gotten into it with them and even tried to sign up for Tavistock and their exec training classes but was ignored and ultimately i realized they only to after and target people for projects and everyone else is literally externalized from the hierarchy – no credit for even realizing it’s a game. yet i am used and beholden to do their bidding and am loyal to whatever is told of me as an external slave to the hierarchy – at least not a debt slave, not yet.

  3. Chuck Says:

    When I was on that site, I actually found a script running in the backround on my computer sending files from my computer to a Nasa.gov site. I went on and posted a thread asking why GLP is affiliated with NASA.gov….I was immediately banned and my thread was immediately taken off the forum. The gov’t is packing the internet full of dis-info now so as to make it nearly impossible to sift through it to find facts. If you don’t want your computer ransacked-stay off that site.

    • Chuck that’s good advice i’m sure.. it’s true there is deception upon deception these days.. it’s truly liberating to be saved in Messiah and thus able to measure all the information against the absolute truths of our Creator.. thanks for the tip on the script.

      Peace in Yahushua

    • johndoe Says:

      Details? How did you find this script?

  4. Duckfoot Says:

    I was banned for posting truthful statements and links to factual non-broadcast new during the Gulf Oil Gusher media blackout. Also presenting the relevant data regarding the dangers of deep sea nuclear intervention. The topic deleted in moments. I’ve only browsed the sight casually since then.

    I certainly don’t doubt that they’re up to something perhaps a “Gatekeeper” operation. We can hope and pray I2P becomes a faster encrypted/anonymous network.

  5. hi duckfoot.. a safe totally anonymous broader and better IP2 sounds like it would be great.. i do think it would have to be Divine intervention if that were to become the case.. would be nice though.. i’ve been using scroogle.org / ssl for a few years now.. anonymous searching is a blessing these days.

    glp and other well-funded voices are increasingly stripping truth from their vocabularies.. another good prayer is always asking that He wake up others to that still, small voice of His that invites people to “reason”.

    Peace in Yahushua

  6. I was banned after posting on a topic about the Catholic church and the molesting of children, I am a survivor, also I work fighting trafficking of women, sex industry, etc., many years experience as well as being a survivor,

    thing is, one of the abusers, was military and also all his family works for US government, where the abuse happened, Washington D.C., in 60s, long story, no not monarch…but I know enough,

    I also knew about Tavisstock, when doing research, just something kept triggering me on the GLP site so I did some research. When I posted that child rape is all over the place and protected by liberals, churches, not just Catholics, about the Satanic and Ritual Abuse [that I know personally],

    then I was banned.

    Yea…they have deleted Numerous posts of mine too on trafficking of girls/women, these issues I have worked on for years, I know about the government scum and banking and tourism that is all in this black op market,

    guess they got scared.

    Oh well, it just goes to show, what I know, what I remember, is right on target, and THEY are scared, of me and I’m sure, of many survivors,



    • thank-you for the reply Jane.. it’s good to hear from a Survivor who is working to get the truth out.. and i pray you are blessed by Messiah in your efforts to continue to unveil the dark reality of government sanctioned sex trafficking and that He uses you to bring others out of it and to Him..

      if you are interested in submitting any new articles to this site (or our ning network) regarding the white-washing and sweeping under the rug of Satanic/Ritual Abuse etc please feel free to do so.. you may also appreciate the recent article and comments on “CPS Legally Kidnapping Your Children” which you can read here.

      take care and Peace in Yahushua

  7. I was banned as well for using the Tavistock group name. you quoted some stuff above from my Vatic Project blogspot, and the way I can tell is you put up VN: and then some comment after the VN, well VN is “Vatic Note:” which I include in all my blogs.

    Your free to use it, just give us a mention or alink when you do please. Thanks. Good article and I would like permission to put this up on my blog. I think we need to go after GLP and make sure the entire world knows.

    • hi.. i put in a link to your blog and you’re more than welcome to use this article on it.. i think the best way to ‘go after GLP’ is to keep putting the truth out there.. best wishes and Peace in Yahushua.


  8. nesvarbu Says:

    hehe, lucky we, that are not yet brainwashed, and they are fools. Why? because if they ban you for a some sort of word it reveals that they AFRAID of something, they could just bypass it and leave it alone and no one could ever find out who is behind that project, but they just force it upon themselves hahaha, the day will come when truth will be out and many faces will cry.

    • hi nesvarbu..

      i owe all my lack of brainwashing to the Savior, Yahushua Messiah.. let’s pray that all those who cannot say that are delivered by Him, in Him and through Him, as soon as possible..

      it is sad to know there are people in the world who are not living in reality.. people who have been programmed, and the like. let’s pray that our Creator delivers all who are willing into the salvation and liberty found only in Yahushua.

      “O give thanks unto YHWH; for He is good; for His mercy endures forever.” 1Chr 16:34

      Peace in Messiah


  9. finding peace of mind…

    […]“godlikeproductions”, Tavistock & Internet Mass Mind Control « Time No Longer[…]…

    • Krime Says:

      sup, i found this site because i was banned from GLP and had not a reason why, although i didnt use any of those words, this is some crazy shit imma spread like wild fire if i find it to be true (i do research stuff lol)
      i usuall only post on the “religion” topic, and knowing somebody is monitoring it for scientific mind control studys is very offencive.
      thanx for this.
      i was somewhat told this too by some people that i thought were crack pots (and probably are anyway).
      crazy shit this worlds coming to!
      God Bless

  10. patmaloy Says:

    I use GLP as a quick way of getting a lead on what’s happening around the world, but I have noticed a number of reoccurring “hate” posts on GLP that are rewritten and submitted over and over. I suspect that most of these posts are used as some form of measurement tool by entities to document the level of sensitivity people have to these subjects. I may be naive but to my thinking many of the subjects are obviously contrived barbs/bait.

    On occassion I have checked the responses to some of the more henous subjects and noticed they were obviously contrived to keep the thread going. Other times I have searched an OP’s posts and have found a singular entitiy to be posting topics as a housewife, an elderly biggoted white male, a young female, a teenage boy, and etc. To me, this screams “bait”.

    It would not surprise me to find that Rupert Murdock and Newscorp were the actual owners of GLP, and that the data gleaned from the site was sold to various govenment entities.

    • Hello Pat..

      thanks for your informative reply.. and thanks for rationally investigating the subject on your own.. the level of convolution there — it’s really a shame because, like you said, it could have been a good place to get updated.

      ‘haters’.. was the answer the staff member gave me when i questioned the protocol.. when a defense ‘reason’ is volunteered by people, the probability that they are guilty of the ‘reason’ themselves is very high..

      a lot of the ‘hate’ i saw seemed to be aimed at Christians.. it’s a good thing that through His indwelling Holy Spirit, Messiah always provides His people with the truth they need.

      perhaps it can be said that, despite ownership, any tool used by the enemy, for the enemy, ultimately belongs to the Adversary, Satan, the originator of sin and the lie.

      “…when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth…” (John 16:13)

      Peace in Yahushua

    • I used GLP much in the same way. When I discovered Trapwire, I wrote my first post. Insta ban exactly like this article. No response from GLP after 3 e-mails, but after further research I discovered Jason Lucas’s Stratfor ties and then… *Facepalm. Realized GLP and probably other sites are just another scheme to gauge people’s fears and conspiracy expectations so that TPTB are always a step ahead.

    • Petunia Skrebbles Says:

      Godlike productions is owned and run by the British Tavistock group. The owner of GLP is tied in heavily with British disinfo. Remember, the queen is a khazar and black nobility. So, it makes sense they would be over here thinking we are just like their British subjects. We are not. Its a lot harder to brain wash a free people…. who question everything. LOL

  11. […] zones (i.e. godlikeproductions.com is a CIA operation that installs spyware on your computer-link here). You will get something very close to the truth on the low-level blogs, even though that is not […]

  12. GLP-owned-by-Tavistock Says:

    GLP is owned and run by Tavistock. 100% fact.

    if you post there or even visit there, you need to be aware of this fact. In fact, the Iluminati cabal runs plenty of controlled opposition sites and forums. There is next to no site that is not controlled or monitored by them to some degree.

    I know because I posted there that the meme of economic collapse and WW3 is ALL a cabal disinfo campaign and next thing you know, you get banned for talking the TRUTH!!!!!

    Places like Drudge and Business Insider and Zerohedge are but a few disinfo sites pushing the economy collapse meme to the hilt. Plenty of others around.

    Recognize that Tavistock is all about breaking down the psyche of the common man, like stripping him naked of everything god given. They push fear and confusion among the “preppers” who are being manipulated under their noses. The number one fear porn site on the internet IS indeed Godlikeproductions. Oh, and Jason Lucas is a Mossad associate, no question at all. He openly admits on his forum that “we have a preference for Jews”.

    The problem is, these are fake Jews. The Khazars who masquerade as the real Jews but whose real religion is pure Satanism. Research their history. Its all there. People need to really wake up and educate themselves and be aware of the fear porn campaign, which is in full swing right now.

    If you believe in Satan, this IS Satans agenda.

    PS: GLP may install a trojan or virus on your computer or device. Be warned.

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