Bizarre Chimeras : Mythology Redefined

If you can manage to admit that truth continually outdoes fiction when it comes to the bizarre, and if you haven’t had your dose of weird for the day… I have just the thing.

Born in Thailand was this strange “calf”… or at least it’s mother was a cow, but i use the term “calf” loosely. There is something quite obviously wrong with this picture though, as you can easily see… there is a strong resemblance here to something humanoid.

Chimera : Thailand "Calf"

Chimera : Thailand "Calf"

The odd gray/white color of the creature is not it’s actual skin tone… it is coated in baby powder, a traditional ritual performed on the dead to help the soul reincarnate peacefully.

Before you put your mind at ease with a pat scientific answer to such an anomaly… take into consideration some other odd livestock births which have been reported in the last couple of years.

Chimera : Turkey "Lamb"

This creature was birthed by a sheep in Turkey… clearly a sheep-like enough body… but the face on the other hand. This instance was blamed on too much vitamin A in the mother’s fodder… but it surely takes a leap of logic to agree to that answer after staring at that face for a few minutes.

This one was born to a goat in Zimbabwe…

Chimera : Zimbabwe "Goat"

“Mythology” has quite an array of creatures described as being partially humanoid and partially beast of one kind or another… but let’s look at mythology in a whole new way.

If some cataclysmic event took place which reduced the world’s population to a few hundred, and they then had to begin over again… in another couple thousand years what might the stories of this present time sound like to those hearing them then?

Present day biotechnology has created mice with partially human brains, sheep with human organs, pigs with mouse DNA, cats that glow, goats that are part spider – and a long list of crop plants which have various animal genetics in them.

It would seem likely that the hypothetical generation of thousands of years from now, after some civilization-ravaging apocalypse, would recall all this as a fairy tale.

Chimera : Statue

Chimera : Statue

In the same manner, it is just as reasonable that the stories of mythological hybrid creatures that are accepted only as such today, are the remnants of a memory of the time in which biotechnology and transgenic experimentation occurred before.

We are doing better than the hypothetical scenario of the future though… because a record of those events has been available all along. A warning concerning a time in which such abominations would be revisited is also available… that the last days would be just as the days before the flood.

Angelic visitation led to the advent of transgenic creations… a long obscure history of mystery schools hanging on to that knowledge eventually arrives at a day when we see it surfacing again.

Man can not comprehend the widespread devastation that just one instance of crossing the boundaries which YHWH has set between the species can bring.

Transgenic creations pollute the entire ecosystem, which is so precisely balanced to ensure the continuity of life. The result after many generations after the first GMO crops or animals have been introduced?

Science pleads ignorance at best and yet we know with a certainty that GMO foods can forever alter the genetic makeup of those consuming them, and that those changes are passed down to successive generations.

Is it beyond imagining that anomalous animals are being birthed who are the unfortunate result of such playing with the order of nature?

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4 Responses to “Bizarre Chimeras : Mythology Redefined”

  1. Gabriel McDermott Says:

    Whoa… umm… I thought maybe the descriptions of the ancient monsters/heroes of renowned, were more of an allegory to mixing of blood between species… But I’m going to explore more about these things. Do they think like people? Are they self aware beyond eating food & sleeping? Are they evil? Do they know, or can they know God? Are they “fit for destruction?” Can they be saved by Christ? Is there a “human” soul inside that vessel?
    …When concerning the final destruction of the end-time Babylonian City & System, “But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there.”

    • Hi Gabriel…

      “And lawlessness increased on the earth and all flesh corrupted its way, alike men and cattle and beasts and birds and everything that walketh on the earth-all of them corrupted their ways and their orders, and they began to devour each other, and lawlessness increased on the earth and every imagination of the thoughts of all men (was) thus evil continually. And God looked upon the earth, and behold it was corrupt, and all flesh had corrupted its orders, and all that were upon the earth had wrought all manner of evil before His eyes. And He said: “I shall destroy man and all flesh upon the face of the earth which I have created.” – Jubilees 5:2-4

      I’m sure you can remember seeing, from time to time, depictions of Egyptian deities, for example, who have human bodies and animal heads. The mainstream answer would be that its symbolic of the deity’s functions. It only makes sense though, taking into account both the vast evidence of legends over the world and descriptions in scripture, that these creatures were real.

      We might tend to underestimate just how much like the days of Noah these days are. Transhumanism might be a new word but the concept is very old. A creation in the image of fallen angels rather than in the image of our Maker.

      To answer your questions, i’ll take into consideration both current scientific endeavors and what scripture says about spirits.

      First, it is logical to surmise that both human and angelic components were mixed with animal dna, varying by individual, as certainly their experimentation knew no bounds.

      “Do they think like people?”

      This would probably depend on the amount of dna present in the individual creature which came from a higher being (human or angel). There have been mice bred recently to have some human brain matter… not yet enough to equal a brain which could function like a human’s, but… obviously the ability is there. The brain capacity might reduce the intelligence, but even human babies born with little more than a brain stem have still been seen to show an ability to learn at least some normal, human capabilities. So the answer is, yes, at least some chimeras were able to think with human-like intelligence.

      “Are they evil?”

      Technically, every sentient creature who exists in a state bellow the perfection YHWH requires is evil…including every human being (minus Yahushua). There is truth to the fact, though, that the spirit inherited through the father will determine a level of tendency towards wickedness. Tendency does not always equal a manifested reality though… as we can determine by looking at other people who have been born into some bad spiritual baggage but were changed by the Holy Spirit. So the answer would be, there is a tendency toward wickedness where the paternal side was wicked but..evil is as evil does.

      “Do they know, or can they know God?”

      Any creature who has a spirit that is originated in a higher order (angels and humans) are able to have personal awareness of their Creator…what they do with that knowledge is another matter. I believe even atheists know, deep down, that there is a Creator, but they choose to reject that knowledge consciously.

      “Are they “fit for destruction?””

      Anyone and anything who willfully rejects the mercy of YHWH is fit for destruction. I believe that those who accept Him, whatever their genetic composition, will be physically transformed into a new, clean creature in His Kingdom just as we are said to be New Creatures in a spiritual sense when we accept Yahushua now.

      “Can they be saved by Christ?”

      If they have a will which can receive Yahushua, why not? We were all unclean once, spiritually and it might be a reasonable guess to say that there aren’t any genetically clean humans left on Earth.

      “Is there a “human” soul inside that vessel?”

      I might have a slightly different definition of “soul” than most others, but that’s its own discussion so i won’t blabber on about it here lol. I will replace the word “soul” with “spirit” and try to answer that way though…

      This would depend on the creature’s paternal heritage, i think. If the spirit they receive is the spirit of a human or an angel then they would have that self-aware, Creator-aware consciousness that we think of as the dividing line between animal and man. (though angels, of course, also possess this level of sentience) If the spirit, on the other hand, is derived from an animal, then the spirit would behave like an animal and not have the same moral accountability that higher beings have.

      hope these answers helped.. 🙂

      Peace in Yahushua


  2. earthlytabernacle Says:

    Isaiah 13:31 (KJV)

    • You might mean Isaiah 13:21…

      notes on this verse:

      “the wild beasts of the desert” comes from just one word which means “howling beast” – Iy

      “owls” comes from two words meaning “daughters of the unclean bird” – bath ya’anah

      “satyr” comes from the word sa’iyr which was known to Israel as a goat-like demon. Note the second part of the word “iyr” is the word for “Watcher”, “sa” precedes words meaning shaggy or hairy. the word Se’iyr (spelled the same minus vowel markers) was the name of the patriarch of the Horites.

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