5 Responses to “Stars, Wormwood and Corexit 9500”

  1. wow this is mindblowing!
    But, as impossible as it seems, this event could also be a contrived fulfillment of prophecy by the Illuminati, if they rely on us finding this very strange coincidences out and making this informations viral.
    SO be on alert, that no man deceive you.

    Teshuvah #2 Warnings
    Earthquakes, Sinkholes, Oil Spills

  2. i do not at all doubt that it is possible that the global controllers would seek to counterfeit prophecy. in fact, i expect that they will. i might not assume that they used a substance with Wormwood acid specifically to that end though as it took me a great deal of looking to find the ingredients and had i not known what the ingredient Butanedioic acid was, i would have never made such a connection.

    i do not automatically assume this is fulfilled prophecy but i think it is good to collect all information as it comes and keep watching.

    Peace in Messiah

    Prodigal Son, TNL contributor

  3. Johann Says:

    The word “Wormwood” is an English word for “Chernobyl”. The third woe of Revelation is somehow related to the nuclear. That is how I see it.

  4. Sage of the Age Says:

    Johann please take a look at this article to connect more dots.


    Now go here to the Deep Water Horizon Apocalypse photo album.


    Then go look up Yellow Cake Uranium.

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