Wikileaks Weirdness and Turn-Coat Truth-Spinners

Julian Assange.. by now this name may be familiar to you as the “Wikileaks Guy” who was less recently hailed as one of the few harbingers of gleaming truth, one who seemed to fly high above the vast and murky seas of internet disinformation.

Founded in 2005, Wikileaks rose to sudden fame in April of this year, via publication of the unforgettable decrypted videos of US air military documented in the act of murdering innocent citizens, including children, in Baghdad in July 2007.

The video was released on the heels of US government admittance to attempting to whitewash its killing of civilians in February 2007, by removing the bullets from the bodies of 3 Afghan women who were gunned down during a military “raid”.

Wikileaks was instantly accepted by countless numbers of truth-seekers as a trustworthy beacon that shone its light on the veiled activities of immoral government. The Pentagon supposedly became suddenly “very interested” in Mr. Assange, and was purported to have sought his whereabouts in an effort to question him on the circumstances surrounding his receipt of the US military helicopter video.

More recently, on July 26th, Wikileaks published 90,000 secret US Military documents.. but browsing through those communications it becomes alarmingly clear that the sum of them do nothing if not support the on-going war in Afghanistan, and with that, questions began to fly in the folds of those who diligently search out truth.

Who exactly is “Julian Assange” and what exactly is his operation Wikileaks doing? Moving from the present to the past, let’s take a look at some of what can be found out about this mystery-man and his past and possible present persuasion.

July 26 2010, the day the cache of war documents was released, Mr. Assage, known for his computer-programming skills, interviewed by Spiegel Online, in closing had this to say:

“SPIEGEL: You could have started a company in Silicon Valley and lived in a home in Palo Alto with a swimming pool. Why did you decide to do the WikiLeaks project instead?”

“Assange: We all only live once. So we are obligated to make good use of the time that we have, and to do something that is meaningful and satisfying. This is something that I find meaningful and satisfying. That is my temperament. I enjoy creating systems on a grand scale, and I enjoy helping people who are vulnerable. And I enjoy crushing bastards. So it is enjoyable work.” [WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange on the ‘War Logs’: ‘I Enjoy Crushing Bastards’]

“.. I enjoy creating systems on a grand scale.. I enjoy helping people who are vulnerable.. I enjoy crushing bastards” he said.

Two months earlier Wayne Madsen Report ran a piece entitled “Suspicions abound that Wikileaks is part of US cyber-warfare operations”, which was reprinted at the Arthur Zbygniew blog. Following are excerpts from this story:

“WMR has learned from Asian intelligence sources that there is a strong belief in some Asian countries, particularly China and Thailand, that the website Wikileaks, which purports to publish classified and sensitive documents while guaranteeing anonymity to the providers, is linked to U.S. cyber-warfare and computer espionage operations, as well as to Mossad’s own cyber-warfare activities.

“Wikileaks claims to have decrypted video footage of a U.S. Predator air strike on civilians in Afghanistan and that covert U.S. State Department agents followed Wikileaks’s editor from Iceland to Norway in a surveillance operation conducted jointly by the United States and Iceland. […] in the case of Wikileaks, countries like China and Thailand are suspicious of the websites’ actual “ownership.”

“Wikileaks says it intends to show its video at an April 5 press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC but that its presenters may be detained or arrested before that time. WMR’s sources believe the Wikileaks “militancy” in the face of supposed surveillance appears fake.

“Our Asian intelligence sources report the following: “Wikileaks is running a disinformation campaign, crying persecution by U.S. intelligence- when it is U.S. intelligence itself. Its [Wikileaks’] activities in Iceland are totally suspect.” Wikileaks claims it is the victim of a new COINTELPRO [Counter Intelligence Program] operation directed by the Pentagon and various U.S. intelligence agencies. WMR’s sources believe that it is Wikileaks that is part and parcel of a cyber-COINTELPRO campaign, such as that proposed by President Obama’s “information czar,” Dr. Cass Sunstein.

“In January 2007, John Young, who runs, a site that publishes a wealth of sensitive and classified information, left Wikileaks, claiming the operation was a CIA front. Young also published some 150 email messages sent by Wikileaks activists on cryptome. They include a disparaging comment about this editor by Wikileaks co-founder Dr. Julian Assange of Australia. Assange lists as one of his professions “hacker.” His German co-founder of Wikileaks uses a pseudonym, “Daniel Schmitt.””

“..Wikileaks is intimately involved in a $20 million CIA operation that U.S.-based Chinese dissidents that hack into computers in China. Some of the Chinese hackers route special hacking program through Chinese computers that then target U.S. government and military computer systems. After this hacking is accomplished, the U.S. government announces through friendly media outlets that U.S. computers have been subjected to a Chinese cyber-attack. The “threat” increases an already-bloated cyber-defense and offense budget and plays into the fears of the American public and businesses that heavily rely on information technology.”

“..on Wikileaks advisory board is Ben Laurie, a one-time programmer and Internet security expert for Google, which recently signed a cooperative agreement with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and has been charged by China with being part of a U.S. cyber-espionage campaign against China. Other Wikileaks advisory members are leading Chinese dissidents, including Wan Dan, who won the 1998 National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Democracy Award; Wang Youcai, founder of the Chinese Democracy Party; Xiao Qiang, the director of the China Internet Project at the University of California at Berkeley, member of the advisory board of the International Campaign for Tibet, and commentator on the George Soros-affiliated Radio Free Asia; and Tibetan exile and activist Tashi Namgyal Khamsitsang.”

“..There are strong suspicions that Wikileaks is yet another Soros-funded “false flag” operation on the left side of the political spectrum. WMR has learned that after former Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) decided to oppose Soros’s choice of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s deputy Mark Malloch Brown as President of the World Bank, succedding the disgraced Paul Wolfowitz, Soros put the Wikileaks operation into high gear. “Daniel Schmitt” hacked into Coleman’s supporters list, stealing credit card info, addresses, and publishing the “take” on Wikileaks. Democrat Al Franken, who was strongly backed by Soros, defeated Coleman in a legally-contested and very close election.”

“..It is also believed by informed sources that Soros is behind the operation to move Wikileaks to Iceland.”

“The following are some of the emails Young revealed in his exposure of Wikileaks’s CIA connections (as well as to the Russian “phishing” Mafia, an operation run by Russian-Israeli Jews using Israel as a base) [Note: in the second email, “JYA” is a reference to John Young Associates]:

To: John Young

From: Wikileaks

Subject: martha stuart pgp

Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 12:20:25 -0500


Version: None

J. We are going to [*deleted*] them all. Chinese mostly, but not entirely a feint. Invention abounds. Lies, twists and distorts everywhere needed for protection. Hackers monitor chinese and other intel as they burrow into their targets, when they pull, so do we.Inxhaustible supply of material. Near 100,000 documents/emails a day. We’re going to crack the world open and let it flower into something new. If fleecing the CIA will assist us, then fleece we will. We have pullbacks from NED, CFR, Freedomhouse and other CIA teats. We have all of pre 2005 afghanistan. Almost all of india fed. Half a dozen foreign ministries. Dozens of political parties and consulates, worldbank, apec, UN sections, trade groups, tibet and fulan dafa associations and… russian phishing mafia who pull data everywhere.

We’re drowing. We don’t even know a tenth of what we have or who it belongs to. [*Assange claims sources are unknown..this strongly suggests otherwise.] We stopped storing it at 1Tb.


From: Julian Assange

Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 13:40:14 +0000

To: funtimesahead[a t]

Subject: [WL] cryptome disclosure

[This is a restricted internal development mailinglist for w-i-k-i-l-e-a-k-s-.-o-r-g.

Please do not mention that word directly in these discussions; refer instead to ‘WL’.

This list is housed at, an activist collective in Seattle with an established lawyerand plenty of backbone.]

No idea what JYA was saying!

It’s clear to me however, that he was not trying to protect people’s identities with his xxxxx’ing, but rather trying to increase the sexiness of the document. Perhaps he feels WL is a threat to the central status mechanism in his life? I think he just likes the controversy.

He may have done us a great favor. There’s a lot of movement in that document. It’s a little anarchist, but I think it generally reads well and sounds like people doing something they care about.

Btw, I suggest we be careful with Wayne Madsen too. He seems to be another case of someone who was fantastic a few years ago, but recently has started to see conspiracies everywhere. Both cases possibly age related.

I am not spending any more thought on it. Next week is going to be busy. The weeks earlier stories will be already done and that’ll set the agenda for the rest of the week, not jya’s attention seeker.

I’m willing to handle calls for .au, although my background may make S a better bet.”

read article here

And in an article immediately following this one..

“Wikileaks claims it is the first website dedicated to revealing sensitive and classified information. This is false. In fact, Cryptome, founded by New York City architect John Young, was the first and Wikileaks is a mere poor facsimile. […] Young’s Cryptome has gone far beyond Wikileaks by publishing a list of British MI-6 agents, Microsoft’s manual on how it conducts surveillance for U.S. law enforcement, photos of Guantanamo and a list of the detainees imprisoned there, and even overhead photos of Dick Cheney’s home in McLean, Virginia while it was under construction.”

“When John Young pulled out of the Wikileaks operation in 2007, suspecting it was a CIA front, there were also early allegations that Wikileaks was funded by Soros. Soros fronts for the CIA by running the operations of Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, and Radio Free Asia. In fact, one of Wikileaks’s advisory board members, Chinese dissident Xiao Qiang, is a commentator for Radio Free Asia.”

read article here

Muddied waters indeed.. but the story is stranger than just another case of a two-faced poseur, as a browse through the Wikipedia entry on Juilan Assange shows:

“According to The New Yorker, Assange was born in Townsville, Queensland in 1971.[2] (In the past, Assange did not publish his exact age,[3] only stating that he was born in the 1970s.[4])

“Assange has said that his parents ran a touring theatre company, and that he was enrolled in 37 schools and six universities in Australia over the course of his early life.[4] From age eleven to sixteen, he lived on the run with his mother and half-brother, avoiding his half-brother’s father who was believed to belong to a cult led by Anne Hamilton-Byrne.[2]

“An article in The New Yorker has stated that Assange was married to his girlfriend in an unofficial ceremony at the age of 18 and had a son.[2] The article says she left him while he was being investigated by the Australian Federal Police for hacking, and took their son.[2]

“Assange helped to write the 1997 book Underground: Tales of Hacking, Madness and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier which credits him as researcher.[5] It draws from his teenage experiences as a member of a hacker group named “International Subversives”, which involved a 1991 raid of his Melbourne home by the Australian Federal Police”

Anne Hamilton-Byrne.. cult-leader of a New-Age compound in Austrailia, commonly referred to as “The Family”.. Delving into this plausible facet of Julian Assange’s life we find what would easily fit the mold of a mind-altered individual who could be ‘switched on’ to perform specific duties and live out a life of programmed events.

According to the Wikipedia entry for “Anne Hamilton-Byrne”:

“Anne Hamilton-Byrne acquired fourteen infants and young children between about 1968 and 1975. Some were the natural children of Santiniketan members, others had been obtained through irregular adoptions arranged by lawyers, doctors and social workers within the group who could bypass the normal processes. The children’s identities were changed using false birth certificates or deed poll, all being given the surname ‘Hamilton-Byrne’ and dressed alike even to the extent of their hair being dyed uniformly blonde.[11]

“The children were kept in seclusion and home-schooled at Kia Lama, a rural property usually referred to as “Uptop”, at Taylor Bay on Lake Eildon near the town of Eildon, Victoria. They were taught that Anne Hamilton-Byrne was their biological mother, and knew the other adults in the group as ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’.[4] They were denied almost all access to the outside world, and subjected to a discipline that included frequent corporal punishment and starvation diets.[12]

“The children were frequently dosed with the psychiatric drugs Anatensol, Diazepam, Haloperidol, Largactil, Mogadon, Serepax, Stelazine, Tegretol or Tofranil.[4] On reaching adolescence they were compelled to undergo an initiation involving LSD: while under the influence of the drug the child would be left in a dark room, alone apart from visits by Hamilton-Byrne or one of the psychiatrists from the group.[4][13]”

In a short article appearing on on November 25/26 2006, we find the following:

“The Anti-Nuclear WANK Worm

The Curious Origins of Political Hacktivism


Real hacktivism is at least as old as October 1989 when the US Deptartment of Energy and NASA machines world wide were penetrated by the anti-nuclear WANK worm. The worm was the second ever to be unleashed, but its provenance was a curious contrast to its forebear. For you see, worm #1 had been traced to the son of National Security Agency chief cryptographer Robert Morris.

That WANK had a bold political intent was immediate. WANK penetrated machines had their login screens altered to:



\__ ____________ _____ ________ ____ ____ __


\ \ \ /\ / / / /\ \ | \ \ | | | | / / /

\ \ \ / \ / / / /__\ \ | |\ \ | | | |/ / /

\ \ \/ /\ \/ / / ______ \ | | \ \| | | |\ \ /

\_\ /__\ /____/ /______\ \____| |__\ | |____| |_\ \_/


\ /

\ Your System Has Been Officically WANKed /


You talk of times of peace for all, and then prepare for war.

In our book Underground, Suelette Dreyfus and I trace the source of the worm to Melbourne, Australia.”

At the end of the article we see this: “Julian Assange is president of a NGO and Australia’s most infamous former computer hacker. He was convicted of attacks on the US intelligence and publishing a magazine which inspired crimes against the Commonwealth. He is the co-author of Underground and can be reached at

A disturbing statement by Juilian Assange regarding ‘9-11 Truth’ has, for many, brought home the very real probability that Wikileaks is another Beast tool.. from

“I believe in facts about conspiracies,” he says, choosing his words slowly. “Any time people with power plan in secret, they are conducting a conspiracy. So there are conspiracies everywhere. There are also crazed conspiracy theories. It’s important not to confuse these two. Generally, when there’s enough facts about a conspiracy we simply call this news.” What about 9/11? “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.” What about the Bilderberg conference? “That is vaguely conspiratorial, in a networking sense. We have published their meeting notes.”

A stunning sentiment when it comes from someone who is supposedly driven by ‘truth’, considering the mountains of solid evidence that 9-11 was, in fact, an ‘inside job’.. but common-place rhetoric when it comes from someone who is being used as a figurehead for false information subsequently used to sway public perception and opinion.

Ultimately, what we may have here is what is so often found elsewhere.. another sad case of an individual with exceptional talents.. in this case mathematics, physics, and programming.. brain-washed and mind-controlled in a government hive to later be let loose, and finally “awakened” to become a figure-head and info-guru weilded by the NWO in an effort to undermine real truth by flavoring it with the most trendy agenda of the moment.. in this case, internet censorship and military liberty.

And “Julian Assange” is perhaps just the next newest name on the long list of ‘truth information’ specialists, filing in alongside the ranks of Alex Jones (Mockingbird) and others.

In June of this year in an ABC News ‘Foreign Correspondent’ interview with Andrew Fowler transcript we gain a glimpse into the philosophy of Julian Assange..

JULIAN ASSANGE: [Conference New York] Every organisation rests upon a mountain of secrets.

JULIAN ASSANGE: Leaking is inherently an anti-authoritarian act. It is inherently an anarchist act.

read article here

Julian Assange on the Big Screen

Wikileaks is an organization, and according to its leader himself “every organization rests upon a mountain of secrets”.. one may assume the ‘secrets’ of Wikileaks are its sources..but that idea should be tabled in light of the recent circumstances surrounding those individuals..

In the Fowler interview, regarding his sources, Mr. Assange states “..we’re going to protect them and that if they are exposed then we’ll fight like hell to bring attention to their plight and we’ll send lawyers and cash if necessary to try and get them out of that bad situation.”

Yet both the source for the Baghdad video footage and the source for the 90-thousand-plus War Logs – Wikileaks two (if only) major stories – have not been protected.. they were both ‘found out’.

Re-consider the mountain of secrets upon which the organization of Wikileaks rests.. if it sounds like a familiar idea, that’s because it is.

Immediately Satan’s temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden may come to mind.. how he deceived her by offering ‘secret knowledge’.. but there is a more specific model found in the history of the rebel “Watchers”.

The Watchers descended upon a mountain, Mount Hermon to be exact, and went on to teach secrets to the fallen inhabitants of the pre-flood Earch.. this teaching of “worthless mysteries”, as they are called by the Creator, is where the “Illumination” path was first born.

“Every organisation rests upon a mountain of secrets” rings an MK ULTRA bell.. especially when spoken by the Chief Editor of an organization which claims to be transparent in so many ways.

Amidst the growing evidence there is a growing consensus that Wikileaks is another Beast tool.. an organization protected under the dark encompassing wings of the NWO.

From where do you get your “news”.. and how do you treat it once you’ve found it? There is an increasing number of “alternative” information organizations.. with a handful of more prominent individuals at the summit.. who is protecting them.

There are two possible answers to this question.. one is that the Creator is who provides protection to the most well-known in the ‘independent news’ arena.. but that only applies if everything the individual or organization puts out agrees with and glorifies Him..

How many indie journalists have you seen whose only ‘angle’ was honest truth.. lately, how many truly objective voices have you heard and how many times have you read contradiction after contradiction sourced from one provider?

There is an umbrella effect.. where “out of many” there comes “one”.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks illustrate so well the unseen condition affecting the whole world.

Begin with a child who is raised in mind control – does that sound anything like how you were raised even if your hair wasn’t bleached blonde and you weren’t told you were evil.. watch any soaps or talk shows while growing up?

The child is conditioned then released into society – we graduate into adulthood become participants on a strictly individual basis.

Now an adult participating in society, the mentally-altered individual becomes a tool that the controllers of the system use to facilitate their singular faceted agenda.

All believers know they were tools of the enemy before they were made servants of the Savior.. that knowingly or otherwise, Satan, not Yahushua, was their master.

Satan is spinning an umbrella over all the tools in his mind-control machine.. one lie looks really appealing when it’s surrounded by everything else you want to hear.. his agents operate the same way.

And out of the many cogs and wheels comprised in the enemy’s misinformation mechanism emerges a constant, singular, finely-tuned anti-christ agenda.

Satan’s workshop of deception produces just one product.. but they make that one lie in every flavor imaginable.. including “conspiracy theory truth”.

How are you fixed for good news these days?

“For YHWH so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

“For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.”

John 3:16,17

“These things I [Yahushua] have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

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13 Responses to “Wikileaks Weirdness and Turn-Coat Truth-Spinners”

  1. gimmie shelter Says:

    I’m sorry but I can not help but feel you are and this blog are influenced by the CIA or others. It make no sense for the CIA to release “Collateral Murder”, because all it does is fuel anti-government anger by all including some in Congress. I reject your premise and say that WikiLeaks is exactly as it claims because of the reactions it has received all around the world.

    The U.S. government pays lots of experts inside our country to lie to our people about all sorts of issues including, the wars, Wall Street, 911, Katrina, anthrax attacks, and just about every other significant event that has ever occurred. I believe that this type of domestic propaganda is supposed to be illegal, but you would never know it.

    All I can say is thanks, that there is someone like Julian in the world.

  2. Hello..

    “The U.S. government pays lots of experts inside our country to lie to our people about all sorts of issues including, the wars, Wall Street, 911..”

    “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11..”
    Julian Assange : Belfast Telegraph : July 19, 2010

    His words speak for themselves..

    Perhaps you have not read many of the articles on this site.

    Peace in Yahushua


  3. gimmie shelter Says:

    I was not talking conspiracies I was talking about lies. After 911 happened we as a nation were lied into a war with Irag. Plame was outed at the CIA just to make the whole thing pass quickly by all the six-pack Joes out there. Anyone with half a brain realized that Saddam did not kick out the inspectors searching for WMD, they were told to get out by the west and the U.S..

    If you only look at the end of your nose, that will be all that you see.

  4. Gimmie…the people at this site Do know that…please read what “Bean” responded to you. She quoted Julian Assange who said this :

    ““I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11..””

    So you must realize that his position on 9/11 is that it was Not an Inside Job..he is calling those who believe so conspiracy theorists. Our point here is quite the opposite..we do believe that 9/11 was an inside job, in fact we know it was.

    We’re just asking that you take the time to actually read what we’ve written on this site before you decide we are pro couldn’t be further from right.

    – Cyprium, TNL Network Creator

  5. I guess you are right, because that make sense about, why I cant find any information about secret documents from my country, I found this website by mistake and is very interesting. good luck

    • here is a series of comments regarding information in this article.. this exchange originally appears here..


      Submitted on 2011/08/14 at 5:53 AM

      Read article on wikkileaks and see Alex Jones tossed in with the story with ref. to operation mocking bird. I have been listening to Alex for many years now and see 99% of what he says come true including 911 false flag.All sites warning of him being a Jesuit implant have little but that to poke at except for support of Ron Paul and obscure statue of Catholic saint being overlooked at Bohemian Grove.So what? I’m more concerned about worship[ of Baphomet by world leaders.
      Ron Paul walks the walk and the talk.If America would tune into him instead of the peacock or the all seeing eye media we would not have the lying abomination in office destroying our country and world along with the rest of the demonicrats in power.
      Most of your content is right on the money and many subjects you cover are often spoken of by Alex and his array of insight full guests.
      Can you point out any specific falsehoods to be aware of?
      I consider him a voice in the wilderness and a Paul revere trying to wake up our Zombie populace and lukewarm saltless churches.
      How about something of substance so my right hand can tell my left hand if I’m off center.

      • Prodigal Son

        Submitted on 2011/08/14 at 10:34 PM | In reply to Don.

        Hi Don,

        As much as anyone, we very much want there to be big voices out there speaking the truth, and it is a fact that Alex Jones has a lot of truth to tell. We also are aware that the enemy is very clever and uses big voices to his advantage. His tactics can never be underestimated for their cleverness in fact and when we see an antichrist power come to rule the earth, we don’t expect a man who seems evil at all, not even to Christians.

        I have not been the author or the articles which discussed the Alex Jones connection to Project Mockingbird so i can not tell you about the specific information those authors have but they will comment to you as soon as they are available to do so.

        From my own perspective i can only say, please be careful about the big names and the big voices. We all want heroes but in the end only Yahushua really fits that position. I would like to be able to say i trust Ron Paul and that he has a chance of making this government different but the truth is, no one that the controllers do not want in office will have that office. Deliverance will not come from mankind.

        Peace in Messiah

        Prodigal Son

        • Bean

          Submitted on 2011/08/17 at 7:40 PM | In reply to Don.

          hi Don =)

          you bring up some valid questions and i appreciate that.. i mentioned Alex in the article because, through my own personal experience, i’ve found him to serve more as a tool for the enemy than a bearer of sound truth.

          there was a time when no savvy general investor made a move without first reading ‘The Jones Report’.. in those early days i remember Alex as a bold but mild-mannered realist.. and i believe that in those younger years he was just that.

          time passed, and as my interests over the years ebbed and flowed, i found myself once again listening to Alex Jones on the radio on a sunny afternoon, several years ago..

          my first impression was ‘wow.. this guy is really telling it like it is about the Beast System and the enemy’s global agenda..’ it took a couple weeks or so to realize it was the same Alex Jones from the Jones Report..

          i kept listening, almost daily.. each time i heard his show i grew more impressed with his new-found bravery in the pleas he made for people to ‘wake up’..

          but then something happened..

          on my way to work one day, with Alex’s voice ringing clear and loud through the car stereo speakers – i heard it.. he was no longer discussing earth-moving truths or false-reality shattering agendas.. he was screaming.. screaming about how much he hated the powers that be, the global controllers.

          confusion set in.. why was he saying he hated them? wasn’t Alex a Christian? and if so, then why was he playing the enemy’s hand by yielding to hatred and then openly lauding that hate?

          serious questions arose that afternoon.. my suspicion was aroused, but i wanted to believe that his openly voiced malice was some slip of emotion.. some sort of reactionary accident of the heart and tongue.. after all, to err is human..

          i continued to listen to the show.. but instead of listening for the information, i began listening for fruit.. that fruit of the Holy Spirit that ripens on the branches of all believers in Yahushua our Messiah..

          studying his broadcasts in this objectively critical manner was what cemented my hypothesis that Alex had somehow been changed.. that he’d abandoned his youthful drive for raw truth in exchange for a shiny, new nefarious agenda..

          as Christians we are commanded to hate no one.. to love and pray for our enemies.. to desire what our Creator desires.. that wish that none should perish, but that all should come to repentance..

          i still tuned in.. though not as often.. until the day i heard him say he wanted to see the controllers ‘burn’.. it sort of broke my heart in a way, hearing him say that..

          the controllers are miserable creatures.. sad and without hope.. but our Creator is full of mercy and grace and truth.. and if the King of Babylon can repent, then so can the Powers that Be who control this world.. loving your enemy is wanting to see him repent, not burn.

          his vocalized desire to see someone burn, while at the same time promoting himself as a Christian truth-seeker is what finally caused me to begin digging for answers..

          Mockingbird is all about disinformation.. the kind that sounds good to the people who the ruling controllers want deceived.. people who might otherwise wake up and live.. people who might otherwise be broken free from the bonds of this corrupt earth.. people who might otherwise think for themselves.

          Jones had a rep as an amazing truth-telling journalist.. hard truths about hard realities.. he was not well-received by all, of course, but he was trusted.. he was honest.. but he was on his way up the ladder of success.. and i believe that was their ‘in’..

          according to the PTB.. ‘everyone has a price’.. a sell-out price can be paid to anyone, as far as the controllers are concerned.. and i believe, based on my own personal experience following Alex’s career, that his price was met.

          concrete evidence as to his Mockingbird programming will probably show up in public right after pigs are spotted on the wing over London.. but i can say that a very close, recently saved and once-elevated friend of mine confirmed my suspicions that Alex is an agent of the enemy.

          my advice on judging anyone’s agenda is to do just what our Father in Heaven instructed us to do.. to “know them by their fruits”

          Peace in Messiah


          • Don

            Submitted on 2011/08/18 at 5:40 AM

            Hey Bean,
            If A.J. and company are a deception its a real good one.
            Yahushua said how can a house divided stand.
            I’m an info junkie and search the web for knowledge as much as is bearable and don’t see or hear much out there that takes the bold message to the air like Alex.
            Rush? Hannity? ha ha puke.
            When it comes to confronting and exposing the demonic world leaders he seems to predict and demystify our times better than anyone I’ve heard.
            Most churchgoers I know get their info from the major media and refer to Romans 13 which they never take in Context as far as I read it. Don’t resist governments which were Ordained for our good.
            It’s the for our good which doesn’t sit right in my heart.
            I believe most good Christians will march their families before the firing squad when the knock on the door comes.
            Personally I believe we should be more like David and be warriors who know when to resist tyranny. Verbally as much as possible physically when necessary.
            I also believe our country was founded in the churches history says so.
            Modern churches are lukewarm because the 501 c 3 status makes them lovers of mamon more than truth.They eat manufactured junk and run to the Caduceus when sick. Most services are by Rote for the most part.
            not all of A.J. sits well with me either.At times I hear the hatred you describe but I understand it because I often feel the same way but do tend to say forgive them for they know not what they do.
            This is a great site and a lot of what you expose is also covered by Info wars.
            This is a hard one but the truth always seems to come out at some point so now I have2 favorite sites Timenolonger and A.J.
            Thank you for your reply My prayers are with you both.
            Pigs do fly over London on aluminum wings.

            • Bean

              Submitted on 2011/08/18 at 10:57 PM

              hi Don =)

              yes.. their deception is ‘a good one’.. which is due to the nature of what a disinformation agent actually does.

              a disinformation agent does not distribute ‘bad information’ (that line of attack falls under ‘misinformation’) but a disinformationalist distributes ‘good information’.. information which is true, factual.

              if the job stopped there, there would be no problem.. the problem is, the job doesn’t stop there.. the nature of ‘dis’ information is that the good and true information is compromised, in one manner or another, to the point that what was once a fact now becomes falsehood.

              disinformation agents, which is what Mockingbird was set up to produce, are among the most dangerous of programmed information pawns in the controllers’ global game of divide and conquer.

              this sleight-of-hand dynamic defining disinformation agents’ assaults is, naturally, not always easy to recognize, especially if the material is new to the receiver.. and, as the case is for many, including myself, who have come to see the flaw in Alex’s work — it takes a minute to notice.

              for example.. calling yourself a Christian in public, while announcing that 911 was an inside job, is neither wrong nor illogical.. but calling yourself a Christian in public while announcing 9-11 was an inside job, followed by angry personal attacks and openly voiced hatred toward those responsible, is neither right nor logical.. that is, not if one wants to further the Kingdom of Messiah — and see people truly wake up and respect the truth.

              a simple example of this from Alex can be seen in the August 6th, 2010 Prison Planet posting of an article entitled “Did You Know Green Tea Contains Toxic Levels of Sodium Fluoride?”

              i encourage you to read the article, and then note that the comments on the article are closed.

              the only comment i ever posted to Prison Planet is in that unreadable, closed comment section.. my comment simply stated that the article provided incorrect information, and provided a link to a rebuttal i authored, here on the site, entitled “False Information and False Assumptions: Is Green Tea Full of Sodium Fluoride?”

              following my comment, the rebuttal article received several views (currently, over 770, most of which were directly following my comment) and within a couple of days, the Prison Planet article was prematurely removed from the main page, and the comments were closed.

              it’s a shame too.. because out of all of the circus tents in operation on Prison Planet’s comment sections, the comments on the ‘Green Tea’ article were, by far, drastically calmer and amiable.

              now.. the specific disinformation aspect of this ‘Green Tea’ saga is not that Alex posted an article with bad information.. it’s that Alex posted an article with bad information among articles with true information.. and as we know from scripture.. ‘a little leaven leavens the whole loaf’

              i’m certainly not saying anyone is perfect.. none but Messiah is.. but when one’s self-selected occupation is to provide ‘truth’ to an audience of seekers.. it is that person’s duty to provide that truth.. anything less should be grounds for suspicion and quickly and rationally questioned.

              telling the truth is good.. telling the truth out of one side of the mouth and lying out of the other is a tactic invented and perfected by Satan.. and, unfortunately, this is the tactic used by Mockingbird agents all over the world, including Alex Jones.

              it is very sad, also, because he may not even be aware of the fact that he is programmed to perform this function.. very sad indeed.

              as i mentioned before, a close friend of mine who knows of his involvement confirmed these suspicions.. it’s not something that will count as proof for others, i know, but the truth on anything we should know can always be provided by our Father in Heaven..

              maybe you have already prayed to Him for an answer to the question of Alex Jones’ agenda.. if not, then i would suggest beginning there.. and consider what the real result of Alex’s type of disinformation produces..

              the rants.. the yelling.. the hatred.. all of the displays that would characterize the enemy, rather than a brother, are what others who do not know the NWO truth will see.. they won’t see a noble and brave soldier of the Kingdom of Messiah..

              they will see someone who could be mistaken for an escaped mental patient.. but most importantly and most unfortunately, those slumbering people will not see the truth for what it is.. they’ll see the truth as just as ludicrous as the screaming mouth from which it came.

              i pray the best for Alex Jones and all others who have been programmed and used for the enemy’s hate machine.. i hope he wakes up, himself.. and Yah-willing, he will.

              Peace in Yahushua

              Bean =)

              • Don

                Submitted on 2011/08/19 at 12:51 AM

                Thank you so much for your wise reply and time spent.
                I pray all the time for friends and enemies alike and yes for the answer you gave.
                I arrived at you site in a roundabout way looking for the definition to the dividing of roots and spent a full day scratching the surface of your site.
                I do a little metal detecting and false signals often give the impression something of value is down there then dig to find a spent bullet.
                As I’ve mentioned a lot of what Alex says is timely info but digging deeper often turns up lead.
                The verse my people perish for lack of knowledge has stuck with me for most of my adult life as I search out media and religious sources for the truth The gold is rare and hard to find but it is out there.It certainly does take a lot of hiking thru the desert to find what is sought.
                I’ll still listen to prison planet and many of his guests but a new window has been opened and will view his messages in a different light.
                Normally angry people turn me away but I compared Alex to our Savior tossing the thieves out of the temple though I tend to doubt Yahushua was ranting and yelling.
                Peace be with us all.

                • Bean

                  Submitted on 2011/08/20 at 5:33 PM

                  Don =)

                  you’re welcome, and thank-you as well, for your earnest seeking of that absolute truth.. a friend once said, “Truth is simple, lies are complicated.” truth makes sense.. it always glorifies Messiah.. it’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes, as we all know, but in the end, we always find out that logical and real truth was worth whatever bitter flavor it may have initially produced.

                  i’m glad you found this site by way of ‘dividing of roots’.. you know, i saw that on the referrer list for this site, and found it interesting because i remember reading Enoch for the first time and wondering what exactly ‘dividing of roots’ entailed.. you maybe have found out already that phrase indicates genetic engineering, one of those ‘worthless mysteries’ brought to Earth by the Watchers who fell way back then before The Flood.

                  regarding Alex.. your approach is the same one i took with his work.. since then, what i’ve seen has consisted of releasing some truth, yes, but that truth to be unfortunately laced with malice and alarmist fallacy. there was a time when i was still visiting Prison Planet regularly to view what was being released (this was last year, thus i took up the ‘Green Tea’ article back in August 10) — and i pray that you will not see in his work this year what i saw in his work last year.. i hope we all see him delivered, instead.

                  this dynamic of tainted truth is explored a bit more in Cyprium’s article “Preparing for the New Shift in Enemy Tactics”

                  truth is precious, as you said, like that unblemished lamb, like something worthy to be presented to the Almighty, like something that wouldn’t offend a child.. our Creator’s Holy Spirit reveals it, and like that Gospel Truth that first liberated us from death, truth continues to make us free.

                  thank you for searching for that truth.

                  Peace in Yahushua Messiah

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