Preparing for the New Shift in Enemy Tactics

The New Age movement is busy awaiting a “shift” in consciousness here on Earth.

This is supposed to be a shift which moves people into a better state of affairs than has been the case thus far.

That cotton candy brand of optimism this idea relates is quite a Disneyland fantasy if you have spent more than 5 years on Earth noting the tendency of mankind to progressively degrade.

We can, in fact, expect a “shift” of a certain sort… one which does not lead to the betterment of the state of affairs on this planet, but a shift nonetheless.

We can expect a point when the delusion that is pervasive over the majority of humanity becomes so impenetrable, so absolute, that the few (very few) remaining who are not swept up in it, are entirely unable to awaken the rest.

The Great Delusion as it is termed in scriptural reference.

I can appreciate the willingness to stand firm against the NWO and all its tactics in those of a secular mind set.

It is at least refreshing to know that there are non-believers capable of recognizing evil when they see it, and in that is perhaps their greatest hope… that if they can remain awake to that fact, then there remains the possibility of seeing to the bottom of the rabbit hole, that this battle is really not one of flesh and blood, but of higher spiritual influences.

Unfortunately the secular mind is going to drive toward a secular solution to the problem… and entertain the notion of a human victory.

The bad news is, people of the world, we are not going to see a human victory. There will be no Hollywood-worthy rise of the little guy to overcome the villains of Globalism and Population Reduction.

To imagine the possibility is to go beyond optimism into the realm of the ridiculous… you have at your disposal some torches and some pitchforks… they have scalar weapons and literally all the wealth of the world to back them.

The good news is… we know we’re waiting for victory which belongs to our Savior, and He will not delay it one second past the appointed time.

What is humanly impossible, He will accomplish in one fleeting second as He banishes the users and abusers of His people from the face of the Earth forever. That’s worth waiting for.

Between now and then, our objective is not to win a war of politics, wealth or notoriety…

our objective is to keep vigilant, to understand as well as possible the next move of the enemy,

to guard the soul against deception, and to do all that we can to bring those still in the dark into the light, before the delusion closes like black waters around them.

Our aim is a higher spiritual influence, just as our true enemy’s is…ours seeks to open the floodgates of information which will edify toward a deeper understanding of what really matters… an eternity with YHWH.

The enemy, though is a master of counterfeit. Having never produced a single original thing in all his days, Satan does know how to make cheap replicas which look incredibly convincing.

There is not simply ‘one counterfeit per truth’ in Satan’s designs either… rather, he builds layer upon layer of deception.

As some rise above the old lie, he produces a new one to encapsulate the recently awakened, which appeals to the knowledge just gained, but adds discordant notes of his own.

In this way, the world goes though a shift of consciousness every decade or so.

In the pre-9/11 America, people were generally oblivious. Ripe for the initiation of the globalist onslaught which was planned for them.

Some things go according to the enemy’s plan… and some don’t.

Directly following the events of 9/11, things went amazingly well from the perspective of the global controllers.

Caught in a frenzy of patriotic indignation, the American people were happy to embrace the idea of an enemy they could point to on the map, and in unison declared “let’s get ’em”.

Then something happened…

People began to shake the fog that had been clouding their sight. They began to ask questions, first to themselves, and then to their baffled friends and finally to their leaders, who responded with such obvious avoidance that the suspicion only broadened.

The advent of a world connected to the internet has allowed those questions to be asked out loud, to be answered in turn, and to the irritation of those who had it all under control… something of a great awakening occurred.

But don’t get comfortable truth seekers…

The world is now on the brink of the new flavor of counterfeit… a new shift into a new way of deceiving.

Knowing that so many have come to so much information, which was never meant to be the privilege of the public to know…

you can rest assured that the next step out will take us to a place where truth and fiction become more tangled than ever before.

Alternative media might become the new “mainstream” and we will have to regard those who speak of government conspiracy with as much skepticism as we regard Fox news. A lie to cover a lie… a half truth to obscure the whole truth.

Perhaps you can just count my warning as having the relevance of an intuitive guess… because that is what it is.

I have, however watched the shifts take place, felt the atmosphere of public awareness before the tide turns, and smelled the staleness of the air just before a new storm blows in.

These are the metaphorical indications which all seem to be present right now. We have on the Earth now, something which can be likened to the teetering of a balance just before it falls to one side.

They know they must act upon the way people think now before it becomes a less advantageous condition to their objectives.

They know they have to sell a whopper of a lemon to the public and need a great one-liner to do it.

It might come like a train wreck, though it is more likely to come as a slow suffocation. It will surely come sooner or later.

Watch and be ready…

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7 Responses to “Preparing for the New Shift in Enemy Tactics”

  1. “Alternative media might become the new “mainstream”..”

    Yes, this idea/feeling is dwellling in my mind too, since months..

    Since the New Age has hundreds of million believers, and since also David Icke, “Zeitgeist” etc. are out there to suck people into the (possibly) one-world-religion of the Son of Perdition, and since they are all “against the NWO” this is more then likely!

    But I think this was planned from the beginning by the devil.
    They would have never let out the internet into the mainstream if it would pose a threat.

  2. My thought is the Illuminati will be exposed to the world, and the Christ (not the true one) will execute them publicly or so…

    The masonic harlot of babylon will be devoured by the beast, right?

  3. Could this be the beginning of the end of the Harlot?

    “United Nations, Alan Greenspan now implicated in $134.5 billion bond scandal

    An international investigation of what is certain to be the largest financial fraud in history (involving at least $1 trillion) is now implicating former US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, according to CIA, MI6, Opus Dei and Interpol sources. ”

    Brother Christopher had a prophetic vision for October…

    The vision came suddenly and intensely one morning as I woke up in May and lasted no more than 5-10 seconds. I saw a calendar, and specifically the page showing October 2010. And then an invisible blade quickly sliced across the top of the sheet from left to right so that it fell away. And then I heard the words: “The End”.

    The last day of September is, significantly Shemini Atseret or The Last Great Day, signifying the first day of the coming Millennium. It is therefore the end of the annual festivals cycle for 2010. I do not believe this is a coincidence.

    I have to state right away that I do not believe this is the ‘beginning of the tribulation’ or the ‘second coming of Christ’. I still believe we have another generation before this happens, and for reasons I have given elsewhere. What this is the “end” of I cannot say though naturally I have speculated. I do feel most strongly to warn people to get their houses in order by the end of September and I will update you if Yahweh shares anything more with me.

    “Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame” (Rev.16:15, NKJV).

  4. Hello Follower Of Christ…

    A member on our network site added a video which covered the deception of “Zeitgeist” a month or two ago, going to Theosophy and such…you can check it out here if you’re interested –

    It’s really a shame, i think, that there are enough little truth nuggets stolen by the enemy to incorporate into their various packages of lies to really confuse a lot of believers. That is of course the nature of the’s never a whole lie, it’s a little truth here and a little truth there, enough to string along anyone who identifies with the partial truths in any one story. By the same token, those that identify the lies often end up discounting any truth that got attached to it.

    The Beast agenda is sort of like an onion that never quits growing…adding layer after layer. The only countermeasure is to peel the thing faster than it grows, it seems.

    “My thought is the Illuminati will be exposed to the world, and the Christ (not the true one) will execute them publicly or so…”

    This actually has a historical precedent…there was a point in the early 1300s when the Templar knights were rounded up, arrested, tortured and executed by the king of France. Then, just as now, these weren’t opposing forces, it was just a matter of infighting for power over the same goals.

    It wouldn’t be greatly surprising to me if the false messiah posed as someone who was entirely against the NWO at the start. I think few would be fooled by someone who was clearly a new Hitler.

    Very interesting vision this person had. I feel as if some serious shift in the way things are and have been is coming, as i said in the article. September could be the turning point for all i know…we’ll just have to wait and see and trust YHWH with whatever comes. I don’t know if i think we have another generation left in this age, but i realize only He knows His precise timing so i accept that it surely isn’t impossible.

    Peace and blessings in Yahushua,


  5. Is it possible that by talking about and propogating a sense of fear/panic of the future…you are going to help manifest it? Actually bringing what you are talking about into being…?

    • Hello David…

      By no means do i believe that anyone should be afraid of anything i have written here…and much less panicked. I’m not in fear of anything the enemy could do or might do or even will do and it is far from my objective to encourage anyone else to be. For the believer in Yahushua, the only one who deserves to be feared is Him…no other thing or person or circumstance should have the power to terrify or worry us. What we are supposed to do, though, is remain vigilant, sober minded and discerning of the enemy’s tactics at all times. If you plan a long sea voyage and receive a weather forcast which predicts a great chance of a dangerous storm in your path, the reasonable response is not to accuse the weather channel of fearmongering, but to prudently schedual your voyage around the storm.

      Nothing i do or say..nor the words or actions of any other will deter the will YHWH from being unltimately in control… not even the power which Satan himself has over this world will deter that. As followers of Him, we trust in His will and at the same time do not remain in willful ignorance of what the enemy is doing.

      “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in the valley of Hinnom. Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore. You are of more value than many sparrows.” – Matthew 10:28-31


  6. Very interesting ideas. Many people is deluded with a received, designed idea about good and evil, and of course most of them prefer to think that they are amongst the good. Some people see “bad auras” on everyone else, but never on themselves. It is an effective way of controlling: make them to believe that something positive, a consciousness shift for the better is being prepared by superior, invisible beings that work for us, because humanity deserves all the best. God, Christ, loves you personally, because you are such an unique and lovely creature. “They” are cruel, mean dictators but “we” are all freedom fighters. It is a smart, but in some way quite obvious trick.

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