What “Spirits” Did Yahushua Preach To?

There exist certain passages in scripture which are rarely mentioned in church.

Those seeking souls who take seriously the word of their Creator will find such passages for the first time and be puzzled… wondering what they could mean in the big picture of all they have been taught about their Bibles.

They seem out of place, inconsistent, even left field when they are discovered amongst the more well known themes in which they have been educated by their pastors.

When one brings these questions to church leaders, the responses are often just as puzzling. As if one had come to their Minister asking him to excuse away some incredibly taboo subject matter, the reaction received often comes with uncomfortable looks and short answers which don’t answer much.

Out of the more discomfiting of seemingly “weird” bible passages has grown the art of “apologetics”. I dislike the term immensely, as well as the concept… apologetics… exactly what, I ask, should be necessary to apologize for in the Word of our Elohim?

As if we must do some fast talking to keep at bay the arguments of non-believers against the questions they have, with apologies to the “odd” bits and pieces in scripture which Christian leadership has tried to tip-toe around.

No… they don’t need our apologies, YHWH certainly doesn’t need us to apologize for Him – and believers need answers, not excuses.

Let there be no verse unturned, I say… whether it fits into the criteria of the faith most believers have accepted or not… there is a perfectly good reason for these strange passages to be present, and it behooves us to know what those are.

One of those mysterious little tidbits occurs in a book written by a man who decidedly pulled no punches when it came to being outright with some of the lesser known bible topics of the present day.

I have no doubt that YHWH used Peter, and his especially point blank way of stating the truth, to preserve some knowledge that people would have otherwise found much more difficult to reveal in the modern age.

Here is that most interesting passage:

“For the Anointed also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to Yahuwah, being put to death in the flesh but made alive by the Spirit, by whom He also went and preached to the spirits in prison who formerly were disobedient when once Yahuwah’s patience waited in the days of Noah while the ark was being prepared, in which a few, that is, eight souls, were saved through water.”

– 1 Peter 3:18-20

I can guess that few people who have seriously read the bible, with an intent to understand it, have not stopped at this statement and reread it, wondering to themselves what on Earth Peter is talking about.

What spirits? What prison? Why was He preaching to them? If those curious souls then went searching for answers in Christian apologetics, they likely came up with a response which resembled one of these three:

1. It’s wholly symbolic… it’s speaking figuratively of people’s spirits being captive to sin.

2. Yahushua went to the spirits of those who died prior to Him coming so that they too might receive the gospel and come to Him.

3. Yahushua went to proclaim His victory to fallen angels, and to point out their own defeat to them.

The problem with any of these answers is that each of them spawns more questions than they answer…

1. I flatly reject calling anything in scripture symbolic that He didn’t call symbolic, especially in light of specific details mentioned here, like the time frame of the days of Noah.

If that’s incorrect, then virtually anything we want to call symbolic is up for grabs, and so is what it symbolizes.

That answer not only doesn’t answer to these verses, but puts everything in the bible in question.

2. The second answer fails in this way… there is of course, no biblical precedent for dead humans being given a second opportunity to repent past their own physical lives.

As is stated clearly in scripture… even those without the Law had a conscience to answer to which was a law in itself.

The knowledge of a future Messiah, and belief in that future fulfillment, was to the ancient world what believing on His past appearance is to the modern one.

3. The third answer at least makes sense in identifying the spirits involved.

The only group of spirits who fit the description “the spirits in prison who formerly were disobedient when once Yahuwah’s patience waited in the days of Noah while the ark was being prepared..” are the rebel Watchers.

The reference to the time frame fits them, as they were those fallen angels who were present on Earth at exactly that point in history and they were subsequently imprisoned prior to the deluge.

They are the only group of rebel angels who were imprisoned in this way… no biblical evidence can support the notion of Satan or his followers being bound from activity upon the earth at any time prior to the Millennial reign.

“And when all their sons shall be slain, when they shall see the perdition of their beloved, bind them (the Watchers) for seventy generations underneath the earth, even to the day of judgment, and of consummation, until the judgment, the effect of which will last for ever, be completed.”

– 1 Enoch 10:15

The second part of this answer does not hold up as well… the assumption that this act of preaching is a declaration of the rebel angels defeat… that it is precisely Not an act of preaching repentance, must by necessity come purely out of assumption, and not an assumption we can support.

In the plain text there is nothing referring to, implying or hinting that the described event is an act of judgment towards those rebels.

This speculation comes purely out of a stubborn refusal of Christian leadership, and Christians generally, to question objectively the possibility of a message of repentance coming to non human creatures.

Yet this is exactly what the passage in question would plainly imply…

The most notable argument which is supposed to back up the claim that certainly no preaching of the gospel occurred here is the Greek word which is used for “preach” in 1 Peter 3:18.

That word “kerysso”, they claim, is a word which is not indicative of a “good” message… but rather just a proclamation which does not imply a message of repentance unto salvation.

These same would argue that the word “euaggelizo” would be the word which would be used if a message of repentance and salvation was the idea.

The literal meaning of the word Kerysso is: to herald, proclaim, publish, proclaim gospel; while the meaning of euaggelizo is: to bring good news, bring glad tidings.

The idea that proponents of the above mentioned theory try to instill, is that Kerysso is a word which is not used in relation to ‘preaching the gospel’ or ‘witnessing a message of repentance’… that it is solely a word used in matters of declaration, which have no end effect of bringing people to salvation; while Euaggelizo is that word which is reserved for such a gospel message.

This entire base line of logic is not just a bit questionable, but indisputably wrong.

Kerysso is, in fact, used 59 times in the New Testament, and every single instance, minus one (or perhaps two, if you really push the boundaries of technicality) is contained in a verse which specifically deals with preaching the gospel unto repentance.

There is no instance of the word being used to communicate a message of damnation.

Euaggelizo is used 51 times, in similar settings.

These two words are also not by far the only two words translated into “preach” in English… the rest are as follows…

diaggello – carry a message abroad, announce, declare to assemblies

laleo – to utter, speak, tell

kataggello – announce, make known, proclaim

didaskalia – teaching, instruction, doctrine

prokerysso – to announce or proclaim beforehand

parresia – open, frank speech, unreserved speaking

dialegomai – to ponder, debate, converse

pleroo – to fill up, render complete, to carry into effect

proeuaggelizomai – to announce good news beforehand

akoe – something heard, oral instruction, report, rumor

Any of these May be used to describe preaching the gospel, though there are surely certain terms we might much more expect to be used to describe a message of judgment than kerysso among these, such as laleo or kataggello. Here are some other examples of verses where kerysso is used:

“The Spirit of Yahuwah is upon Me because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind. To set at liberty those who are oppressed.”

– Luke 4:18

From that time Yahushua began to preach and to say, “Repent! For the kingdom of the sky is at hand!”

– Matthew 4:17

And Yahushua went about all Galiyl, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people.

– Matthew 4:23

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come.

– Matthew 24:14

Yahuchanan came immersing in the wilderness and preaching an immersion of repentance for the remission of sins.

– Mark 1:4

So they went out and preached that people should repent.

– Mark 6:12

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

– Mark 16:15

The last verse in that list is very interesting in light of this investigation of 1 Peter 3:18-20…. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”.

A thorough examination of that might be for another discussion, yet we have to ask the obvious about it… what exactly are the “other creatures” to whom the gospel should be preached?

I have a peculiar question which I have sought to know the answer to, and have never gotten. What is the basis of resistance which believers have to the notion of non-human redemption?

The only answer forthcoming seems to be an argument of scripture… that scripture “clearly states” a negation of that possibility.

That has proven to be unfounded in examination of scripture, and so there remains some serious emotionally-based resistance toward the idea.

What would it cost believers if it were true that something besides humans could receive the message of the gospel? I would think it would cost them nothing… and in fact, I would think it would be a welcomed knowledge.

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7 Responses to “What “Spirits” Did Yahushua Preach To?”

  1. Your article is another deathblow for the doctrine of some churches teaching a soul could be saved also after death..
    Angels redeemed- why not, it would be fantastic!! Hallelu ya, so great the love of our creator, who loves ALL His creation..
    Every creature with a god-given free will has the ability to receive the gospel and repent! It is just logical.

    Blessed be your day bro

  2. It’s really refreshing to see a response like yours on this matter from a believer, thank you for that comment. 🙂

    Who shouldn’t want the wicked to repent, no matter their nature? According to YHWH, that’s what He wants. What could really make a better scene in the world to come than all types of beings who were redeemed united in praise of Him?

    Peace and blessings in Yahushua,


  3. Gabriel McDermott Says:

    I don’t exactly understand the idea of the Watchers being available for redemption. Yes. I understand that Satan & his agents still roam the atmosphere, ruling the cities of the fallen planet. I do believe that there is coming a time when their dominion will be removed from high places after the coming heavenly war (immediately before the Great Trib) Rev 12:7. I also think this group of Watchers are bound in water (Euphrates Rev 9:14). But, according to the book of Enoch, there is no forgivness of sins for these angels, & over the destruction of their children will they lament & make suplication unto eternity. Isn’t it possible that the dead spirits who dwell in the waters (Job 26:5; Rev 20:13) are the one’s who were disobedient before the flood. The flood overtook all flesh & destroyed these “undead” spirit’s bodies. Now the dead dwell in the Abyss (Marianas Trench possibly). When Jesus casts the unclean spirit’s into the pigs, they run into the sea, choke themselves, & return back to the waters where they find rest; this is opposed to the spirits who are cast into the air (dry places) seeking rest, but finding none. Did Jesus go tell these spirits about the message of salvation? It would seem righteous (as far as my greatly limited understanding goes next to the mind of God) that God would allow a chance for the beings “who were, yet are not, but yet are.” This is opposed to the idea of redemption of angels who, standing in the Holy presence of God, rebelled & disobeyed. I don’t know. This site is amazing!!! I love being a part of your guys’ thing here. What if the “dead ones” who are mingled into our DNA? And some of these “vessels fit for destruction” will receive a chance to repent before they even learn who they are in judgement (being in human form, phisically but spiritually dead, just as mankind.)

    • Hello Gabriel…

      I agree with all your statements regarding the dismantling of Satan’s Kingdom at the end of the age. There is a time limit to his rule and the rule of everyone doing his bidding..including rebel Watchers.

      I would like to make a note on this verse from 1 Enoch…

      “over the destruction of their children will they lament & make suplication unto eternity.”

      We don’t have any full Hebrew manuscripts of 1 Enoch, however when the word “eternal” or “forever” comes up in the books of the old testament, it is translated from a word which means indefinite or unknown, rather than “forever”…which actually has no equivalent in either the old or new testaments. The same phraseology is applied to the life span the nephilim hoped to have had…it also is translated as “forever”, but is qualified in the next sentence as being 500 years. All that aside, i believe there’s a real possibility that anyone who is lost will suffer their regret literally forever, and that would be the rightful penalty of anyone who rejects YHWH, but as judgments are proclaimed against the lost of humanity which by His grace will not pertain to us who repent, i also believe that judgments against lost angels can be reversed by His grace and their repentance (if the individual chooses life rather than death).

      ” Isn’t it possible that the dead spirits who dwell in the waters (Job 26:5; Rev 20:13) are the one’s who were disobedient before the flood.”

      Yes…specifically the spirits of the nephilim who died in the flood because those spirits are truly the spirits of the “dead” whereas angelic spirits have no innate mortality. Demon spirits = spirits of the deceased nephilim.

      “When Jesus casts the unclean spirit’s into the pigs, they run into the sea, choke themselves, & return back to the waters where they find rest; this is opposed to the spirits who are cast into the air (dry places) seeking rest, but finding none.”

      Here is my particular take on that…YHWH chose a flood to end the reign of the nephilim on earth because there is something about water which has the ability to entrap spirits and remove them (hence baptism). When the pigs ran for the water…i don’t necessarily think it was the demons who made the decision to run for the water, but rather an animal instinct… the pigs’ desperate attempts to rid themselves of the spirits that invaded them. The reason that demons are said to wander in dry places seeking rest is that they are intentionally avoiding water.

      “Did Jesus go tell these spirits about the message of salvation?”

      The bible doesn’t say what He “preached” to them…but the word is the same used in other places which describe preaching the gospel to people.

      I know there are a great many arguments against the idea of angelic salvation… but being as i am, with a tendency to disregard the arguments which aren’t precisely in black and white in scripture, i have come to the conclusion that it is better to be someone who mentally allows for the possibility of the worst of the worst being saved, rather than someone who makes themselves a judge in a matter as far above my full understanding as the great mystery of Salvation is.

      He gave Nineveh a second chance after condemning them…

      It is said that Yahushua came for the reconciliation of every kind of thing…in heaven and earth

      It is said that we are to preach the gospel to every creature and i believe that Yahushua, being the model of what our actions should be, has done just that.

      “What if the “dead ones” who are mingled into our DNA?”

      They are indeed…in fact it’s not really possible to take everything the Old testament has said about nephilim and their existence in the past without coming to the conclusion that they have descendants today. This is another reason that i am so determined to proclaim that there is liberty for every thinking creature who will choose it. None of us can guarantee our own pedigrees but Yahushua is the great equalizer.

      Thank you for questioning Gabriel…keep up the good search, we’re glad to have you with us, And feel free to post whatever you’d like at the Network forum too. 🙂

      Peace in Yahushua


  4. john doe Says:

    Just wondering why you didn’t correct Gabriel on the true name of the Messiah. You know Jesus Christ is an empty name! And why you deny the mark of the beast is sun worship?!? Are you a disinformation agent? Freemason?

    • Hello John…

      No, i’m certainly not a disinformation agent or a freemason…lol. This site has quite a bit of info against freemasonry, in fact.

      Why don’t i correct people who use the name “Jesus”? It’s quite simple… for those who use the name which most of the world has used to call on our Messiah, i must always assume that they do so in the clearness of their own conscience, knowing whom they have given their lives to. Not being the Creator of the universe, i can not try the reigns and hearts of men.

      I use His name, Yahushua, and do so because His Spirit led me to that. I am not so arrogant as to believe that i can do, in the hearts of believers, what only His Spirit can do. So what should my response be? Emotional, self righteous insistence that other believers stop using the name Jesus Right Now? When has this kind of approach ever changed anyone’s mind?

      I care Who people are following. I have met many adherents of true Name usage display themselves as the least humble and least compassionate and frankly least Christian people i have known. I have also met the most sincere, truly bought in His blood individuals who use the name Jesus (and from the little bit i have heard from Gabriel, he is one of them). We know them by their fruits, not by their measure of what we might deem “enlightenment”.

      I don’t adhere to the belief that anyone will be damned eternally for misunderstanding His name or using one which is technically improper (who says anyone is spelling it right using this alphabet, anyway). He knows exactly who they are calling on, who am i to be judge of that? Putting a salvation emphasis on such a thing completely downgrades the reason He came and what our eyes ought to truly be focused on.

      As for the mark of the Beast being Sun Worship, i don’t remember ever addressing it, let alone denying it. Solar deity worship is certainly part and parcel with the Luciferian agenda, but scripture is pretty plain that the actual Mark will be literal and physical. One might say that it will represent the “Solar deity”, but i believe it will be a real, physical sign.


  5. Dwayne Says:

    I have a response but it is a general one. You would think that we would try and communicate with this new species. Are we just trying to speak with dolphins because we find them as evolutions next slave? Would we put this split from the tree in the same regards. I find it very interesting, that the government, is trying so hard to cover this up. Not just ours either

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