CPS Legally Kidnapping Your Children

The American people are conditioned to trust government agencies of all types, regardless of what practices and lack of oversight might be involved. Society is not encouraged to be the watchdogs over state meddling in the people’s affairs – which they should really be.

Of all the blindly trusted government action in their lives which people are least likely to question, Child Protective Services probably tops the list.

The name of the agency itself strikes right to the heart of a serious reactionary trigger in people’s minds. The safety of children is a normal adult human concern. Protecting helpless children from all forms of abuse is a natural and good instinct given by the Creator which, in spite of the depravity of the world, still burns strong in most of humanity.

Unfortunately, it is also a target of the enemy to twist and pervert to their advantage, removing what is a matter of common sense defense of children, in exchange for the nonsensical notion that the state, and not parents, are what is best for them.

Little known to most Americans, Child Protective Services is not in the business of being the non-profit benefactors of abused children. They do indeed collect profits from each child which is taken from their family.

The state receives federal bounty payment on each child adopted out through CPS. What this agency truly constitutes is a legal kidnapping ring, if legalities are to be defined by whatever the government can get away with.

We can not even take solace in assuming that those children adopted out go to good families… the CPS has, on numerous occasions, been directly linked with handing over illegally obtained children to international child sex slavery operations.

Those that end up in foster care are very often forced onto regimens of psychiatric medication which will irreversibly impair their brain development, all without the consent of biological parents who, in many cases, have done nothing whatsoever to justify the kidnapping of their kids.

It should come as no surprise that the controllers of the nation… and the world’s affairs have an agenda to take apart the family unit entirely.

As long as the family unit survives, the parents remain the primary educators of their children… this in turn means that those ideals which are passed down over generations, which would oppose the ideologies of a globalist agenda, can persist.

The only true way to convert a population entirely to a “New World Order” of thinking is to begin at the cradle, programming young minds to perceive the state as the parental figure of consequence.

All teaching must come from the state… the ideologies which are held by the “elite” must be those which are instilled at the most formative moments of a child’s life.

Likewise, parents must be taught that their authority over their own children is second to that of the state and that it is not a biological right, but simply a privilege, much like a driver’s license.

One has only to look at what constitutes a reason to tear someone’s child away from them to really begin to see what this supposed benevolent agency is about.

Amongst the thousands and thousands of cases anyone can easily pull up of bereft parents who have had their children stolen from them under extremely questionable circumstances, comes the recent and most disturbing tale of John Irish and his fiance Stephanie Taylor.

John Irish is a member of or affiliated with what is known as the Oath Keepers. The Oath Keepers are an association of firemen, police officers and military personnel dedicated to upholding civilian rights afforded under the Constitution and refuse to uphold orders from their superiors which violate those rights. They are non violent, non partisan and wholly legal in the most fundamental way according to what stated in the Constitution.

“Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution

Our motto is “Not on our watch!””


Thursday night, shortly after the birth of their new baby girl, Cheyenne, John Irish and Stephanie Taylor lost their parental rights and their child was stolen.

New Hampshire Division of Family Child Services along with police enlisted hospital staff to take the child, telling her parents it was in order for a pediatrician to perform a routine exam.

After taking the child, police emerged and demanded Irish allow them to search him, which they did, even after his refusal. Finding nothing more than a lighter and a pocket knife, an affidavit was produced stating Irish’s involvement with Oath Keepers as the primary reason for taking the child amongst an array of secondary charges which Irish states are entirely erroneous.

One of those secondary charges sited was his refusal to attend anger management courses… a charge which does not remotely constitute a cause for seizing one’s child.

According to the affidavit, John Irish was a member of a “Militia called the Oath Keepers”.

John Irish Affidavit

The Oath Keepers are not, in fact, a militia at all. A militia, by definition, would be comprised of a civilians who have trained and are able to operate as a state specific defense force… many of the Oath Keepers are not civilian, but in the employment of the US military itself, and the association is not a unified martial defense team, but simply a collection of police, firefighters, military, etc who have sworn to uphold the very oath which was required of them to take in their employment.

What is clearly the case here is that a visible line has been drawn in the sand by the PTB. A statement on free speech has been loudly broadcast… and its intent is to hit the most sensitive nerve of any normal human being… their children.

The controllers want all people to know… that ‘speaking your mind, standing up against a dictatorial government and demanding your basic human rights be left intact will cost you, and cost you dearly.

You have been warned… you can either stand up for what’s right… or you can keep your kids… but the two will not be compatible.’

The enemy knows just how dearly beloved children are to their parents… that a mother or a father has a deep, primal instinct to protect and even die for their kids. They know that just as if the American people were prisoners of war, they are much more likely to bow before their captors if their captors threaten their children, than if they torture the prisoners themselves.

John Irish’s story has made a lot of noise.., and that’s a good thing. If the public is aware and outraged, they certainly should be. His is not the first story of it’s kind to have taken place though. I

Irish’s position has been the position of many families before him who have stood up against tyranny, we can only hope that his is the one which will be the voice of the many.

In Williamson County, Austin, last April, the scene was not so different. Barry and Candi Cooper were drug reform activists and film makers who had a happy 7 year old son. They fell under investigation from CPS due to rumors that they were “teaching their son to distrust the government”.

One night their home was raided and searched by police officers claiming that they had heard Barry’s voice in the background of a false police report. After discovering an amount of marijuana which equated to a small misdemeanor charge, they were both arrested.

Some days later, while their son was visiting family in East Texas, CPS contacted the Coopers threatening felony endangerment charges. The filed grievances against these parents were officially being unsuitable parents due to teaching their child to distrust the government, and aggressiveness toward authorities because they demanded a court order prior to CPS entering their home.

Take a good look at the country you live in… especially if you are a parent of a minor child or might become one.

“As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

(Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler)

texasroadrunner.spaces.live.com “Behind the money is the socialist ideology that children should be raised by the state. This agenda was promoted by Dr. C. Henry Kempe (author of the Battered Child Syndrome) in the 1970′s.

An open supporter of the Communist party, he stated “We must remove children from the crude influence of their families and, frankly, nationalize them.”

Dr. Kempe emphasized the need for a “stealthy, incremental approach” to implementing the agenda to make families obsolete.

Federal statistics say that there are approximately 3 million reports of suspected child abuse and neglect each year. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services documents 900,000 as “substantiated”, leaving over 2 million families per year FALSELY ACCUSED.

Of the “substantiated” cases, 68% do NOT involve child maltreatment, according to the federal authorities. This figure is escalating at an alarming rate each year as over zealous reporting and frivolous intervention by CPS spins out of control.

Under the CPS microscope every word, inflection, and action is attributed with the most bizarre and outlandish “meanings.” If you have ever bounced a check, you have a “criminal record”; if your child is shy, they are “fearful and withdrawn”; if they are outgoing and active, they are “acting out due to the trauma.”

Federal law gives CPS 15 months to seek Termination of Parental Rights and have the child adopted out (and collect hefty adoption incentive bonuses—did we mention the money?)

So, children are being put up for adoption based on the timeline, even when parents have not had a chance to answer the initial allegations, and in the absence of any evidence or charges that they have harmed their child. Social workers routinely perjure themselves under oath without ever facing any penalties or admonishment.

This is a HUGE growth industry that provides private profit through Medicaid. Service providers (vendors) hold multi-million dollar contracts with the social service agencies.

Families are ordered to engage in “services” with the contracted vendors, all of whom bill Medicaid at inflated rates for “services” that are often inappropriate, unnecessary, onerous, and completely irrelevant (not to mention unconstitutional) to the families situation, or to child maltreatment.

We USED to be Christian home schoolers. Evidently, the State of Texas has a resocialization program underway to destroy my daughter’s belief system since it’s a crime to be a Christian and to home school.

It is socialist ideology that children should be raised by the State. Dr. C. Henry Kempe, author of the Battered Child Syndrome and an open supporter of the Communist party stated: “We must remove children from the crude influence of their families and, frankly, nationalize them.” ”

read articleConfessions of a Child Protective Service Headhunter

“My name is Black Michael and I granted way of Canada and Australia and the world my exclusive story as a retired headhunter who is trying to make amends for the over 25,000 children removed over a twenty-two year period.

CPS and other agencies paid me to falsify information to make these children wards of the court. As I said last week my job was to locate families on welfare, low income, low I.Q. or the least likely to be able to afford counsel that could get them their children returned to their custody.

I was paid $1,800 per child I brought into care, with a $500.00 bonus if a child was in someway handicapped and a $10,000 bonus if a child was adopted out without parental consent.

I am not proud of what I did and I am now trying to see that as many children as I can will be returned to their loving families. This is why I am stepping forward to give testimony to what we headhunters do.

First, we located a family that fit the criteria. Then watched that family for a circumstance that really happened, that was not really dangerous. But, when which likely made it look likely abuse, neglect or some other endangerment was going on. We then made written, sworn statements to the agencies we worked for and a warrant would then be issued for the child or children in that family to be removed from the family home. …..

With the economy as it is and the expected depression through by 2012, CPS and like organizations are doubling their quotas to stay in business and have no doubt for them this business is slowly monetary and has nothing to do with the safety of children in legitimate terms.

More children die in the hands of their foster parents than in the hands of their true parents for which I know I am responsible for the loss of life to these 11 of these children by falsifying records and statements….

As headhunters, we took a full week long course on how to spot vulnerable families, how to falsify allegations, how to testify to CPS benefit. This course also taught us that when children were taken into care the immediate program of separation of child from family would begin. The child would be rewarded for compliance and punished for defiance. A type of mind control would be used by foster parents even though these foster parents did not know they were being taught these skills during their training of two weeks.

Foster parents only have criminal checks. They are not interviewed by psychologists or trained personnel. They merely have to express their want to be foster parents and follow the instructions of care and reward and punishment to keep the children in their care under their control. The foster parent school is to separate the child from his or her parents as widely as possible.

The child, when the prearranged telephone call or visit has not produced, the child is told your mother and father hate you, they don’t want you, that is why they never showed up. We love you, we want you, you are safe with us as long as you follow our simple rules and expectations. Very quickly most contact with birth parents and families is brought to very limited contact. ”

Understand that for every individual who is intimidated into laying down and accepting the harassment of the state in their family affairs out of fear, there is that much more to fear in the future.

Every incremental step the dictators succeed in taking, is one step closer to a country where no one will have a secure right to protect their own children from a government who might see fit to kidnap them.

As terrifying a statement as they have made in threatening to steal children due to political viewpoints… it is not time to lay down and accept it.

If anything, it is time for parents to rethink allowing their children to partake in the system altogether.

Babies have been born for millennia outside of hospitals and humanity still survived… take the power out of the hands of the controllers and have your children at home.

Don’t register them… don’t send them to public schools, don’t take them for vaccinations. Parents, take your kids from the state before the state takes them from you.

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15 Responses to “CPS Legally Kidnapping Your Children”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Susan Inman, Pediatric Trauma. Pediatric Trauma said: CPS Legally Kidnapping Your Children « Time No Longer http://ow.ly/31kOI […]

  2. Glenda Coleman Says:

    What is the safest state to move to with your children?

    • Hello Glenda…i’m not sure i know the answer to your question. While i’m sure there are states which are a lot more conducive to being left alone (i would choose a very rural location), i don’t know that there is any state that is immune to the general corruption going on.

      My advice is to keep as much of a distance between your life and the State as possible, wherever you live. Homeschooling is a great idea…so is educating ones-self about how to use natural remedial medicine, avoiding vaccines, etc.

      I hate to engender mistrust of one’s neighbors..but being that people have been led to believe it’s their civil duty to spy on each other, a little caution around neighbors you don’t know well is sound advice. I have nothing against responsible corporal punishment, but there are people out there who will label you as abusive for paddling the backside of your own child.



  3. SCOTT A. Says:


  4. Jennie Renzi Says:

    Do not move to Washington if you are trying to avoid a corrupt CPS department Because here in Washington CPS corruption is alive and well. Our CPS department has allowed children to be molested by thier caregivers while taking away loved and cared for children from thier parents. The evil these people are doing to GODS children is terrible! They really need to be stopped. They work for us why as AMERICANS are we still alowing thses wrongs to go on? UNTIED WE MUST STAND BECAUSE DEVIDED WE WILL FALL! They work for us, FIRE them DAh!!!! IF we don’t pay them they don’t work! Where are the ombudsman who are in place to correct these wrongs? LAst year our CPS department was investagated and found to NOT be in compliance with their own policys or procedures and yet these sanme CPS workers are still doing the same things this year. Why were they not fired??? Why are they still being allowed to destroy our familys while WE pay them REALLY! We need to stand together and make them stand down and go away.

    • Hello Jennie…

      I read your comment to the site jesseventura.net where you posted a link to this article and the details of your situation. I’m really sorry you’re going through that and i don’t know if you are a Christian or not, but i want you to know that there really is no greater help or protection than our Father in heaven. Our prayers are with you… we’re not people with influence in the world, but we know He is. Keep us updated if you can. Thank you.

      Peace in Yahushua


  5. i am a mother of children that have been taken from the cps and I have a very long story to tell to you

    • I am also a mother whos son was kidnapped by florida’s cps and my parental rights were terminated. My son was sold to my deceased husbands mother and step father. While they are kind to him, and not the people who had aleged the “abuse”, it’s still been a nightmare, and, yes, I’m still fighting this lost cause. Luckily I am still able to see him somtimes and speek to him weekly, recieve pictures, send gifts and clothing, ect. My crime? My son was 2 years old at the time and took occasional breathing treatments for ongoing instances of bronchitis. He had not needed one of these for 6 months.
      My son spent the weekend with his paternal grandparents who were inconstant contact with me and had work/ cell numbers ect., and my ex stepmother was angry at my father at the time, and knowing that he was with them, reported that I had not given them power of attorney to treat him medically, should he need it. I had no idea that this was even necessary. She alleged that she had tried calling me repeatedly inquiring for his health (my cell log showed one call) and then called DCF. There is so much more to this story, the rubish that was taken for gospel was unbelievable. My son now is in the care of very well meaning anti-christian people.

  6. My children have recently been kidnapped by local cps they claim that there father is abusive and that because of it I am neglective. I can assure you that he is not abusive, nor am I neglective. America we need your help. I have four children in the mercy of the state of Wisconsins hands. my family was kicked out of our 72 hour hearing. I was denied lawful council at court. There father was unable to attend court because conditions of his bond also for a false arrest were that he could not miss work, which meant he had to miss court. I refuse to contract with these people any longer. We need people to stand with us and defend this cause. We are on the right track and God is on our side. I just hope that my babies make it through until I can take them back.

  7. Cashmere Says:

    I convince my husband ? He is quite brainwashed but I know how cps works I was a ward of Washington state from 8-13 . And after reading this all the abuse I suffered in homes makes way more since ! But how do I convince him to let our new children be out of the system? He cares to much that they won’t have id and can’t get jobs but with the rate of the gov moving I feel we need to start now , I know they r going to try an take my unborn child this time because I am refusing to be vaccinated or have my kids vaccinated, they will not let my baby leave the hospital without vaccines ,I don’t know how to prevent this, I’m willing to do the home birth but then what?

    • www.adamscountykidnap.org Says:

      Leave take your child and run I just learned today that the court gains juristiction by consent. There were three options on my court paper that said case opened reason 1. parent accepted services 2 petition filed
      Case closed reason 1. parent refused services, 2. cannot locate family I dont remember the other reasons but they are ruthless if I had known I would have moved and we would have been fine. We just had court today and were found guilty because a so called expert who was supposed to be testifying to the medical records ended up testifying to a police report that the investigator did himself and they won. Now as a result I will miss all of my childrens birthdays this year and social services will be in our life for 2 years. Do not admit anything ever if you are questioned demand an attorney get out./

    • Hello Cashmere…

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation, and you have my prayers. Prayer of faith is effectual, and you, as a parent, have the most powerful prayers for your children of anyone on the planet if you will reach out to Him. Yahushua is the Deliverer…He is the liberator. He cares for your soul and He cares for your children.

      Sometimes the best witness to a spouse is not words, but actions. When truth is demonstrated, it has impact, and there’s only One real Truth.


  8. desiree mccarthy Says:

    My name is desiree mccarthy, cps kidnapped my son in sacrmento cal. We have been torn apart. I was falsey accused of all sorts of things which i refutued all to be untrue. I became sick after my boys dad died and had major neuorsergery. They came in without a warrant just after surgery at 8pm kids in bed screaming bloody murder took them to a recieving home and molested my 7 year old returned them 3 days later checked out my home safe then ripped them back again. I have all back up from my drs. The courts ignored it all. This has been a 6 year fight now. We r finally in federal court for 3years now being held up. Ive gone public but still nothings being done. Yes they are getting paid. There r no background checks for foster care and they have caught the social workers lying on the stand selling drugs to kids 5 minutes from their office not to mention they have criminal backgrounds and are not fully checked either. This has to end. I now have a defibilator pace maker due to all the stress. I have my two older boys and am ok to keep them but not my now 13 year old??????? He was 7 the other two were 14 and 16 and my 14 year old ran back to me at the time this began. They tried to put him in juvenile hall for it. They never took my 16 year old????? Now 23 and very heartbrok and mentally ill at the time they took the two youngest which were not handicapped. Non of this crap makes since. We r at r wits end. We dont know if my baby is dead or alive. His name is Tyler joshua hull big blue eyes blonde hair. Sanfransico parents banded together at this time and learned all their babies were blonde hair blue eyes and won back kids. My oldest is dark hair itialian but his brother is blonde itialian??????what r we going to do people? Sincerely ms mccarthy.


  10. My daughter Krsna Lysette Thrush (3yrs) and I are victims to \’legal\’ kidnapping by Jefferson County Colorado and an unlawful TPR motion that I lost. Judge Ann Meinster completely disregarded the Divisions unlawful and unethical conduct throughout the course of the case. The Division with-held visits from me in an excess of 60 days which was in violation of the court ordered treatment plan and yet nothing was done to resolve this. I paid for my own services for 5 months in order to comply with the court ordered treatment plan when the Division failed to provide me with services that were also court ordered. The courts enforced a child support order that was so excessive I was only making $30 to $40 a month from my earned wages and paying out to the Division $1000 a month. They even garnished my SSDI payments. The case worker said I do not recall over fifty times on stand at my TPR trial when questioned about the services and efforts made by the Division during the course of the case and yet still the judge ruled in favor of the termination citing mental health as the reason. The only testimony about my mental health presented other then the case workers narrative of lies was from a doctor at Cedar Springs who testified that it only took me four days of being put on the right medications before I made a complete turn around, talking about an inpatient hospital stay a year prior to the trial. Meanwhile I was not allowed to introduce a letter from my current mental health providers stating that I was not only stable, but also had sought out services all my own and paid for on my own, and additionally were never once contacted by the case worker even after my mental health providers reached out to her on several occasions. The GAL refused to allow my daughters play therapist to be introduced as a witness unlawfully using LAN to withhold information from the court about what was in my daughters best interest. Please Help! My little girl was stolen from me by Jefferson County Colorado so they could make money from adopting her out. I have filed an appeal that is still waiting to be reviewed. I have not seen my daughter since Jan. 30 2015 where I was forced to tell her she could never see me again.

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