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  1. Have a question regarding Romans 13Where is line drawn between respector and resister of tyranical gov.

    Jesus said if you have no sword sell your garment to get one.
    pastor says it was legal in rome to own 1.Refers to r13.

    If drugged and raped by gov unwillingly how can soul be saved.

    This site is amazing in it’s answers I’ve long prayed for.

    • Hi Don,

      You ask a very good question about what our obligations are to civil law. The church has long taught that Romans 13 speaks clearly of our duty to civil magistrates. First i would like to point this out:

      1. – Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from Yahuwah, and the authorities that exist are appointed by Yahuwah.

      literal translation: “every soul is arranged under superior authority, for there is no authority except of YHWH and authority which is appointed under YHWH.

      2.-Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of Yahuwah, and those who resist it will bring judgment on themselves.

      literal translation: “so then those that fight against authority fight against YHWH’s ordinance and the one who fights against it receives punishment.”

      Forward to taxation –

      7.- Render therefore to all their due. Taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.

      literal translation: ” pay accordingly to everyone what is owed, tribute that’s tribute, custom that’s custom, fear that’s fear, price that’s price.”

      8.- Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.

      literal translation: “owe nobody anything except loving one another, for to love others is fulfilling the Law.”

      The first thing to know is who are the powers? Are they exclusively of one sort? No, as the words used for powers as well as authority are words which are used in conjunction with spiritual beings, spiritual leaders, elders and masters. The spiritual hierarchy as well as human authority is included. No power exists but what is allowed by YHWH to exist, though not all of it is condoned. As we know Satan has power, devils have power. for this time they are allowed but not condoned of Our Creator.

      The difference between condoning and submitting: we are never in a position to condone evil, as Christians it is our foremost duty to be opposed to what is wicked. Does this mean we are to take up arms against what is wicked? No, He has a plan, a plan in which even wicked things will be brought to serve His will against their own. Our duty in this is to be as Yahushua was, a steadfast but peaceful resistor of evil.

      Who are our authorities? Civilly speaking, according to the documents that we are supposed to believe govern this land, the citizens thereof are. To what or whom is tribute due? According to those same documents, only to this land, to be used by these people for the causes which they see fit.

      The IRS is a foreign banking entity which has no connection whatsoever to domestic American causes. All funds are sent offshore to bankers who have no personal vested interest in the United States, their citizens or their needs. There is no allowance in any American legislation for their existence, they are an illegal entity and as such have defied the governing authority of this land.

      No United States citizen owes taxes to the Internal Revenue Service if we are to judge that by the literal words of Romans.

      We are absolutely not duty bound to condone the wickedness taking place in this government or any other and it will perhaps come down to a time when we all who follow Yahushua must be the life line of one another, to do what we can to help one another. Yahushua stepped in when a young woman was to be stoned for adultery. Though the letter of The Good Law provided for just that sentence, His answer was, nonetheless, mercy. How much more should we be willing to stand up for each other and for Him when a bad law is being enforced upon the people by wicked men?

      Thank you for bringing this matter up. Feel free to join us at our network site and take part in discussions there.

      Peace in Messiah

      Prodigal Son

  2. Chris crosby Says:

    Then we know who they are and why theyre here

  3. Andre miller Says:

    I would like to be apart of alot of the topics you speak on

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