+ Not to the Right Hand, Nor to the Left

If you have made it to this site in search of truth, you have no doubt come across a million opinions along the way and hold some of your own. There’s nothing wrong with theorizing, contemplating, taking into consideration all possibilities and weighing them against scripture and evidence. In this way, we begin to sift the dirt for artifacts of reality and hone a sharpened edge of discernment.

There is an appropriate way to seek truth though, and one which leads to confusion. An appropriate search for truth begins with utter objectivity, which is, admittedly, not easy. We all have desires, wishes, and feelings… as natural as it is to have them though, they are subject to the potential of corruption, as we all know how easy it is to desire or wish for or have a feeling that is not in line with the Will of YHWH.

Objectivity is a state of humility above all things, a stand that says:  “I will not assume i already know or look for the “truth” i desire, but allow Him to reveal what is right no matter how against my preconceived ideas it may be.”

As against the grain of modern thought as it might be, a search for truth does not involve emotions, intuition, hopes, dreams, or preset goals other than a closer understanding of His word.

A search for truth is done analytically, logically and with the expectation that you will be surprised rather than an expectation that all your theories will be confirmed.

The danger of doing otherwise becomes an emotional quest to :

1…prove you’ve been right all along.

2…uphold a bias for or against something you have already set your mind on as being true or false, or

3…find acceptance in some group, faction or denomination by adhering, without justification, to their pre-packaged list of “truths”.

YHWH’s people, i have seen, are undergoing an awakening to biblical information which has long been ignored in church buildings and by pastors.. they are beginning to search out the literal, raw reality of His word and how that applies in the world now and throughout a history which has been half obscured in the dust of revision.

This is an awesome thing and every believer who has become brave enough to step outside the constructed box to hunt down the reality He proclaimed deserves a congratulations…truth isn’t for the faint of heart, i’m sure you’ve come to realize. a word of advice to you in your search now is, beware of the right hand and beware of the left hand..

That is to say, many new seekers go looking for an extreme point of view and if then having explored it fully, something is obviously amiss with it, they gravitate to the extreme opposite.  What you will find on both sides of the road, my friends, is a ditch.

We’re going to aim for the straight and narrow.. we’re going to keep clear of the ditches. This will also mean that if you have your heart dead set on a pet extreme and all things tied to it.. you will probably find us very unsatisfying.

for example..we are not Zionists (in the sense of what that word means in the world right now). We are also not individuals who deny that Jews are the

descendants of Judah or blame “Jews” for all the wrongs of the world.. or call the bloodline of Israel anything but the Semetic nation of people which YHWH chose to bring His Messiah into the world.

We understand there is great evil in adherence to the Babylonian Talmud and we denounce every practitioner of Talmudist / Kabbalistic faith whether Jew or Gentile.

We understand that the present political governance of the country of Israel is in the hands of Talmud adherents and foreign influences. We also understand that people of true Israel still reside there and that like American citizens, have no say in the matters of their political governance.

If all these things seem contradictory to you, that is likely because you have generally only found those who either cling with unjustified zeal to the right hand (Zionism – the country of Israel and all its policies are good and just and divinely inspired) or to the left (anti-semetism – that Jews are not members of true Israel and are instead a false and corrupt group.. but both these views are ditches…dug by the enemy to capture people of either emotional persuasion.

You will not find us either vilifying or exalting any group or ethnicity of people..not one human being on this planet can produce their pedigree back to its root.

The only blood that matters here is the blood of Yahushua and all the ground is level at the foot of the cross.

Come, let us reason together….may your search for truth be guided in His Holy Spirit.

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8 Responses to “+ Not to the Right Hand, Nor to the Left”

  1. Read article on wikkileaks and see Alex Jones tossed in with the story with ref. to operation mocking bird. I have been listening to Alex for many years now and see 99% of what he says come true including 911 false flag.All sites warning of him being a Jesuit implant have little but that to poke at except for support of Ron Paul and obscure statue of Catholic saint being overlooked at Bohemian Grove.So what? I’m more concerned about worship[ of Baphomet by world leaders.
    Ron Paul walks the walk and the talk.If America would tune into him instead of the peacock or the all seeing eye media we would not have the lying abomination in office destroying our country and world along with the rest of the demonicrats in power.
    Most of your content is right on the money and many subjects you cover are often spoken of by Alex and his array of insight full guests.
    Can you point out any specific falsehoods to be aware of?
    I consider him a voice in the wilderness and a Paul revere trying to wake up our Zombie populace and lukewarm saltless churches.
    How about something of substance so my right hand can tell my left hand if I’m off center. Don

    • Hi Don,

      As much as anyone, we very much want there to be big voices out there speaking the truth, and it is a fact that Alex Jones has a lot of truth to tell. We also are aware that the enemy is very clever and uses big voices to his advantage. His tactics can never be underestimated for their cleverness in fact and when we see an antichrist power come to rule the earth, we don’t expect a man who seems evil at all, not even to Christians.

      I have not been the author or the articles which discussed the Alex Jones connection to Project Mockingbird so i can not tell you about the specific information those authors have but they will comment to you as soon as they are available to do so.

      From my own perspective i can only say, please be careful about the big names and the big voices. We all want heroes but in the end only Yahushua really fits that position. I would like to be able to say i trust Ron Paul and that he has a chance of making this government different but the truth is, no one that the controllers do not want in office will have that office. Deliverance will not come from mankind.

      Peace in Messiah

      Prodigal Son

    • hi Don =)

      you bring up some valid questions and i appreciate that.. i mentioned Alex in the article because, through my own personal experience, i’ve found him to serve more as a tool for the enemy than a bearer of sound truth.

      there was a time when no savvy general investor made a move without first reading ‘The Jones Report’.. in those early days i remember Alex as a bold but mild-mannered realist.. and i believe that in those younger years he was just that.

      time passed, and as my interests over the years ebbed and flowed, i found myself once again listening to Alex Jones on the radio on a sunny afternoon, several years ago..

      my first impression was ‘wow.. this guy is really telling it like it is about the Beast System and the enemy’s global agenda..’ it took a couple weeks or so to realize it was the same Alex Jones from the Jones Report..

      i kept listening, almost daily.. each time i heard his show i grew more impressed with his new-found bravery in the pleas he made for people to ‘wake up’..

      but then something happened..

      on my way to work one day, with Alex’s voice ringing clear and loud through the car stereo speakers – i heard it.. he was no longer discussing earth-moving truths or false-reality shattering agendas.. he was screaming.. screaming about how much he hated the powers that be, the global controllers.

      confusion set in.. why was he saying he hated them? wasn’t Alex a Christian? and if so, then why was he playing the enemy’s hand by yielding to hatred and then openly lauding that hate?

      serious questions arose that afternoon.. my suspicion was aroused, but i wanted to believe that his openly voiced malice was some slip of emotion.. some sort of reactionary accident of the heart and tongue.. after all, to err is human..

      i continued to listen to the show.. but instead of listening for the information, i began listening for fruit.. that fruit of the Holy Spirit that ripens on the branches of all believers in Yahushua our Messiah..

      studying his broadcasts in this objectively critical manner was what cemented my hypothesis that Alex had somehow been changed.. that he’d abandoned his youthful drive for raw truth in exchange for a shiny, new nefarious agenda..

      as Christians we are commanded to hate no one.. to love and pray for our enemies.. to desire what our Creator desires.. that wish that none should perish, but that all should come to repentance..

      i still tuned in.. though not as often.. until the day i heard him say he wanted to see the controllers ‘burn’.. it sort of broke my heart in a way, hearing him say that..

      the controllers are miserable creatures.. sad and without hope.. but our Creator is full of mercy and grace and truth.. and if the King of Babylon can repent, then so can the Powers that Be who control this world.. loving your enemy is wanting to see him repent, not burn.

      his vocalized desire to see someone burn, while at the same time promoting himself as a Christian truth-seeker is what finally caused me to begin digging for answers..

      Mockingbird is all about disinformation.. the kind that sounds good to the people who the ruling controllers want deceived.. people who might otherwise wake up and live.. people who might otherwise be broken free from the bonds of this corrupt earth.. people who might otherwise think for themselves.

      Jones had a rep as an amazing truth-telling journalist.. hard truths about hard realities.. he was not well-received by all, of course, but he was trusted.. he was honest.. but he was on his way up the ladder of success.. and i believe that was their ‘in’..

      according to the PTB.. ‘everyone has a price’.. a sell-out price can be paid to anyone, as far as the controllers are concerned.. and i believe, based on my own personal experience following Alex’s career, that his price was met.

      concrete evidence as to his Mockingbird programming will probably show up in public right after pigs are spotted on the wing over London.. but i can say that a very close, recently saved and once-elevated friend of mine confirmed my suspicions that Alex is an agent of the enemy.

      my advice on judging anyone’s agenda is to do just what our Father in Heaven instructed us to do.. to “know them by their fruits”

      Peace in Messiah


  2. Hey Bean,
    If A.J. and company are a deception its a real good one.
    Yahushua said how can a house divided stand.
    I’m an info junkie and search the web for knowledge as much as is bearable and don’t see or hear much out there that takes the bold message to the air like Alex.
    Rush? Hannity? ha ha puke.
    When it comes to confronting and exposing the demonic world leaders he seems to predict and demystify our times better than anyone I’ve heard.
    Most churchgoers I know get their info from the major media and refer to Romans 13 which they never take in Context as far as I read it. Don’t resist governments which were Ordained for our good.
    It’s the for our good which doesn’t sit right in my heart.
    I believe most good Christians will march their families before the firing squad when the knock on the door comes.
    Personally I believe we should be more like David and be warriors who know when to resist tyranny. Verbally as much as possible physically when necessary.
    I also believe our country was founded in the churches history says so.
    Modern churches are lukewarm because the 501 c 3 status makes them lovers of mamon more than truth.They eat manufactured junk and run to the Caduceus when sick. Most services are by Rote for the most part.
    not all of A.J. sits well with me either.At times I hear the hatred you describe but I understand it because I often feel the same way but do tend to say forgive them for they know not what they do.
    This is a great site and a lot of what you expose is also covered by Info wars.
    This is a hard one but the truth always seems to come out at some point so now I have2 favorite sites Timenolonger and A.J.
    Thank you for your reply My prayers are with you both.
    Pigs do fly over London on aluminum wings.

  3. hi Don =)

    yes.. their deception is ‘a good one’.. which is due to the nature of what a disinformation agent actually does.

    a disinformation agent does not distribute ‘bad information’ (that line of attack falls under ‘misinformation’) but a disinformationalist distributes ‘good information’.. information which is true, factual.

    if the job stopped there, there would be no problem.. the problem is, the job doesn’t stop there.. the nature of ‘dis’ information is that the good and true information is compromised, in one manner or another, to the point that what was once a fact now becomes falsehood.

    disinformation agents, which is what Mockingbird was set up to produce, are among the most dangerous of programmed information pawns in the controllers’ global game of divide and conquer.

    this sleight-of-hand dynamic defining disinformation agents’ assaults is, naturally, not always easy to recognize, especially if the material is new to the receiver.. and, as the case is for many, including myself, who have come to see the flaw in Alex’s work — it takes a minute to notice.

    for example.. calling yourself a Christian in public, while announcing that 911 was an inside job, is neither wrong nor illogical.. but calling yourself a Christian in public while announcing 9-11 was an inside job, followed by angry personal attacks and openly voiced hatred toward those responsible, is neither right nor logical.. that is, not if one wants to further the Kingdom of Messiah — and see people truly wake up and respect the truth.

    a simple example of this from Alex can be seen in the August 6th, 2010 Prison Planet posting of an article entitled “Did You Know Green Tea Contains Toxic Levels of Sodium Fluoride?”

    i encourage you to read the article, and then note that the comments on the article are closed.

    the only comment i ever posted to Prison Planet is in that unreadable, closed comment section.. my comment simply stated that the article provided incorrect information, and provided a link to a rebuttal i authored, here on the site, entitled “False Information and False Assumptions: Is Green Tea Full of Sodium Fluoride?”

    following my comment, the rebuttal article received several views (currently, over 770, most of which were directly following my comment) and within a couple of days, the Prison Planet article was prematurely removed from the main page, and the comments were closed.

    it’s a shame too.. because out of all of the circus tents in operation on Prison Planet’s comment sections, the comments on the ‘Green Tea’ article were, by far, drastically calmer and amiable.

    now.. the specific disinformation aspect of this ‘Green Tea’ saga is not that Alex posted an article with bad information.. it’s that Alex posted an article with bad information among articles with true information.. and as we know from scripture.. ‘a little leaven leavens the whole loaf’

    i’m certainly not saying anyone is perfect.. none but Messiah is.. but when one’s self-selected occupation is to provide ‘truth’ to an audience of seekers.. it is that person’s duty to provide that truth.. anything less should be grounds for suspicion and quickly and rationally questioned.

    telling the truth is good.. telling the truth out of one side of the mouth and lying out of the other is a tactic invented and perfected by Satan.. and, unfortunately, this is the tactic used by Mockingbird agents all over the world, including Alex Jones.

    it is very sad, also, because he may not even be aware of the fact that he is programmed to perform this function.. very sad indeed.

    as i mentioned before, a close friend of mine who knows of his involvement confirmed these suspicions.. it’s not something that will count as proof for others, i know, but the truth on anything we should know can always be provided by our Father in Heaven..

    maybe you have already prayed to Him for an answer to the question of Alex Jones’ agenda.. if not, then i would suggest beginning there.. and consider what the real result of Alex’s type of disinformation produces..

    the rants.. the yelling.. the hatred.. all of the displays that would characterize the enemy, rather than a brother, are what others who do not know the NWO truth will see.. they won’t see a noble and brave soldier of the Kingdom of Messiah..

    they will see someone who could be mistaken for an escaped mental patient.. but most importantly and most unfortunately, those slumbering people will not see the truth for what it is.. they’ll see the truth as just as ludicrous as the screaming mouth from which it came.

    i pray the best for Alex Jones and all others who have been programmed and used for the enemy’s hate machine.. i hope he wakes up, himself.. and Yah-willing, he will.

    Peace in Yahushua

    Bean =)

  4. Bean!
    Thank you so much for your wise reply and time spent.
    I pray all the time for friends and enemies alike and yes for the answer you gave.
    I arrived at you site in a roundabout way looking for the definition to the dividing of roots and spent a full day scratching the surface of your site.
    I do a little metal detecting and false signals often give the impression something of value is down there then dig to find a spent bullet.
    As I’ve mentioned a lot of what Alex says is timely info but digging deeper often turns up lead.
    The verse my people perish for lack of knowledge has stuck with me for most of my adult life as I search out media and religious sources for the truth The gold is rare and hard to find but it is out there.It certainly does take a lot of hiking thru the desert to find what is sought.
    I’ll still listen to prison planet and many of his guests but a new window has been opened and will view his messages in a different light.
    Normally angry people turn me away but I compared Alex to our Savior tossing the thieves out of the temple though I tend to doubt Yahushua was ranting and yelling.
    Peace be with us all.

  5. Don =)

    you’re welcome, and thank-you as well, for your earnest seeking of that absolute truth.. a friend once said, “Truth is simple, lies are complicated.” truth makes sense.. it always glorifies Messiah.. it’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes, as we all know, but in the end, we always find out that logical and real truth was worth whatever bitter flavor it may have initially produced.

    i’m glad you found this site by way of ‘dividing of roots’.. you know, i saw that on the referrer list for this site, and found it interesting because i remember reading Enoch for the first time and wondering what exactly ‘dividing of roots’ entailed.. you maybe have found out already that phrase indicates genetic engineering, one of those ‘worthless mysteries’ brought to Earth by the Watchers who fell way back then before The Flood.

    regarding Alex.. your approach is the same one i took with his work.. since then, what i’ve seen has consisted of releasing some truth, yes, but that truth to be unfortunately laced with malice and alarmist fallacy. there was a time when i was still visiting Prison Planet regularly to view what was being released (this was last year, thus i took up the ‘Green Tea’ article back in August 10) — and i pray that you will not see in his work this year what i saw in his work last year.. i hope we all see him delivered, instead.

    this dynamic of tainted truth is explored a bit more in Cyprium’s article “Preparing for the New Shift in Enemy Tactics”

    truth is precious, as you said, like that unblemished lamb, like something worthy to be presented to the Almighty, like something that wouldn’t offend a child.. our Creator’s Holy Spirit reveals it, and like that Gospel Truth that first liberated us from death, truth continues to make us free.

    thank you for searching for that truth.

    Peace in Yahushua Messiah

  6. Yes the truth is simple but while the lie is being screamed thru the microphone the truth is in the library sifting thru the records.
    Zeitgiest is a great example.
    I ran into some people with whom a lot of mutual interest was shared. We became fast friends .I never hid the fact that I am a Christian but sensed their dismay which eventually turned into fomenting hatred but not before they sat me down and had me watch that great lie.
    Having two mouths and one ear they could not even listen to my attempts to put it into perspective.
    I had to shake the dust off my feet and keep my peace.
    For that I thank the Lord because it caused me to do extensive research on the matter. There’s some great stuff on U Tube concerning this film,the 1st part is an abomination but it moves into the truth of 911.Cool deception.I’d say it took more work to compile the facts than it did to create the lie.
    Since that time I’ve met several people who say zietgiest caused them to lose their faith and have directed them to the truth, but have come to realize many want to lose faith.The ego wants to be free to do as it pleases.
    I know Alex helped produce that film but have seen his interview with the author Peter Joseph or something like that and he seemed to be pretty upset about being deceived . I tend to believe he was used on that one.
    I was relieved at the time.
    I’m not looking for a savior on earth but do believe our founding fathers gave us a constitution Literally inspired by Yahweh.
    As the blue bloods gain more and more power our families and children are in deeper danger.
    I feel strongly that it is more a failing of the churches than simply evil run wild.

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