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The Death of Scroogle + Google Privacy Policy Change + March 8th Internet shutdown = ?

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Our favorite search engine has had it’s troubles in the past. Every so often Google created temporary road blocks for the private search engine. More than once we feared it was never going to work again but it managed to bypass those obstacles and come back to life.

Something a little different is afoot this time. For a month or so we had scroogle’s servers being randomly blocked by Google who identitifed them as bots. Scroogle worked and then didn’t randomly during that time. Then came Google’s privacy policy consolidation…all Google affiliate sites and services had their respective privacy policies ditched in favor of one umbrella policy. A likely connection? I figure there just might be….

Google might feel its about time to give people no quarter when it comes to ducking the eye of Big Brother. Their new policy will help to consolidate information from its users over all of its affiliates. A better database to track you in. Having any alternative seach engines that can bypass the scrutiny is bothersome to Google i’m sure. Will we see all alternative, private search engines fall one by one now? I hope not…but Scroogle is not just broken…it’s MIA. The servers no longer even seem to exist.

Anyway…lets keep pulling what we have out of the arsenal. Here’s some things to check out… – anonymous email sending, web surfing and newsgroup posting – “The website is a tool for open-content participatory journalism. It allows people to investigate important issues by providing a space where people can collaborate on the documentation of past and current events, as well as the entities associated with those events. The website can be used to investigate topics at the local, regional, or global level. The data is displayed on the website in the form of dynamic timelines and entity profiles, and is exportable into XML so it can be shared with others for non-commercial purposes.” – private search engine – private search engine

Now….if you all recall that there is a rumor of an FBI shutdown of internet servers on March 8…what do you think? Are we looking at some correlating events and if so…is it going to seriously threaten our ability to research and think freely on the web?

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Google Puts Dead Sea Scrolls on the Internet

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Why does this give me a bad feeling? It’s certainly not the idea of easier access to these very important, ancient documents… but who’s in charge of doing this and why.

Google certainly has no history of being a hero of free speech or helpful in favoring the propagation of unbiased truth. They definitely have never had a reputation of supporting Christian values or interests.

The scrolls themselves are housed within the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem.

There’s no question about the opposition of Rockefeller goals and Christianity in general. Quite a number of scrolls discovered at Qumran have never been made public and i highly doubt that will change now.

Google is solidly under the auspices of the NSA, which is solidly in alignment with international globalists, as are all things Rockefeller. My concern is that what will become available to research on the internet will be adulterated intentionally for the purpose of misconstruing biblical truth to fit a secularized or Paganized ideology.

The digital version is already being touted as “better” than the original. One might automatically assume that “better” simply means more legibly clear, but out of the mouth of an official with Israel’s Antiquities Authority comes the suggestion that theological doctrine itself might be changed by “new” discoveries in the Googled scrolls.

We should keep these things in mind and not be too quick to even believe what we can see if information becomes presented to the public by way of “new and improved” digital Dead Sea Scroll revelation.

The veracity of what gets shown on the internet in the way of images of the scrolls or translations of them are no less susceptible to alteration than your average picture in Photoshop. The trustworthiness of any new information coming out of them is only as good as the trustworthiness of those making it available.

Dead Sea Scroll Fragments

Photo by: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

“For decades, access to 500 scrolls was limited to a small group of scholar-editors with exclusive authorisation from Israel to assemble the jigsaw puzzle of fragments, and to translate and publish them. That changed in the early 1990s when much of the previously unpublished text was brought out in book form.

“But even now, access for researchers is largely restricted at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, where the originals are preserved in a dark, temperature-controlled room.

“Miss Shor said scholars must receive permission to view the scrolls from the authority, which receives about one request a month. Most are given access, but because no more than two people are allowed into the viewing room at once, scheduling conflicts arise. Researchers are permitted three hours with only the section they have requested to view placed behind glass.

“Putting the scroll online will give scholars unlimited time with the pieces of parchment and may lead to new hypotheses, Shor said.

“This is the ultimate puzzle that people can now rearrange and come up with new interpretations,” she said…

“The more accessible the fragments are the better. Any new line, any new letter, any better reading is a great happiness for scholars in this field…””


Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments of 1Enoch

Dead Sea Scroll Fragments of 1Enoch

“The $3.5m. project will enable the IAA to use digital imaging technology that processes each piece with different wavelengths, giving researchers a unique view of the separate layers of each parchment and bringing to light sections of the fragments that have faded with time.”

“”This is the ultimate image you can get of any scroll,” said Pnina Shor, project head of the Dead Sea Scrolls research … Shor explained that the infrared imaging will allow the researchers to see parts of the fragments that have turned black with age..”

“IAA hopes to start using the technology in two to three months, after which they will partner with Google-Israel to upload the images to the Internet.”

“The first images will be available to the public in the spring of 2011, though it will take a long time for the IAA to scan the 30,000 fragments that make up 900 separate manuscripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

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The Weapon of Internet Free Speech : I Refuse to be Disarmed

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For more than three years now i’ve avoided using direct Google searches.

Google, much like Walmart or Microsoft, is one of those despicable monopolies born of government approval that leaves me with feelings of nausea and a lack of self respect to patronize.

It’s not out of paranoia that i refuse to make it easy for Big Brother to collect my online data and spy on what is not, in any way, their business… it’s just that it’s Wrong, and I hate making the job of a wrong-doer easier.

Instead of direct Google searches,
I’ve enjoyed the use of a little operation

This nice little invention of genius gave me Google results without collecting my information or dumping spyware on me. says "Don't Be Evil"

One sad day… Scroogle announced that they no longer had access to the Google interface, and so they could not provide search results anymore. Fortunately..that was a false alarm, and Scroogle did find the interface again and the site continued to work.

A couple days ago [around June 3rd]… it went down again… the same reason… Google apparently is not all that fond of providing their services without getting the benefit of spying on us.

It looks less promising that Scroogle will be up and running again in the future… but we can hope.

"Google devalues everything it touches."
From the Scroogle Gallery

Recent Update: is back online, and running fine.

The reason this is such a concern is that the loss of Scroogle is not, by far, the only evidence I’ve begun to notice of a shift in the online world.

A shift that is taking place slowly (these things always happen slowly so you can get used to them, rather than get angry at them) but surely from the freedom of expression and the option to keep yourself anonymous… to an environment of track, trace and don’t say the wrong thing.

We who write on blogs and forums concerned with civil liberties and concerned with the overreach of government ought to have a healthy level of concern for this trend.

What i mean by “healthy level of concern” is that

When we are silenced… free speech is over… period. When that occurs, even those who presently call us crazy are going to be sorry.

Another July 4th has come and gone, and while people are content to prattle on about the celebration of civil rights and free speech… they are far less inclined to defend it.

The defense thereof rests in adamant refusal… I Won’t shut up… and I Won’t roll over and accept the loss of anonymity or freedom of expression.

I still haven’t done a Google search… and i won’t. If Google succeeds in wiping out every vestige of a working, relatively private search engines on the net… I won’t use Google.

Don't Get GoogledFrom the Scroogle Gallery

I’ve resigned myself for now to… which is private enough (at least we hope)… but whose search results leave a lot to be desired.

In fact, the search results reek of serious filtering and censorship to be sure… I wouldn’t expect anything else out of a search engine that offers privacy… I imagine anyone with the idea of providing a legitimate, private search engine with uncensored, unfiltered results is up against a mountain of tyrannical hindrance.

Private search engines are precisely what we need though… and anyone with the time, resources, ability and guts to attempt such a thing, has my utmost respect and gratitude as a real defender of freedom.

As for other concerning details of the online war against freedom of speech… don’t be shocked as you begin to happen across more and more sites which are simply gone… links which are broken and search results which are “intercepted” (for your own protection they say).

Anyone attempting to research the anything which the government might remotely classify as “conspiracy theory” will find that task getting more and more difficult… the search results becoming more and more repetitive and unhelpful.

In just attempting to update myself on what legislation has been proposed or passed recently in connection to internet censorship..i encountered all this…

A search result reading:

“A one-two punch handed down this week by U.S. courts to free-speech advocates may signal that the freewheeling days of unfettered speech on the Internet are numbered, First Amendment experts said.”

…ended here:

A link which said this:

“Lieberman Sends Letter To Google, Demands Youtube Censorship”

…ended here:

And a link which said this:

“Free Speech Rights Not Guaranteed in ‘Public’ Online Spaces”

resulted in a page which said this:

“The page you have requested is no longer available”

Sad… even if you don’t agree with the idea of “conspiracy theories” in general as they are defined in society, even if you don’t care if you never read another article on such subjects, you should be aware that the end of your free speech follows ours very closely.

You would never have an opportunity to be informed that there was ever any such project as “Informations Operations Roadmap” by the Pentagon if not for people who had access to that information and the freedom to report it.

According to the Pentagon, the internet is a weapon and needs to be treated as if it were a weapon in the hands of an enemy.

The enemies of Tyrannical overreach of government have used this “weapon” to great advantage of all people who value liberty… but of course the enemy now realizes their mistake in making this double-edged sword called the internet so accessible and useable to us, their opposition.

As the Pentagon, themselves have said…

“We Must Fight the Net.

DOD [Department of Defense] is building an information-centric force.

Networks are increasingly the operational center of gravity, and the Department must be prepared to fight the net…

DOD’s “Defense in Depth” strategy should operate on the premise that the Department will “fight the net” as it would a weapons system.”

No doubt, “fighting the net” will be made much easier by the advent of Internet2.

By means of a secondary, controlled internet which requires identity verification and excludes all information which could be adverse to the objectives of the government, the idea is that internet users will gradually be herded onto this new system and away from the old free access internet which will be left in increasing states of disrepair until it’s obsolete.

This will, in the end, be sold to the public as an “upgraded” version of the internet… loaded with bells and whistles and pretty graphics, I’m sure… but devoid of any meaning or usefulness to serious researchers.

Herein lies another challenge for any ambitious computer nerd who has the time, resoursces and guts to fight the beast… start building “Internet Underground”.

There’s no question in my mind that Google will be welcomed with open arms on Internet2… they’ve never made it a very well kept secret that their interests lie much more in bowing and scraping before their government deities than providing any legitimate service to their users.

Just one example of their loyalties on display was the case of Google Street Finder being ordered by the military to immediately remove shots of military bases from the web.

Military officials insisted that this was a security risk, never mind that the shots were taken from a public street… a place any citizen has the right to walk, and to view the base.

Google complied of course… but the same agreeable attitude couldn’t be observed when it came to Street Finder taking shots of a woman sunbathing… they felt less inclined to honor her request to remove the images.

Finally, let’s not forget to give a big “thanks, guy” to Senator (who else) Rockefeller for pushing “Cybersecurity” legislation.

I’m sure we’re all going to feel much safer knowing that the cyber-feds are keeping the cyber-Al-Qaeda from setting off their cyber-bombs and demolishing our chat rooms. Goodness Big Brother..what would we do without you?

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