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Reference Index for Biblical and Hebrew Terms

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I realize how confusing it can be to keep track of a large quantity of strange or unfamiliar terms, names and titles which often get used here. I’ve provided this reference source with definitions for an easy way to look up these terms when they are encountered.

I’ve tried to make it as thorough as possible but I will continually add to it if more should come to mind, or anyone inquires on something not listed here.

angel –

Term specifically referring to the messenger class of spiritual, heavenly beings created prior to humanity. Used in a modern context to refer generally to all classes of spiritual, heavenly beings.

cherub –

Class of spiritual beings having four distinct forms – humanoid, lion, eagle, ox. (plural: cherubim) Hebrew: keruwb.

chimera –

A term derived from Greek to describe any transgenic creature. Word originally applied to a particular transgenic which was part goat, part lion and part snake according to Greek mythology. Chimeras are termed “monsters” in apocryphal literature, referring to creatures derived from the genetic components of spiritual beings and animals.

demon –

Specifically a term referring to the wandering, earth-bound spirits of dead nephilim capable of oppressing, possessing and influencing living people. Generally used in a modern context to refer to any disincarnate malicious spirit.

giants –

The hybrid children of watchers and human women which were of immense stature.

gibbowr –

Hebrew word used often to describe descendants of various nephilim, literally meaning “powerful, warrior, tyrant, giant or mighty man.”

iyr –

Hebrew word for “watcher” meaning literally “wakeful or watchful one, one who watches.”

malak –

Hebrew word for angel, literally meaning “messenger”. (plural: malakim)

nachash –

Hebrew word for “serpent”, literally meaning “serpent, enchanter, or whisperer.”

nephil –

A person of human and angelic hybrid origins. (plural: nephilim)

raphah –

Demons which are regarded as ancestral deities and can incarnate repeatedly within a family line. (plural: rephaim) Hebrew: raphah, literally “to heal or quicken, a ghost, the dead”.

seraph –

A class of spiritual being (angel) which have six wings and can take the form of a dragon or serpent. Hebrew: saraph, literally “burning or fiery serpent”. (plural:  seraphim)

serpent/ dragon –

Either referring to the natural beast used by Satan to gain access to Eve and initiate human rebellion, or the class of spiritual beings to which Satan belongs (seraphim).

siren –

A spirit of a human female who was joined to a heavenly being in marital union during her mortal life. Capable of possession of living human beings and associated with bodies of water, they are known for specifically targeting men through lust and destroying them.

watcher –

A class of spiritual being (angel) which was charged with observance and study of creation, 200 of which rebelled in the transgressions of intermarrying with humanity and introducing forbidden technologies to earth. Generally humanoid appearance of large stature.

Anakim –

Hebrew: Anaqiy, descendants of the nephil “Anak” or “Anaq”, name literally meaning “choked, collared, strangle, encompassed by a chain, necklace.”

Armoni –

Fallen watcher who taught synthesized remedial medicine. From the Greek translation of his name (Pharmaros) is derived the modern terms Pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmacist, etc.. Hebrew: Armoniy “of the devoted or cursed”.

Azazel –

Fallen watcher who was an instigator of the rebellion of the 200. Taught the making and use of weapons of war and taught cosmetic enhancement to women. He is named as the being to which the released goat is sent to on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) to receive all the sins of Israel upon himself in accordance with the curse upon him mentioned in 1 Enoch “to Azazel ascribe: All Sin.” Hebrew: azaz +el “mighty impudence”.

B’nai Elohim –

Hebrew, meaning “sons of the mighty”, often rendered in translation “the sons of God”. Term of reference to any class of being or individual who’s origin is a direct act of creation by YHWH rather than a flesh and blood birth. Used exclusively in the old testament to refer to “angelic” beings in the general sense.

El –

Hebrew singular word literally meaning “mighty”, used in reference to YHWH or a lesser, created heavenly being. Often translated as “god”.

Elohim –

Hebrew plural word meaning literally “mighty ones” used at times in conjunction with a singular identifier to mean YHWH, or used as plural as a collective group of lesser heavenly beings. Often translated “gods”.

Enoch –

Antediluvian patriarch of the seventh generation. Son of Jared, father of Methuselah. He was a prophet who resisted the corruption brought into the world by the Watchers and who subsequently received knowledge of creation and the future through visions given to him by YHWH. He attempted to intercede on behalf of the rebel watchers and when that intercession failed, returned a message of conviction to the rebels from YHWH. Enoch was removed from the earth alive by YHWH prior to the flood. Hebrew: Chanowk “trained, instructed”.

1 Enoch –

A historical and prophetic text which was rejected from canon though validated as containing original writings of Enoch by Jude. Some material attributed to Noah also included in the text. General history of the preflood world, the rebellion of the Watchers and numerous parables and visions given to Enoch by YHWH, including many dealing with the last days. This book is not to be confused with 2 and 3 Enoch which are works written in much more recent times and which do not correlate to any canonical scripture.

Ham –

Son of Noah, one of three to survive the flood with him in the ark. Father of Canaan from who derived several nations of post flood nephilim as well as father of Mitsrayim, patriarch of Egyptian peoples.

Hermon –

Mountain on which the rebel faction of 200 watchers made a pact to enter into marital unions with mortal women and where they situated their headquarters while reigning on Earth. Hebrew: Chermown “seclude, devote, curse, consecrate”.

Ishtar –

Woman deified throughout multiple cultures under multiple derivatives of her name. Human wife of the watcher Shemyhaza, to whom it is said he revealed how to use the name of YHWH in ritual magic. She appears throughout ancient and modern culture as “the Queen of Heaven”, the mother goddess, the earth goddess, the Madonna. Often portrayed as a mermaid in connection with her status as chief of sirens. She is the personified “whore of Babylon” spoken in Revelation. Hebrew” Ishah+taher “pure woman”.

Japheth –

Son of Noah, one of three to survive the flood in the ark with him. Father of Javan, patriarch of Ionian peoples.

Jared –

Antediluvian patriarch of the 6th generation. Son of Mahalaleel, father of Enoch. The rebel watchers came to earth during his lifetime. Hebrew: Yered “descend”.

Lucifer –

Title ascribed to a chief fallen spiritual being in Isaiah chapter 14. Used in a modern context as a proper name for Satan though the title is neither a name nor describes Satan. Most applicably applied to a fallen Watcher, the Hebrew title is literally “heylel:, literally ” to shine or boast”.

Noah –

Man chosen to survive the flood with his family in the ark. Noah was chosen based both upon his willingness to remain loyal to YHWH and his untainted human bloodline which had not been mixed with nephil ancestry. Hebrew: Noach “rest”.

Satan –

Hebrew literal meaning: “accuser, adversary, one who opposes”. Chief of a vast rebellion of spiritual beings which took place in the heavens prior to the creation of mankind. “Satan” is not a name itself, but a descriptive title of the Seraph who led this insurrection and also tempted the first humans to disobey their Creator.

Shem –

Son of Noah, one of three to survive the flood with him in the ark. Patriarch of all Semitic peoples including Israelites. Hebrew: Shem “name, memorial”.

Shemyhaza –

Chief of the rebel faction of 200 watchers which transgressed in intermarrying with human women, begetting nephilim and introducing forbidden technologies to Earth. Hebrew: shem + ya’ah + aza “of the Name of power”.


Proper Hebrew name of the Creator, pronounced with vowel inflections “Yahuwah”, though often given as “Yahweh”. Literal meaning “self existent, or I AM”.

Yahushua –

Proper Hebrew name of Messiah, literally meaning : “the salvation of YAH”.


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Sodium Fluoride and Now Lithium to Enchant the Masses

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Would you submit to taking forced medication every day whether or not there was anything wrong with you to begin with? I am sure the reasonable answer to that is no, and I am sure most would answer this way, at least I would hope that is so.

There are a number of influential scientific leaders and even media sources which suggest that it would be a good idea to add Lithium to municipal water supplies, though, and perhaps they expect the public reaction to be as accepting or as apathetic as they would hope.

Lithium, which is used as a mood stabilizing drug, is claimed to have the effect of lowering the incidence of suicide in populations where it is introduced into the water supply.

According to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California at San Diego, Ohgami H, Terao T, Shiotsuki I, Ishii N, and Iwata N. at the Department of Neuropsychiatry at Oita University, findings suggest that the rates of suicides and violent crimes are reduced where lithium is found in higher amounts.

Institute of Mental Health at the University of British Columbia director, Allan Young reported –

“A logical first step would be for the Medical Research Council (or a similar body elsewhere) to convene an expert working party to examine the available evidence and suggest further research. If larger epidemiological studies suggest the link between lithium and low suicide rates is real and lab research can explain the biological mechanism, real clinical trials might be worth a shot. Following up on these findings will not be straightforward or inexpensive, but the eventual benefits for community mental health may be considerable,”

Fox news took the opportunity to sell this idea to the public. The spokesperson invited to speak on Fox, Dr. Archelle Georgiou, attempted to make a case for a proposal to add lithium to US municipal water supplies, just as sodium fluoride has been for years.

Nothing is mentioned, either by the researchers who have supposedly studied the effects of drinking Lithium or Dr. Georgiou, about the toxicity of the metal which they would like to see pushed on every person whether they are mentally unstable or not.

Acute Lithium toxicity can result in muscle spasms, seizures, cardiac symptoms and coma. Chronic toxicity, the effects of having taken a little Lithium daily for a long period of time are tremors, salt wasting, kidney failure, memory loss and psychosis.

It should come as no surprise if there is a push to add one more ingredient to the water with the ability to cause psychosis and memory loss. Sodium Fluoride, which most American’s drink daily if they have a municipal water supply, has a very similar effect and a history of being used for just that effect.

A German company known as Interessen Gemeinschaft Farben which became associated with Henry Ford, The standard Oil Company owned by the Rockefellers, Du Pont, Kellogg and Colgate admitted at the close of WW II that it had regularly used Sodium Fluoride as a mass medication to keep the population docile and unable to mentally function.

Fluoridation being able to cause a form of chemical lobotomy in a human brain, it was found to work well in German and Russian prisoner of war camps. The US continued Nazi research into mass medication of populations and controlling human behavior well after the War.

With this information public, the majority of people still think nothing of using fluoridated toothpaste or drinking water with Sodium Fluoride added.

Perhaps my hope that most people would say no to Lithium as an additive is not realistic after all. This is a country which believes in pharmaceutical benevolence with a devotion which is almost worship.

The global spending on prescription drugs in 2006 was over 643 billion dollars. The US is responsible for half of that market and the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable business in America.

It is not hard to think of the the US when reading a description of Babylon’s addiction to sorcery –

“The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore, and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth. For by your sorcery all the nations were deceived”

– Revelation 18:23

sorcery – pharmakeia – the making and using of drugs.

Let us come out of Babylon.

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The Most Dangerous Drug Pushers Are Not On The Streets

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Who would willingly drink pesticides or chemical waste from manufacturing? Even if a nice man, in a nice suit, with a diploma on his wall told you it was a cure for all that was wrong with you, would you take a bottle of flea killer from him and drink it?

I would think that the answer would be no if you were in your right mind. Maybe this is no longer a world in their right mind though.

That would seem to be the case in looking at the statistics on the increase of money spent on anti-psychotic medication in the US alone; and, those who are being prescribed anti-psychotics and antidepressants are doing the equivalent of dosing themselves with a bottle of flea killer.

The total amount of annual average expense spent on antipsychotic medication from the years 1997 to 2007 has more than doubled.

“When comparing 1997 and 2007, the average annual expense per antipsychotic drug purchase increased about 138
percent, rising from $96 to $228. In addition, although the average out of pocket expense did not change significantly,
the average third party expense increased from $75 to $203, an increase of 171”

The number of those who are children has been on a dramatic rise as well, regardless of the fact that the safety of giving children these drugs is highly questioned even in the mainstream.

People do not seem to have many questions about with what they are told to medicate themselves, what those things might contain, from where they come, or what they can do to the human body.

Even the warnings which are given by the pharmaceutical companies themselves should be more than enough to make a person think twice about putting these things in their body, but it seems that people have been well-trained to tell themselves that whatever doctors prescribe, and whatever is available on the market to take, must be safe.

Some things that antidepressants are known to directly cause –

diabetes mellitus
metabolic disruption / weight gain
heart attack
dangerous reduction in white blood cells
uncontrolled muscle spasms
risk of seizures
inability for the body to regulate its temperature
sexual dysfunction
brain damage

The active ingredient in most anti-psychotic medications is something called phenothiazine.This same chemical was first used by Du Pont in 1935 as a pesticide.

SSRI antidepressants are fluorinated molecules. Fluorine is a highly corrosive oxidizing agent. Oxidation accounts for many factors which are related to aging. It is oxidation which causes age spots on the skin, breakdown of connective tissue and senile dementia.

Fluoride is the reduced form of fluorine. Synthetic fluoride compounds such as sodium fluoride are derived from the waste products of manufacturing super-phosphate fertilizer.

Citalopram, escitalopram, fluoxetine, fluvoxamine, and paroxetine are all antidepressants which are based on fluorinated molecules. It was Fluvoximine that one of the perpetrators of the Columbine High School massacre, Eric Harris, had been on.

In 2007 it was found in the autopsies of 168,900 people in Florida that legal prescription drugs had killed three times the number of individuals than cocaine heroine or methamphetamines combined.

It is amazing to me how little concern people have to educate themselves before they consent to allow themselves to be drugged with nothing more medicinal than pesticides and waste products by pharmaceutical agencies who are making billions of dollars but showing no sign of improving the mental well being of society.

Has medicine really come very far from it’s root as a practice of witchcraft? How many people will need to be robbed of their senses, their willpower, their health and their lives before there is a great awakening to the real reasons that poisons such as these are pushed on people of all ages more and more?

When will people begin to understand that they were not created to be chemical garbage dumps, but have bodies which are natural and made to be treated with things in nature that their Creator has provided for their healing?

Perhaps it is too much to ask of a world that has already seemingly gone mad to begin to apply reason to something basic, such as what they choose to consume and whom they are willing to trust to tell them what to consume. I pray it is not the case.

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The Truth Is Out There, and It’s Not Subjective : Truth, Absolutely

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What is Truth? I have actually seen that question posed more times recently than i care to count. There was a time, not so long ago, that people had this certain characteristic which is now becoming extinct. Simple common sense, which should now perhaps be titled ” Simple Endangered Sense”.

That is the sort of plain, basic logic that would have made the people of several decades ago laugh a person out of town for asking a question like “What is Truth?”. It’s meant to sound smart, philosophical, sophisticated and above all it is meant to open up the idea that there is something negotiable about what truth is.

After all, what could be more appealing to people’s senses than the idea that they can determine reality for themselves. If you could shape your own truth, what would it look like? You might shape a reality in which you were successful, wealthy, popular, and maybe if you were a more decent sort, you’d make a reality with world peace and no suffering and so on and so forth.

Now it’s time to stop dreaming. This is reality…there is a world of hurt outside your door that you can do nothing about…maybe your nose is a bit too big, maybe your belly is a bit too round, maybe you’ve got wrinkles you’d rather not have and maybe you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to scrape the money together to pay off the IRS. All the wishing in the world isn’t going to help any of it.

Truth is relative…truth is’s all a manner of perspective…are the trendy things to say. When did we forget that we can readily observe a reality we are helpless to alter? When did we start imagining a fairy tale scenario where things are only real or not when we want them to be?

Is it any different or more sane for people to imagine that they can believe into existence what they wish would be true as it pertains to spiritual matters than it is to imagine that wishes and beliefs can change the size of ones nose? Perhaps the fact that spiritual matters are to people, for the most part, invisible, non-tangible and somewhat mysterious lends to an idea that an individual is making some impact on the reality of them by virtue of what they feel is true.

Without the stone cold evidence in front of one’s face to assure them that there is no wishing a different truth, it is easy to dream and imagine and believe in whatever one wants to. The fact remains that whatever is true in the spiritual realm is just as unphased by desires for it to be different as the sea is by attempts to empty it with a slotted spoon.

No, we can’t perceive and believe our way to the reality we want…we have an obligation to the Truth…we have to answer to it, not the other way around.

The enemy of Truth is pervasive, domineering emotions. What we wish was a fact often becomes exactly what we accept as fact. Logic counters that with the overwhelming odds that you will find yourself in countless, completely real, situations that you Wish you weren’t in during your lifetime. The truth in general and in specific application having to do with all manner of things from concrete to abstract, hidden and obvious will follow the same basic rule: there’s going to be truth you love, and truth you hate.

There is no common sense in asking “what is truth?” because the answer is so entirely obvious and non negotiable…truth is what is real. There’s no follow-up question “what is reality?” because once you have begun to question what real means, you have just voluntarily dismissed your sanity in favor of delusion.

I hold that it is Impossible to conduct an objective search for truth and not eventually arrive at the realization that we have a Creator that has provided us with its full definition. The nature of the enemy’s tactics to pull people’s common sense and logical deductions under a blanket of self-satisfying madness is so incredibly effective on mankind as a whole that the results have not at all halted at the common layperson, but has risen into the highest and most influential societal structures of this age.

The most trusted and venerated establishments, institutions and experts who are held in esteem for their supposed professionalism and objectivity are in fact comprised of human beings just as carried away with their whims and fancies and childish desires as any average Joe.

We then take the things which these highly esteemed infants preach as truth and grind them into the minds of young children from the day they are able to comprehend language and raise them into adults who never, ever question the “accepted truths”.

There is literally no limit or boundary on what information is adulterated in this way in the world. From the most mundane things to the most fantastic subjects, they have prescribed a virtual “truth pill” for everything under the sun…and the sun too.

When people want to know what a star is…do they find out from the One who made them..or NASA?

When people want to know how to deal with their personal issues…do they go to the One who knows them better than anyone else..or a psychiatrist?

When people want to understand where life came from…do they find the answer from the One who invented it…or from Darwin?

When people become they seek healing from the One who made their body…or from a doctor?

Whom do people trust? The Infallible or the greatly flawed?

Eyes wide open…it’s time to turn back to the Only One with all the answers.

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Global Enchantment : Dazed & Confused

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There is an alarming phenomenon taking place that i can see accelerating by the day. It’s rather like being trapped in some terrible B movie…Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Where once a person might talk to the average stranger on the street and strike up a meaningful conversation and there were those little normal response indicators in tone and body language and the eyes as to how a person was receiving the things said to them…

Now more often people tend to stare in blank, dazed surprise to find themselves spoken to at all and respond in a strange, detached robotic manner as if they are running a response program of selected scripts… but just like an automated answering service, if you happen to interject something which has no pre-programmed response you receive a weird sort of error message written on a face that almost flashes the message “does not compute”.

Another alarming symptom i notice is an abominable, increasing lack of ability to write or speak in more or less correct and understandable English. I’m no obsessive compulsive grammar nut..nor do i begrudge anyone the occasional typographical error (being a pot, i wouldn’t call that kettle black), but when i notice that even journalists, writing professionally for news sources can not spell or use at least moderately good grammar..i have to wonder would these people have managed to keep their jobs in that field 30 years ago?

The statistics on this would indicate that even people of an older generation who have used good spelling and grammar and punctuation throughout most of their lives, suddenly have become more inept at it.. as if they have lost some basic knowledge that they once had. Chalk it up to a snotty attitude perhaps.. but i refuse to relate to typed expressions like “wht r u dng?” and “sup?”

I recently listened to a comment by a Georgia congressman who stated he was very concerned about overpopulation, particularly the overpopulation of Islands like Guam. He believes there is a chance that if too many more people reside there, the island will tip over…capsize… because..islands float on the water?? Are we really living in an age where there are adults..and elected officials no less, who believe that islands float on the water and can possibly tip? What happened here?

Why are people losing their cognition? One could certainly point to the fact that the activities of a normal day include television, video games and ipods instead of hunting for dinner, raising farm animals and growing ones own food and medicine. The things people fill their days with now do not require thought or skill aside from how fast they can move their thumbs and as we all know..use it or lose it.

There is more to it though, it’s not just a pervasive lack of common skills and mental exercise, nor can it be said to be a poor educational system to blame for it entirely (though that certainly doesn’t help). There is something amiss with the population’s innate potential to comprehend and retain information. It would seem to figure by reasonable conclusion that the enormity of this problem points to some wanting it to be so..

“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.”
—Saul Bellow, To Jerusalem and Back, 1976

Let’s take a look at what humanity is exposed to in this generation, from cradle to grave….

Parents are recommended to have their child vaccinated with up to 24 injections by age two…most if not all of which contain mercury, adjuvants, live viruses, genetic material from various animals and a cocktail of toxic additives such as formaldehyde. The result is damage to the immune system and by extension, the worst case scenarios the onset of autism occurs.

Food that people consume on a daily basis contains a wide range of incredibly poisonous substances that are chemicals…Not Food… you would never eat these things if they came in a bottle with a skull and cross bones on them..but eating them as ingredients to food is so commonplace that people literally don’t care what they are. Even if you do wishes to you in your attempt to eliminate them from your diet as the food supply is saturated with them and organic eating can get expensive (though more than worth it if you can manage it).

Some more obvious examples are MSG, EDTA, Aspartame, artificial colors and flavors, and Aluminum Ammonium sulfate….some more sneaky ingredients are Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Enzyme Modified Soy Protein, and Hydrogenated Oils. The result of a life of eating these ingredients predisposes one to a multitude of diseases, immune dysfunction and eventually early onset senile dementia.

Most people no longer have the luxury of owning their own water well from which they can draw untreated, natural ground water with all it’s vital trace minerals. Now for the most part, people drink from municipal water supplies from treatment plants which regularly add chemicals such as Fluoride ( known to have been useful to Hitler in Nazi Germany for making the masses docile), Chlorine, Arsenic, Mercury, Lead… all in all..a whopping 60,000 toxic additives are used at various treatment plants world wide…many of which cause a wide range of inhibited brain function and psychosis.

We all hear a lot about air pollution these days..but most of what we hear about is geared toward demonizing every day life..the so-called “carbon footprint”. Incredibly enough, some would have you believe that CO2 is a dangerous gas…the very stuff humans and other creatures exhale. In reality CO2 is not dangerous and is actually very necessary to the ongoing survival of the planet as plants require it for their respiration.

What is horrifically dangerous is going on over your head probably on a greater than weekly basis, depending upon your location. The next time you look overhead and notice the sky criss-crossed with white trails, don’t be fooled, those aren’t commercial aircraft. The long-lasting white trails which will streak the sky on certain days with grid patters are released by high altitude planes that you can witness for yourself.

They are intentionally spraying poisons into your atmosphere. The contents of the trails vary but the most common components are Barium Salts, Aluminum Oxide, Depleted Uranium and, bizarrely enough, red blood cells.As you are probably already aware…heavy metal toxicity is extremely damaging to the brain, and aluminum in particular destroys memory retention.

Here’s one that is good at making enemies..since this is a society with a long held tradition of elevating the medical arts and their importance in everyday life to the status of a divine gift, it is hard to make friends pointing out the true nature of this greatly esteemed practice of pharmaceutical love.

The best place to make yourself aware of what it is is in scripture.. have a look at the word “sorceries” used in the book of revelation and then follow that to the Greek word it came from. You will find Pharmekeia..the definition of which is the use of drugs,,after that, magic. Don’t be too fast to define what a “drug” might be..we can’t add to this definition the implication of “illegal” drugs or abuse of drugs…obviously modern drug laws hold no affect to what terms in scripture mean…nor can one use something condemned by the Almighty without abusing it. We can’t fornicate just a little and expect that to be ok.

The root of the Greek word came from a “deity” in the minor Greek pantheon called Pharmaros, which is in turn a Greek corruption of the name Armoni…which was one of the 200 fallen Watchers stated to have been a master in the arts of medical remedies. Not only is there a moral consequence to drug use but there is a physical one, as there is not a single drug made by man which will not cause more harm than help eventually.

The worst of these drugs are psych medication which are particularly damaging to the nervous system, addictive and cause more psychosis than they prevent. The FDA admitted to having the goal of seeing over 70 % of all children on psychiatric medication in the coming years.

This world is under a spell…to some degree it is one imposed on them unbeknownst to them..but to a large degree it is, now, after years of multi-generational programming and covert poisoning, a matter of apathy which keeps people unconcerned enough to not search out the truth and act on it. A lazy will and an untrained mind leaves the door open for the emotional abuse of the devil. A mind unable to assert itself against the programming of the system becomes a willing slave…and of course a prime target of “Strong Delusion”.

“Pause and wonder! Blind yourselves and be blind! They are drunk, but not with wine. They stagger, but not with intoxicating drink.”
– Isaiah 29:9

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