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The Death of Scroogle + Google Privacy Policy Change + March 8th Internet shutdown = ?

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Our favorite search engine has had it’s troubles in the past. Every so often Google created temporary road blocks for the private search engine. More than once we feared it was never going to work again but it managed to bypass those obstacles and come back to life.

Something a little different is afoot this time. For a month or so we had scroogle’s servers being randomly blocked by Google who identitifed them as bots. Scroogle worked and then didn’t randomly during that time. Then came Google’s privacy policy consolidation…all Google affiliate sites and services had their respective privacy policies ditched in favor of one umbrella policy. A likely connection? I figure there just might be….

Google might feel its about time to give people no quarter when it comes to ducking the eye of Big Brother. Their new policy will help to consolidate information from its users over all of its affiliates. A better database to track you in. Having any alternative seach engines that can bypass the scrutiny is bothersome to Google i’m sure. Will we see all alternative, private search engines fall one by one now? I hope not…but Scroogle is not just broken…it’s MIA. The servers no longer even seem to exist.

Anyway…lets keep pulling what we have out of the arsenal. Here’s some things to check out… – anonymous email sending, web surfing and newsgroup posting – “The website is a tool for open-content participatory journalism. It allows people to investigate important issues by providing a space where people can collaborate on the documentation of past and current events, as well as the entities associated with those events. The website can be used to investigate topics at the local, regional, or global level. The data is displayed on the website in the form of dynamic timelines and entity profiles, and is exportable into XML so it can be shared with others for non-commercial purposes.” – private search engine – private search engine

Now….if you all recall that there is a rumor of an FBI shutdown of internet servers on March 8…what do you think? Are we looking at some correlating events and if so…is it going to seriously threaten our ability to research and think freely on the web?

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Airport Body Scanners: Basic Decency Denied

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On December 25th of last year came a curious holiday gift wrapped in a Nigerian man’s undergarments and delivered aboard Northwest Airlines. Who can forget the so-called “Underwear Bomber”?

A bizarre incident which really evokes a deep down sense of absurdity… but treated with such seriousness by the government and media and finally by a public who is again admonished to keep remembering and believing in the imminent threat of Islamic terrorism.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was supposedly on a terrorist “watch list”…the US government apparently saw no need to revoke his visa anyway because, they tell us, they were tracking his movement to learn more about him.

Seems reasonable… unless you’re one of over a million Americans who have been put on no flight lists because you’re a veteran or a member of a militia or just caught disliking government policies a little too much. Then it might seem somewhat ludicrous that the government has no qualms about letting a foreign man fly on US planes who is deemed to be a known Islamic extremist.

Then there’s Kurt Haskell… the man who witnessed the entire embarkation of the Underwear Terrorist.

His story completely disregarded by government and media alike, he witnessed the Nigerian being escorted by a well dressed, wealthy looking man who was clearly not an employee of the airline. Though appearing Indian, the man spoke English like any American and reasoned with the airline concerning the Nigerian’s lack of a passport “we do this all the time”.

“The FBI visited my office on December 29, 2009, and showed me a series of approximately 10 photographs. None were of the SDM. I asked the FBI if they brought the Amsterdam security video to help me identify the SDM, but they acted as though my request was ridiculous. The FBI asked me what accent the SDM spoke in and I indicated that he had an American accent similar to my own. I further indicated that he wore a tan suit without a tie, was Indian looking, around age 50, 6’0” tall and 250-260 lbs. I further indicated that I did not believe that he was an airline employee and that he was not on our flight…

“On January 20, 2010, current Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), Michael E. Leiter, made a startling admission. Leiter indicated that: “I will tell you, that when people come to the country and they are on the watch list, it is because we have generally made the choice that we want them here in the country for some reason or another…

“Could the SDM have been a U.S. Government official? He dressed in a suit and not a security uniform. Check. He indicated we do this all the time. Could “we” be the U.S. Government? Check. He spoke English with an American accent. Check. Would he need to convince the ticket agent that this was a normal procedure to allow boarding without a passport? Check. Would he have the ability to obtain such clearance? Check. Could he enter this security area even though he wasn’t a passenger? Check. Would the ticket agent likely refer this request to a manager? Check. Would the U.S. Government not want this information public and try to hide it? Check.”

– Kurt Haskell

The incident hit the media outlets like alarm bells for the next 9-11. Ignoring every indication of a carefully engineered plan to just this end, the masses barely flinched when immediately airport security went from highly inconvenient to downright abusive overnight. Enter the backscatter x-ray full body scanner.

If you were under the impression that the airport body scanner became a reality as a result of a sudden need for higher security, you’d be mistaken.

These invasive little devices are the creation of a client company of one Michael Chertoff, former head of Homeland Security who took advantage of this very convenient underwear episode months after the company, Rapiscan, sold 25 million dollars of the technology to TSA. What a timely sale.

If there is any right which sums up the most basic of freedoms, it has to be the right to ones own body. Nothing is more personal, nothing else is more truly in any persons possession than their own flesh. It must certainly be a sort of canary in the coal mine where it comes to personal freedoms when the majority are willing to submit their right to their own body to strangers who claim an authority over it in the name of…. defending the Land of the Free?

When it is suddenly OK that airports demand to see a person nude in one of their ionizing backscatter scanners, does it ever occur to the populace that hypothetically being conquered by Islamo-fascists could be any worse?

At least they tend to agree we should keep our clothes on. Hence I consider it the height of hypocrisy when someone declares of the present ongoing “war on terror” and the military involvement in it as “defending our freedoms”. Stripping people (literally) of their humanity is a path to freedom in what reality?

At the risk of sounding old fashioned… back in the day, when “men were men”, it would be a cold day in a very hot place when anyone’s wife or child or elderly mother would be allowed to be subjected to a strip search by people whose moral character was unknown at best and extremely questionable at worst.

They, after all, are not criminals… they are average citizens simply trying to travel and they are subject to the sorts of abuses which literally are criminal in any other context. If the idea of a neighbor with high powered binoculars spying on one’s wife or child while dressing is disturbing… this should be more so by virtue of the fact that it is condoned by those in “authority”.

All common decency and dignity aside… this device is an X-ray. It works by way of ionizing radiation, a serious cumulative health hazard in spite of the assurances of the FDA and government spokesmen.

The FDA being the same organization who feels no need to warn people on food labels of eating genetically manipulated organisms, who approve thousands of brand name drugs that are later shown to cause numerous fatalities… these are the people the public trusts when it comes to irradiating their bodies at the airport.

Ionizing radiation is known to cause chromosome damage. Even the supposedly innocuous “background” radiation which passes through Earth’s atmosphere and reaches Earth is not so harmless… it too, eventually breaks the body down and causes aging.

Most of the radiation from a backscatter scanner is concentrated on the surface of the skin and the fatty layer just below it… the potential risk for skin and breast cancer is especially concerning.

The FDA claim that it would require some 5,000 scans per year to reach any level of threat, even if generally correct (and evidence would suggest it isn’t) does not account for the 1 in 20 people who are genetically highly sensitive to radiation or the fact that children are all much more sensitive to radiation than adults as they are still growing.

Ionizing radiation is comprised of EM waves or subatomic particles that basically rip the electrons from the atoms and molecules in one’s cells. If it sounds like bad news, that’s because it is.

The risks, the “experts” say, are outweighed by the benefits. The benefits are that people are supposed to feel more secure. Secure from what, I wonder? Secure from the one terrorist who did not get the memo on the new technology?

The next obvious step, if one buys into the terrorist threat line, is that they will inevitably begin stowing their explosive devices, etc. in body cavities. What then? Are you really ready for a full cavity search in order to board a plane? Are you living in a free country when survival at any cost is the new definition thereof? Is there anyone left who feels basic human rights are worth a little risk if there is some?

Having rolled over like cowering puppies, the public has not purchased peace of mind, they’ve simply helped the government up the ante on paranoia.

Compliance to body scanners has proven that Fear and Cowardice are the real slave masters of the masses and that they will bow before any oppressor who serve their tools, Tyranny and Corruption. They will allow their wives, their kids, their old mothers and fathers to be manhandled, insulted, poked, irradiated, stared at in the nude and reduced to tears.

Don’t be fooled by the assurances TSA has given that the images cannot be stored or transferred or that the images themselves are not well defined and photograph clear.

TSA’s own documents clearly specify that the machines must have both image storing and sending ability.

The images the machines produce must be able to focus in on the most private details of the body in order to be able to identify any suspicious item attached to the body.

There is technically an opt-out option for the scanners.

This “opting out”, however, simply puts one in a position to choose between a nude picture of themselves viewed by multiple strangers or an incredibly personal pat down which includes a startlingly thorough feel-up of one’s most private areas.

That’s called “molestation” anywhere else on earth.

The obvious intent of such a horribly intrusive pat down is to ensure that the body scanner remain the preferable option for most people. Most people would rather pose for an embarrassing picture than subject themselves to a legalized sexual assault.

If you think we’ve reached the absolute limit in denying citizens a right to basic privacy, try to imagine a future when this is the norm in a wide variety of public places: court rooms, libraries, bus stations, schools, sporting events, etc.

Now ask yourself if you think you have the courage to resist before that becomes a reality. Please, American citizens – at least for the sake your kids and your elders – have the guts and the decency to refuse this perverse form of oppression.

“Defend the poor and fatherless.

Do justice to the afflicted and needy.

Deliver the poor and needy.

Free them from the hand of the wicked.”

– Psalm 82:3,4

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Big Brother… Get Out of My Trash

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It appears that there is no level of absurdity too extreme for Big Brother – and simultaneously, there is no level of absurdity which is too intolerable to the citizens of this country.

Incrementally, the nit-picking controllers continue to administer fatality to freedom, by way of thousands of paper-cuts over decades of time.

And since no single wound hurts bad enough to galvanize the ever-more intoxicated masses to any sort of action, the process continues.

The latest in ridiculous micro-management techniques employed by the ruling class, is Trash Monitoring.

Unbelievable, really, that even the refuse one throws out can’t be left alone by this intrusive parasite of a world system which is evolving (or de-evolving).

In the name of (what else) “saving the planet”, US cities are adopting a trash monitoring program much like one which has been in place in the UK for the past few years.

Some 2.8 million homes in Great Britain now have trash bins fitted with RFID chips which monitor the amount of trash being disposed.

Some areas are requiring residents to sort their trash by color on penalty of a $1,500 (US) fine.

The US normally follows in Police State tactics one step behind the UK, and so it is that now the nosey dumpster-diving mafia have arrived on American shores.

Obama has dumped half a million dollars of stimulus funds into an endeavor to produce microchipped trash bins to ensure that US citizens in Dayton Ohio will be good little sheep and recycle.

City and Country government supplied another $60,000 of their own.

All residents of Dayton will get their microchipped trash bins and the program will be coming out of the tax payers’ pockets to the tune of 1.6 million dollars over the next few years.

Charlotte NC has also joined the Green Mania Movement, and the latest city on board is Cleveland Ohio, which perhaps has caught the worst end of the trash bin spy network in the US to date.

In Cleveland, the plan is to make you recycle… or else.

The plan won’t be fully operational until the beginning of next year, but when it is, I can safely say that Cleveland has just added one more reason in a long list for residents to find somewhere else to live.

The chip will let the city know how often any one household recycles.

If a household has not recycled in some weeks, a trash supervisor will rummage through their trash and count the recyclable items which the offenders have instead (gasp) discarded.

If the bins are found to contain 10% or more recyclable items… the household is Fined $100.

The end goal is to incorporate all residents of Cleveland in this program over the course of a few years.

Fines will also be leveled on people who simply put out too much trash… recyclable or not. Those fines run from $250 to $500.

You can already be fined in Cleveland for putting your trash out too early or leaving the bins out too late.

Who knew taking out the trash could be such a pain in the backside?

If something as simple and routine, and fairly ignored as a matter of daily thought, could be made into a giant irritation, you can be sure that the PTB will find a way to do it.

Furthermore, if they can manage to force you into a position to have every minute detail of your life examined under a microscope… well that’s enough to make them giddy.

They also realize that people generally don’t like a regular pain in the backside which costs them money besides, and so they realize they need to provide you with some sort of incentive to just sit down and take it. That incentive, these days, comes as the rallying cry “Save the Planet… Recycle!”

Those who are hardcore environmentalists, and even those who are not, are entirely convinced that ‘good people recycle’ and ‘bad, careless people throw things away’.

They are convinced that we will all find ourselves buried under mountains of trash someday in a landscape barren of trees (since we’ve used them all for paper) and choking to death from all the pollution and lack of oxygen… unless everyone recycles.

The propaganda which demands either you accept giving up some of your natural freedoms or you will die a miserable death on a dying planet is a hit.

The compliant masses are given an incentive to feel good about themselves for bowing down to strict regulation. They even acquire a sort of “martyrs complex” whereby they feel such a level of self-righteousness that their venom toward non-compliant people borders on a hostility one might reserve for serial killers.

It is time to do a little homework on the claims environmentalism makes concerning the impact of the private sector on the planet’s ecosystems.

Environmentalism is a misnomer… instead of being a movement of the people to help clean up the natural environment, what it is precisely, is a political tool by which government manipulates the masses into accepting the chipping away of their human rights.

If you would really believe that there is any attempt within government which remotely resembles cleaning up the planet, consider these things which are never mentioned as environmental concerns by government and mainstream media alike:

GMO Crops:

An enterprise which is insanely destructive to the ecosystem – not only will genetically manipulated crops destroy Your health, but they will contaminate, and eventually destroy, their own natural counterparts. They kill bee populations needed for pollination, and pose a threat to any wildlife who eats them.

These crops aren’t just OK with government, they have gone to great lengths to ensure producers of them don’t even have to tell you you’re eating them.

Ever hear mainstream media or DC griping at you to stop eating GMO produce?

Suppression of Free Energy:

You may believe it has simply been a matter of necessity that energy is produced in the manner it is, by means of great amounts of money and fossil fuels, all neatly kept in control by a few companies around the country.

Not true by a long shot…

The means to produce energy which would be entirely clean and Cost-Free to every person on the planet after an initial set up, has existed since the early 1900’s in the wake of technology brought to light by Nicola Tesla.

Why don’t we have it? well… ask the government who wants to microchip your trash bins… it beats me.

Pharmaceutical Industry Waste:

Without even mentioning the process of making the pharmaceuticals themselves, let’s just consider the ramifications of millions of people popping pills all over the country.

Medication which, by the way, has never cured anything (but has made the drug companies very wealthy), is a serious pollutant in the water supply.

These medications remain in the water supply even after treatment at water facilities, and as a result they have devastating effects on the wildlife who come in contact with the residual chemicals.

Now we have populations of fish and amphibians who can’t produce fertile males, and shellfish who have no natural instinct to avoid predators.

Since when has the government done anything to try to promote natural prevention and cure instead of pharmaceuticals?

Water Treatment Facilities:

Across the nation, water treatment facilities maintain a practice of adding cocktails of chemicals to the drinking water of municipalities… some 400 different sorts of chemicals actually.

Among these are Sodium Fluoride… a horrifically toxic chemical waste left-over from manufacturing facilities.

These chemicals are unspeakably harmful to the human body, not to mention their impact on the environment.

Sodium Fluoride is particularly hard to filter out of water once it is in it… even distillation will not remove the chemical.

It is a government decision that city water supplies should be a toxic soup of waste chemicals.

Feeling less motivated by Big Brother’s insistence that you recycle yet?

Recycling has no great benefit to the environment, as the process itself produces pollution.

Recyling does little to nothing to help keep trees alive, since the paper industry is responsible for most of the trees planted anyway.

At one time in the past there was a perfectly biodegradable, wholly renewable source for paper products which required much less processing than wood pulp, and would have done away with the need to ever use wood for paper production altogether.

That product was hemp… but the government, on behalf of the companies whose interest was in wood pulp, quickly found reasons to demonize the reputation of cannabis in the public mind so that a simple wild plant became utterly taboo, and a cheap and plentiful resource was abandoned.

The entire question of recycling to spare trees would be as easily resolved by substituting hemp for wood pulp now.

This does not seem to be of any interest in DC either.

Ever heard of straining gnats and swallowing camels?

Obviously there is no point in the government mandating recycling to any end which benefits the environment while at the same time displaying such a complete disinterest in addressing real issues of environmental concern.

One might easily brush that off with flippant remarks of some general lack of intelligence on the part of politicians, but that is not the root cause suggested by the ever-increasing surveillance grid which has been gradually introduced to US citizens.

One by one, an individual has to either keep coming up with excuses for measures like these, or reasonably decide that they are all to some greater purpose.

Answering the issue with “It’s just a Traffic Camera… no big deal”,

“It’s just a Product RFID… no big deal”,

“it’s just Recycling… no big deal”…

eventually ends at “it’s just an Implantable National Security Device… It’s no big deal.”

At what point do people get sick of it?

At what point is it too much invasion?

At what point are people willing to say…

“forget it, I’m not going to take it anymore.”?

I don’t know what you’re planning to do about it, residents of Cleveland Ohio, but I can tell you what I would do… I would outright refuse to comply… period.

Perhaps I’d try disabling that nasty little chip with a neodymium magnet, or maybe I’d simply think about hiring a private trash disposal company even if it cost more… possibly if all else failed I’d move.

Come hell or high water though, $100 fines or $1,000 fines (which I would also flatly refuse to pay)… my answer would have to remain “No”.

I think it’s past time for a little civil disobedience.

Humanity is endowed with certain inalienable rights which are by nature the gift of their Creator, not a government privilege.

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The Weapon of Internet Free Speech : I Refuse to be Disarmed

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For more than three years now i’ve avoided using direct Google searches.

Google, much like Walmart or Microsoft, is one of those despicable monopolies born of government approval that leaves me with feelings of nausea and a lack of self respect to patronize.

It’s not out of paranoia that i refuse to make it easy for Big Brother to collect my online data and spy on what is not, in any way, their business… it’s just that it’s Wrong, and I hate making the job of a wrong-doer easier.

Instead of direct Google searches,
I’ve enjoyed the use of a little operation

This nice little invention of genius gave me Google results without collecting my information or dumping spyware on me. says "Don't Be Evil"

One sad day… Scroogle announced that they no longer had access to the Google interface, and so they could not provide search results anymore. Fortunately..that was a false alarm, and Scroogle did find the interface again and the site continued to work.

A couple days ago [around June 3rd]… it went down again… the same reason… Google apparently is not all that fond of providing their services without getting the benefit of spying on us.

It looks less promising that Scroogle will be up and running again in the future… but we can hope.

"Google devalues everything it touches."
From the Scroogle Gallery

Recent Update: is back online, and running fine.

The reason this is such a concern is that the loss of Scroogle is not, by far, the only evidence I’ve begun to notice of a shift in the online world.

A shift that is taking place slowly (these things always happen slowly so you can get used to them, rather than get angry at them) but surely from the freedom of expression and the option to keep yourself anonymous… to an environment of track, trace and don’t say the wrong thing.

We who write on blogs and forums concerned with civil liberties and concerned with the overreach of government ought to have a healthy level of concern for this trend.

What i mean by “healthy level of concern” is that

When we are silenced… free speech is over… period. When that occurs, even those who presently call us crazy are going to be sorry.

Another July 4th has come and gone, and while people are content to prattle on about the celebration of civil rights and free speech… they are far less inclined to defend it.

The defense thereof rests in adamant refusal… I Won’t shut up… and I Won’t roll over and accept the loss of anonymity or freedom of expression.

I still haven’t done a Google search… and i won’t. If Google succeeds in wiping out every vestige of a working, relatively private search engines on the net… I won’t use Google.

Don't Get GoogledFrom the Scroogle Gallery

I’ve resigned myself for now to… which is private enough (at least we hope)… but whose search results leave a lot to be desired.

In fact, the search results reek of serious filtering and censorship to be sure… I wouldn’t expect anything else out of a search engine that offers privacy… I imagine anyone with the idea of providing a legitimate, private search engine with uncensored, unfiltered results is up against a mountain of tyrannical hindrance.

Private search engines are precisely what we need though… and anyone with the time, resources, ability and guts to attempt such a thing, has my utmost respect and gratitude as a real defender of freedom.

As for other concerning details of the online war against freedom of speech… don’t be shocked as you begin to happen across more and more sites which are simply gone… links which are broken and search results which are “intercepted” (for your own protection they say).

Anyone attempting to research the anything which the government might remotely classify as “conspiracy theory” will find that task getting more and more difficult… the search results becoming more and more repetitive and unhelpful.

In just attempting to update myself on what legislation has been proposed or passed recently in connection to internet censorship..i encountered all this…

A search result reading:

“A one-two punch handed down this week by U.S. courts to free-speech advocates may signal that the freewheeling days of unfettered speech on the Internet are numbered, First Amendment experts said.”

…ended here:

A link which said this:

“Lieberman Sends Letter To Google, Demands Youtube Censorship”

…ended here:

And a link which said this:

“Free Speech Rights Not Guaranteed in ‘Public’ Online Spaces”

resulted in a page which said this:

“The page you have requested is no longer available”

Sad… even if you don’t agree with the idea of “conspiracy theories” in general as they are defined in society, even if you don’t care if you never read another article on such subjects, you should be aware that the end of your free speech follows ours very closely.

You would never have an opportunity to be informed that there was ever any such project as “Informations Operations Roadmap” by the Pentagon if not for people who had access to that information and the freedom to report it.

According to the Pentagon, the internet is a weapon and needs to be treated as if it were a weapon in the hands of an enemy.

The enemies of Tyrannical overreach of government have used this “weapon” to great advantage of all people who value liberty… but of course the enemy now realizes their mistake in making this double-edged sword called the internet so accessible and useable to us, their opposition.

As the Pentagon, themselves have said…

“We Must Fight the Net.

DOD [Department of Defense] is building an information-centric force.

Networks are increasingly the operational center of gravity, and the Department must be prepared to fight the net…

DOD’s “Defense in Depth” strategy should operate on the premise that the Department will “fight the net” as it would a weapons system.”

No doubt, “fighting the net” will be made much easier by the advent of Internet2.

By means of a secondary, controlled internet which requires identity verification and excludes all information which could be adverse to the objectives of the government, the idea is that internet users will gradually be herded onto this new system and away from the old free access internet which will be left in increasing states of disrepair until it’s obsolete.

This will, in the end, be sold to the public as an “upgraded” version of the internet… loaded with bells and whistles and pretty graphics, I’m sure… but devoid of any meaning or usefulness to serious researchers.

Herein lies another challenge for any ambitious computer nerd who has the time, resoursces and guts to fight the beast… start building “Internet Underground”.

There’s no question in my mind that Google will be welcomed with open arms on Internet2… they’ve never made it a very well kept secret that their interests lie much more in bowing and scraping before their government deities than providing any legitimate service to their users.

Just one example of their loyalties on display was the case of Google Street Finder being ordered by the military to immediately remove shots of military bases from the web.

Military officials insisted that this was a security risk, never mind that the shots were taken from a public street… a place any citizen has the right to walk, and to view the base.

Google complied of course… but the same agreeable attitude couldn’t be observed when it came to Street Finder taking shots of a woman sunbathing… they felt less inclined to honor her request to remove the images.

Finally, let’s not forget to give a big “thanks, guy” to Senator (who else) Rockefeller for pushing “Cybersecurity” legislation.

I’m sure we’re all going to feel much safer knowing that the cyber-feds are keeping the cyber-Al-Qaeda from setting off their cyber-bombs and demolishing our chat rooms. Goodness Big Brother..what would we do without you?

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Your Legal Rights in the 2010 Census

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Article I Section 2.
“The House of Representatives shall be composed of members chosen every second year by the people of the several states, and the electors in each state shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the state legislature.”
“Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states which may be included within this union, according to their respective numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole number of free persons, including those bound to service for a term of years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons. The actual Enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of ten years, in such manner as they shall by law direct.”

According to in an article titled ‘Know Your Rights On The US Census 2010’ –

“’re only obligated to complete question #1 How many people are living and staying in this house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2010. Then submit the form to the US government per the US Constitution Article 1 Section 2. This Article reserves the right to the government to “Enumerate”: To Count or Determine “The Number of Citizens”. This is to ensure you receive the proper Representation in your state i.e. One Representative for every 30,000 people.”

Call To Discernment in “Know Your Census Rights”

“The 2010 census is coming. Do not give in to Census Bureau lies and intimidation.
The maximum fine for not answering all questions is $100 but I have found no evidence it’s ever been charged. The Census Bureau threatens a fine up to $5000 for not answering the American Community Survey but it has nothing to do with a constitutional census. The ACS is unconstitutional and very intrusive.
nobody has ever been prosecuted for not complying with Census Bureau mandates. You are only required by the Constitution to answer the number of people living at your residence, their age, and sex. Even names are not required.”

“It is clear that they feel you no longer have rights and that even suggesting that you do might be a sign of you being a danger to society..” [Prodigal Son 2010 Census – Marking Citizens for Extermination?]

one of those reasons it’s more important now to remain firm in conviction.. “numbering” the people historically has often preceded either taxes or war..

“And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.”
IChronicles 21:1

so the census already was a bad idea.. (nothing new under the sun) considering its source, the US Government, which obviously cannot be trusted.. i’m not convinced it ever could be trusted.. (nothing new under the sun)

“What scenario would fit the facts about the 2010 Census and the measures they are involving in it is that there is a need for GPS coordinates for the purpose of navigating devices to specific residences. It would be of great importance to know the precise residence of every person in the country, to know the details of their personal lives in order to determine their stand for or against the NWO agenda and to have GPS coordinates recorded for the location of their front door only if the plan was ultimately to remove the resistance by way of unmanned, lethal force.” [Prodigal Son 2010 Census – Marking Citizens for Extermination?]

the fact that this even exists as a realistic possibility should be enough for anyone in right mind to say ‘no’.. if only more were in their right minds.. believers are warned that in the last days before Messiah’s return, that those loyal to Him would be targeted.. a believer’s name + believer’s GPS alone should be a combination enough to equal ‘bad idea for believers’, knowing that those who trust Messiah will be targeted by the Beast System.

“And again the anger of YHWH was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah.” 2Samuel24:1

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How to Gracefully Reject a Census Bureau Agent

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Decisions will need to be made soon, by many, as non-participants in the 2010 Census are now being tracked.. and often cornered.. by those friendly federal fact-checkers from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Note-makers.. who invade the privacy of citizens.. name-takers who push forward, vigilantly driven by an unshaken desire to illegally execute assistance for a System which has yet to cease in drawing tighter that new world order noose.

Stalked, spied on, and surprised.. lied to.. and ultimately hemmed in – when those who originally refused to respond to the 2010 Census suddenly become caught -when vast numbers of the negligent find themselves put on the spot – under the weight of that authority, wrapped by the bonds of such unpreparedness – what do you think – would the majority bend?

I hope not.. i hope more would stand than fall.. and for those who choose not to participate in an illegal data collection by a government who already has everyone’s information; and for those who want to say ‘no’, but just don’t think they can – the following is a recount of my personal experience, as one of the many sought evaders romanced by The Man..

The Census Bureau had been courting me, like it had so many others, since before spring of this year.. though a long distance relationship, and though one-sided.. it was laden with love-letters.. one, very long, formal request.. one terse, but well-written, ‘remembering you’ postcard.. and no less than four consecutive, hand-written notes..

Though the correspondence was regal, marked with symbols of power and status.. and though received from the hand of prominence, in all its unchecked authority – as it was, my heart belonged to another.. and despite the unyielding persistence of its perpetual impassioned requests.. i rejected the Census Bureaus’ advances, and remained faithful to my own.

"Ulterior Motives" : By Bean

As summer drew near, that early spring fling which had begun so gently, soon gave way to moments defined by hot and desperate demands.. the pursuit was obsessive.. and then, in an emboldened display of affection, i received a personal visit on behalf of my shunned suitor..

My heart lept as i beheld the arrival.. from my startled position under the mulberry tree i watched as she, in all the authoritative presence of her position, slowly but confidently began to traverse the terrain up the light-dappled driveway..

My mind raced.. “what will i answer?”.. the question repeatedly whirred in my head.. i held the approaching agent steadfastly in view, as she smiled and squinted, the afternoon sun in her eyes..

My vision turned inward.. a freight-train of images had suddenly begun to barrel forward on a track through my mind.. speeding snapshots of events rapidly clicked before me.. images i understood instantly, but on which i could not then maintain a grasp, and could not now describe.

My heart feverishly drummed in synchronicity with the pounding of the train.. she drew nearer.. “what do i do?” resonated in a rhythmic repeat..

And then.. through the heightening din of the deluge of questions, there suddenly rang out one resolute and clear sound..

“Do What is Right.”

The Census Bureau representative was taking her last steps toward me. She saluted me with a ‘hello’.. and then, between glances down at her path, she began to loudly proclaim those words no refusing damsels should ever desire to hear..

AGENT: “My name is [something-or-another]..”
AGENT: “I’m with the Census Bureau..”

The vaporous haze began to dissipate, and all my previous thoughts melted into one consistent command..

“Do What is Right”..

AGENT: “..we sent you letters..”

“Do What is Right”..

AGENT: “..a lot of letters in the mail..”

“Do What is Right”..

“Do What is Right”..

My clarity returned..
And then, there she was..

She was about two feet from me.. i took in her form..

She carried no clipboard.. she wore not sneakers.. and by the appearance of her crisp and dry attire – she certainly had not been beating down the sidewalks around town on that sunny 85-degree day..

AGENT:”You should have received forms in the mail..”

While she loudly and reassuringly reiterated the nature of the “letters” and “mail”.. and something about “stopping by” – i silently contemplated how she must have had to spy on me to find me, home and outside, just at the right moment..

The seconds seemed to stretch on, far beyond the horizon.. and i was still a little taken in thought, about the level to which she must have had to stoop, when suddenly her tone changed.

AGENT: “Did you receive forms in the mail?”

It was apparent she had become frustrated.. “perhaps by my lack of response”..

“Do What is Right”..

Casting a blank, though genuine, look in her direction.. momentarily i caught her gaze.. i noticed she was leaning forward and motioning with her hands..

AGENT:”You should have received a lot of mail about the Census..”

I lowered my head and shook it slightly as calmly and slowly, i responded to her demand..

“Oh.. (pause) .. yeah.. (pause) .. mail.. (long pause) …. ”
“i don’t really.. (pause) .. do.. (pause) .. mail….”

Which is true.. but she was all to happy to announce that she could take care of it right then.. she smiled as she informed me..

AGENT: “All I need is your name, your race, and your address..”

The drums pounded out hard from within my adrenalin-soaked system..

“Do What is Right”.. “Do What is Right”..

I looked up into her eyes and briefly searched for signs of sanity.. locating neither shard nor shred.. i opened my mouth to address her proposal..

“No.. (pause).. “, i said, “I’m not required by law to provide that information..”

And the shiznit apparently hit the fiznit.. because immediately following my politely restrained explanation.. came a doubly-loud shriek of misplaced indignation..


I glanced back up at her.. her eyes appeared enlarged as shrill sounds of self-righteousness gushed from her lips..

And the drums beat out their rhythm..

“Do What is Right”.. “Do What is Right”..

AGENT: “Are you [Name Here]?”
AGENT: “Do you live here?”

The drums drummed louder.. “Do What is Right”..

My sight fixed in a hold on her now-contorted visage..

“I live here.. and I’ve been through the census before.. they came to our door.. they took down how many people lived there.. and then they left.. all I’m required by law to tell you is whether I live here or not..”

The drums were so loud that i momentarily zoned out during her reply.. i could hear her in the distance.. going on about government and laws..

I remember responding amid her continuing complaints..

“I’m not required to provide that information..”

Instantly, an onslaught of rapid-fire sound-bites ensued.. “you have to”.. “required by law”..

I tossed in a mild “Whatever..” followed by a dismissive “I don’t have to tell you..”

The “whatever” perhaps pricked something in her, because her immediate retort was a decidedly disgusted, over-the-top, sarcastic “WHATEVER!” of her own..

I took two steps toward the fence.. her voice now had taken on a nature similar to Charlie Brown’s teacher.. i ran my fingers along the fence wire and wondered if she’d ever put an end to throwing that temper-tantrum she’d ignited..

AGENT: “whawntwhatwhantwhat.. whatwhauntwhanwhant..”

Charlie Brown’s teacher..

She was being ignored.. and that seemed to upset her.. i especially believe this could have been the case because, above the friction and static of her own white noise.. suddenly rose and unfurled the following mantra banner..


I stopped, turned back toward her, and locked on her gaze..

“Do What is Right”.. “Do What is Right”..

“Do What is Right”.. “Do What is Right”..

“If you can produce that in writing – I’ll consider it.. just put it in writing.. and.. mail it to me..”

She appeared confused, and for a moment ceased to speak.. but then..

AGENT: “So you’re not going to tell me your name?”

now, here i’d like to pause, and admit that i found that particular statement by her to be rather funny.. i smiled a little and chuckled as i slowly shook my head..


By this time, she seemed utterly flustered.. she began to withdraw.. but as she looked back at me from over her shoulder – in classic and unlawful last-word-addict style – she made a final proclamation as she hurried down the drive..

AGENT: “I’ll just put down that you refused.”.. and then, she was gone.

Census Bureau Logo

The drumming grew more faint.. though the adrenalin was slower to subside.. the romance was over.. but i had done what was Right.

If you are reading this, and know that an answer beyond anything more than “I live here” is wrong.. if you are reading this and asking yourself “what would i do?”.. if you find are in doubt, wondering if, when push comes to shove, you can really stick to your guns..

Saying “No.” to The Man should be carried out in a calm and collected confidence.. and you should know – there is a strength that you cannot muster and there is a calm that you cannot create.. and there is no time like the present to learn who He is..

The same one who gave His life, for the ransom of your soul, is the same one who will give you that strength, and that unwavering resolve.

During these perilous days.. when believers abroad are imprisoned, tortured and killed – for no greater reason than distributing some Bibles – is there any real reason to not “Do What is Right”?

Remember the words of our Savior..

“..And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear Him, which after He hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear Him.

Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before YHWH?

But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

Also I say unto you, Whosoever shall confess Me before men, him shall the Son of Man also confess before the angels of YHWH..”

Luke 12:4-8

“Do What is Right”

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2010 Census : Marking Citizens for Extermination?

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If you have been one of those who stood firm on your right to privacy against the intrusion of the 2010 census questions which, going much further than asking for a count of citizenry, has asked many personal an unlawful questions, you have perhaps received by now, visits from census workers.

If you live in an apartment, though, be aware. Census employees are being given license by the government to demand entry to your residence from your landlord whether you are home or not.

In other words, they are being given the freedom to do what even police are not allowed, by law, to do – conduct warrantless searches. They reserve the right to fine your landlord $500 if he will not comply to give them entry.

The fact that this directly defies constitutional law should be a reminder of how boldly the ruling powers are pushing their tyranny against the American public, with no attempt to give any good excuse for doing so.

It is clear that they feel you no longer have rights and that even suggesting that you do might be a sign of you being a danger to society, or at least a society they wish to rule without your say in the matter.

What measures will follow incidents of Census employees walking into apartments with aggressive guard dogs or catching a sleeping resident off guard who then fires a gun at the intruder?

Will the government then determine that Census employees need firearms to protect themselves, and will that be only a small step away from residents being threatened at gun point by petty government employees?

What happens when Census workers encounter homes where drugs are found or unregistered guns? Will they throw aside a law which mandates that evidence of a crime found during a search which is not conducted for the purpose of discovering such evidence is inadmissible in court and begin using these warrantless intrusions to charge people with whatever they can?

The Census bureau knows very well that their tactics are illegal on a number of grounds, and yet supply no answer whatsoever to anyone questioning by what authority they have been empowered with Nazi-like liberties against people who no longer have any.

Below is a list of some of the questions the Bureau refuses to answer –

1 ) The Constitution authorizes government to count people but it does not authorize the taking of private information or even the names of individuals. From where does the Census Bureau derive authority to demand our private information?

2 ) Is there any limit to the amount and type of private information that the Census bureau may demand and collect?

3 ) Under what Constitutional authority does the Census Bureau collect information now from 250,000 people per month of every year?

4 ) The 4th Amendment to the Constitution prohibits government search and seizure of private information without a court warrant based on probable cause. Current Census policies violate that Amendment do they not?

5 ) By what Constitutional authority does the Census Bureau threaten penalties for failure to provide personal information?

6 ) The Census Bureau claims it maintains privacy of personal information. Are there any circumstances under which law enforcement or spy agencies can access Census information?

7 ) Since presumably Census data may be subpoenaed by law enforcement, may individuals refuse to answer questions according to the fifth Amendment?

8 ) Why has the Census Bureau decided to collect GPS coordinates for every home?

9 ) Virtually every government database has been either lost, hacked or compromised. Would the Census Bureau’s claim of data security not be an outright lie or at best highly improbable?

10 ) How would the Census Bureau locate, protect and compensate those individuals whose data becomes compromised?

We need to ask ourselves why the government needs the GPS coordinates of every front door in the nation, as the 2010 Census has included this as part of its data collection this year.

We need to wonder why they should also be told not only to check the most remote rural homes in the nation, but also every structure, garage, shed and cabin, as well as such obscure hiding spots as drainage pipes and caves.

What good reason should any of this be for? It is obvious, maybe, that the government has a great desire to know exactly who is where, down to every last possible human being and every last possible place one could be hiding out.

Now what should we tell ourselves about this? That it is for appropriating money to areas of greatest need as they claim? Perhaps a great amount of denial is necessary to accept this as a reason for such a thorough, expensive and determined agenda to know all things about all people living within the borders of the US.

As they always do, the propaganda machine of the ruling powers is fighting back against any of us who want these questions to be asked and answered, who want truth to be known.

This is an article I came across recently, which describes our legitimate concerns of privacy and legality as conspiracy theory, and makes a subtle attempt to persuade the public that we might be dangerous.

“Online Conspiracy Theorists Latch Onto Census GPS Units

The hanging death of a Kentucky census worker is likely to raise tensions among counters in the 2010 census, who have already been the focus of emotionally charged online rhetoric this year because they use GPS…..

The conspiracy theories have struck a chord with a certain type of American, and posts like these have collected comments from people vowing not to allow workers anywhere near their houses. A few comments have taken an ominous tone.

“Only a fool would allow the New World Order to come up and take GPS readings at your front door,” wrote a commenter to another post. “There is nothing good to come from Big Brother’s constant meddling into our lives! Beware, and carry a big stick… preferably .308 Winchester full metal jacket.”

The FBI is reportedly investigating the death of 51-year-old Bill Sparkman, who was found hanged on Sept. 12 with the word “fed” written on his chest. The Census Bureau has suspended field operations in the Kentucky county where Sparkman was found, The Huffington Post reports.” read entire article

Does the hanging death of a Kentucky census worker with the word “FED” written on him remind anyone of a supposed incident of man, angry with the IRS, flying a plane into an office building?

Does it remind anyone of a failed bomb in time square recently?

Is it very unlikely that resistance to Census intrusion has caused the government to act as it always does, and stage an event to fuel fear and malice in the public against those who stand for their rights?

It is no secret either, that government has employed paid disinformation bloggers to post comments on sites which are against tyranny and intrusion in order that they might discredit the information or attach a violent attitude to it.

What scenario would fit the facts about the 2010 Census and the measures they are involving in it, is that there is a need for GPS coordinates for the purpose of navigating devices to specific residences.

It would be of great importance to know the precise residence of every person in the country, to know the details of their personal lives, in order to determine their stand for or against the NWO agenda, and to have GPS coordinates recorded for the location of their front door – only if the plan was ultimately to remove the resistance by way of unmanned, lethal force.

You think the US government wouldn’t do this to it’s own people? They have already killed 700 Pakistani civilians by use of predator drones, most of them women and children.

The Posse Comitatus act which once protected US citizens against militarized policing of the population is no longer effective.

Obama makes a joke to the Jonas brothers – “I have two words for you- Predator Drones. You will never see it coming.” How much of a joke is that, and is it so hard to believe that this fluent snake-speaker was addressing the entire listening audience?

Predator Drone

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