The Spiritual Truth of Human Chimerism

This site has had discussions on angels which interbred with humans, creatures which are part man and part beast, spirits of nephilim which roam the earth and evil entities which can possess a body.

All these things can seem strange to those who have not ever heard of them, and even seem unbelievable when compared to what is usually believed, and taught as a reality which must never be questioned.

Now I will discuss something which, though is rare and strange, science admits to being a reality. Science does not, however have any answers to the spiritual questions which come with the condition, and there are some very interesting spiritual questions to be answered about it.

When chimeras have been mentioned here before, this term has applied to unnatural, genetically manipulated creatures which are physically the product of more than one species.

Human chimera with brown and hazel eyes

In human, medical terms though, there is a condition which is also called chimerism which is perhaps one of the most bizarre abnormalities which can occur to otherwise normal, unborn human beings.

It is maybe difficult enough to live one life in one lifetime in this confused world. Imagine, if you are able, living two lives in one lifetime within your one body.

The life of a human chimera begins as fraternal twins, siblings which have developed from two normal egg cells fertilized by two normal sperm.

At a point early in the development of the twins, in the zygote stage, one twin begins to absorb the body of the second twin. This does not result in the destruction of the absorbed twin, as one might expect, but results in two people becoming one body.

There is a very high probability that a human chimera will never be diagnosed as such unless there is a reason to do genetic testing on more than one part of the body.

The twins are now intermingled with each other, resulting in one whole body which is made of two distinctly different sets of genes.

It is possible, then, that the heart belong to one twin while the kidneys belong to the other.

Or that the scalp and hair of both are scattered like patchwork on the head.

Or that one eye belongs to one and is a certain color, while the other belongs to the second and is a different color.

It is even possible that one eye be a mixture of both individuals and be split between two colors.

One of the more obvious signs of chimerism are pigmentation irregularities that show up as two shades of skin complexion, which take on a pattern much like a tabby striped cat. When they occur on the skin they are called Blaschko’s lines.

Blaschko's Lines

The strangest of all instances of chimerism is where the twins are of opposite sexes. This can result in the rare condition of true hermaphrodism. It is possible for either sex to manifest physically in the outward appearance, or both.

The internal organs are often split between the two, and the condition is likely to be unknown if the outward physicality appears to be all one sex, unless there is a cause to investigate internally – such as surgically intervening to bring down what would be expected to be an undescended male reproductive gland, only to find a female counterpart and a remnant of a partial uterus.

It is possible for mixed gender chimeras to be fully fertile as one or the other sex, in spite of having the partial anatomy of the opposite sex.

In recorded cases of Chimerism there have been instances of women giving birth to children who were genetically not their own, but upon further investigation were found to be the children of a sibling (the absorbed second twin) due to the reproductive organs of the “mother” actually belonging to her twin sister.

The question of the spirit is then obviously, is there one spirit, or are there two spirits in a chimera’s body? Is this one or two actual people?

Blaschko's Lines

Most believers would agree that the spirit of a child is imparted to them in conception. As soon as the egg becomes fertilized by a sperm and the cell division begins, there is a spirit present in that tiny, undeveloped potential body.

If then a spirit is present at the moment of conception, it must also be present at the point when two fraternal twins become fused into one anatomy in the instance of chimerism.

There is no reason to assume that one of the two spirits would depart as if one twin had died, because it has not died. Both twins remain equally alive, but simply joined.

It is reasonable to conclude that chimeras literally are two people who have two spirits within the space of one body, though genetically occupying different parts of it.

One might assume that this would create a situation in which two streams of thought were battling in one body, and to some extent this might be actually true.

Chimeras, though rarely detected, have been known to be diagnosed with disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Those diagnoses though, are only superficial observation of symptoms, they do not reflect a cause – and science being what it is, it is not approved to suggest that, instead of a disorder, they simply have two spiritual consciousness working in one brain.

It is then, maybe another obvious question to be answered as to what might become of two spirits in one body after death. Is it possible for one spirit to become saved and the other not? Perhaps it is possible.

One might seek diligently to follow Him and yet there are moments of repulsion to that seeking. Each train of thought remaining mysterious to the other as the chimera might not understand that these ideas do not all originate in one spirit. It would be possible then, that one spirit is redeemed and enters into eternal life while the other perishes.

Two redeemed spirits in one body, of course, would have a future to look forward to in which they would finally be resurrected to enjoy individual, unique and incorruptible bodies of their own and finally get to greet their sibling face to face whom they had only ever seen in the mirror.

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35 Responses to “The Spiritual Truth of Human Chimerism”

  1. muzacmercer Says:

    I recently wrote a song about the Prodigal Son. This is my testimony of God’s amazing grace in my life. If you have a sec here it is. Thanks for listening

  2. swella.

    • I am an fraternal twin I am an girl my twins an boy
      I took longer to get out of the whom 4 minutes I was super small my mum said I was like an skinned rabbit I was diognozed with autisim at the age of 5 or something I got strange senses like once when I had an shower just about imwas gonna hop in I had an random thought saying *you know *you know I would rather not be blasted by that much water* then an small hamstmen came out of bidding in one of the sponges running away from the rushing blasting water i was feeling its mood is that just social intlegince normally if u got that u can only feel other and ur own peoples mood/motives I can feel how my cat dog and friend feels what is up with that BTW I never had my DNA checked my dad and mum divorced at my age of 2 I am still so much smaller then my bro me my older sis ร รฑd my twin bro all have this mark on the back of our neck I have lots of birthmarks and this one that looks like the pattern on the moon or somewhat an upside down ocotpuss.

      • I am an fraternal twin I am an girl my twins an boy
        I took longer to get out of the whom 4 minutes I was super small my mum said I was like an skinned rabbit I was diognozed with autisim at the age of 5 or something I got strange senses like once when I had an shower just about imwas gonna hop in I had an random thought saying *you know *you know I would rather not be blasted by that much water* then an small hamstmen came out of bidding in one of the sponges running away from the rushing blasting water i was feeling its mood is that just social intlegince normally if u got that u can only feel other and ur own peoples mood/motives I can feel how my cat dog and friend feels what is up with that BTW I never had my DNA checked my dad and mum divorced at my age of 2 I am still so much smaller then my bro me my older sis ร รฑd my twin bro all have this mark on the back of our neck I have lots of birthmarks and this one that looks like the pattern on the moon or somewhat an upside down ocotpuss.

        • Umm is it normal to be like did my mum had to get me injected insread of fetilized idk how i amfarternal maybe my mum hideing something Is it normal that I am so much smaller I do have skills that are better then my twin bro but I am an slow learner wen i first got in my new school they took me out and taught me stuff i knew they did not no wat to do with me since I am autistic so.. Does this mean i am just mean i am an an absorbed person with only very little of my own DNA fact all fraternal twins have just 50% of there own DNA have fun being part animal if u are one PS sosmfor spam I love to comment

  3. Wendy Velasquez Says:

    Woow what an amazing story!
    thank you so much for making us think think in that way..!!

  4. Nice story. I think that the brain and consciousness (the soul) are completely separate in function. The brain is capable of both receiving input (in the form of stimuli from nerves in the rest of the body) and producing output (generating electrical signals to move various nerves in the body and cause motion).

    I believe that the soul, by nature, is only able to receive input and cannot produce output to affect the output of the brain. Effectively, I believe that actions are the responsibility of the brain and not the soul. By that belief; no soul should go to hell (if such a thing exists) – souls are merely tortured (or pleasured) by the activity of the brain with which they are bound and are not responsible for their doings.

    Also, this implies that the soul has no free will. However, the brain may have free will (and thus this effect can give the soul an ILLUSION of free will).

    • Hi John,

      “I think that the brain and consciousness (the soul) are completely separate in function.”

      I would perhaps use the word “spirit” instead of “soul”, but we speak of basically the same thing. In any case, you correctly attributed consciousness to this aspect. The spirit is where the consciousness derives from. The consciousness, by definition, is the thinking aspect of a living person. It is the consciousness which makes decisions, the consciousness that understand self and other and a responsibility to both.

      A brain without a spirit doesn’t think of anything, it is dead, but does a spirit without a physical brain think? Yes. Though humans are part flesh and part spirit, some beings have never had a flesh aspect and therefor no physical brain. Angels are the obvious example and not only do they have free will, but some have used that free will to do wrong.

      Perhaps it can be quite pleasant to regard our own choices as something which we are not eternally responsible for but how pleasant is being wrong about that if we are indeed responsible?

      Prodigal Son

      • actually if this was the case then what is unconsciousness? the spirit and the brain really actually work togather…. the brain is used to enteract with the soul consciously and unconsciously therfor creating what we humans call dreams and thoughts… thats why all humans can comunicate telepathicly, move things with the mind, ect. ect. but when the body perishes there is no need for the spirit to communicate with the body therefore resulting in what we know as death. the chimera is simply a being wich is getting the requests of the two diffrent spirits that make up this child, when the body perishes for a chimera however this child releases two spirits instead of one this is why they may be bipoler, so in other words this is what i beleave happens when these interesting beings die, thank you for your time… ^.^
        ~ TwiandDashforever

        • Unconsciousness is a phenomenon which occurs exclusively in beings with a body. When the spirit’s connection to the areas of the brain which leads to “conscious” physical thought is suppressed or severed but yet the spirit maintains a connection to the automatic brain functions (ie: respiration and heart rate), the result is unconsciousness.

          Yes, the spirit and brain do work together. An apt analogy would be a computer’s hardware = the physical brain, and the software = the spirit.

  5. sosho Says:

    don’t make a fuse about it,
    it’s not two living body in one it’s only a stage that might happen in rare cases which lead the two fertilized eggs (not two body ) to fuze.
    and even more rest assured there were no spirit in the body unless it is about 2-3months (when the baby makes it’s first move) so to conclude : it is one body with one spirit.

    • Hello Sosho…

      Don’t worry, we won’t blow a “fuse”, nor make a fuss… ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m not the author of this article, however i’d like to ask for some evidence to support this statement:

      “rest assured there were no spirit in the body unless it is about 2-3months (when the baby makes itโ€™s first move)”

      I can’t rest assured in a claim with no evidence.

      Genetically speaking, a chimera is certifiably two physical beings in one form… there is more than one genetic person present.



  6. I have just found out that I am Chimera, heavy stuff to process. My fraternal twin dissappeared in the womb and I was born with distinctively part blonde and part brown hair.

    It’s weird to think I am two and not one.

    Any other Chimeras find it hard to process??

    • Hi RJ,

      It is understandably hard to process but I think you can perhaps look at it in the sense that both you and your twin have survived what might have been the demise of one of you. Perhaps there is a purpose to this condition that is meant to put you in a unique position in this life, and that is a very good thing if you are willing to be a part of that purpose.


      Prodigal Son

    • I am also a chimera. i have the checker board mosaic on my stomach and two different pubic hair textures/colors (one blonde the other brown) divided directly down the center (the hair color and the pigment) my doctor told my mother when i was a baby and told her to be on the watch for internal deformities. she told me when i was twelve what my “birthmark” really meant” now that i am older i enjoy do research on the subject and wish to know my body fully internally one day. i am unique and take pride in what sets me apart from the rest of the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

      p.s.I plan to get the tattoo of the mythological creature on my back.

      -blessing upon this damned world

      B. Robinson

    • Chimeric Says:

      I dont know if im chimeric I have a line down the center of my chest and abdomen and one side is light the other is dark. Its a very straight line all the way down splitting my belly button perfectly. Ive had it since birth.

  7. My name is cheryl and i am a chimera and am scared of it any suggestions?

    • Hi Cheryl,

      No need to be afraid. You have a sibling who simply happens to be closer to you than most people’s siblings are. You and your twin are always with each other and both of you make this one life that you have what it is.

      Your situation is an opportunity to understand life from a perspective few get to experience. Maybe you will seek to know what our Creator has in mind for such an interesting life and use it to help others.


      Prodigal Son

  8. I have very strong suspicions that my eldest daughter could be a chimera. She presents many physical anomalies attributed to chimerism. I don’t know if I should take this any further? I am very curious from the medical point of view, but not sure if it would be correct to investigate further. My daughter is over 21 so she could legally make her own decision, but whilst this would feed my medical and spiritual curiosity, to what benefit for my daughter? I would be really interested to hear from other chimeras?

    • There’s nothing wrong with being a chimera they just have more energy than most people that’s what I notice and dont really sick very much. Doctors tell me that its cause by Human’s pollution and chemicals and play with all our foods. Their full of this junk.

  9. I’m been proven to be a chimerism patchy skin my eyes change color and mult orgains! I don’t feel that I’m evil. I’m very God Loving person. And God has a reason for me on this earth and has bless me each ever day of my life. And I Thank Him from the bottom of my soul every min. of the day. Man’s pollution’s that he does to this world is cause these rare cases. They are the ones that are destroying Gods Great design.

    • I am an faternal twin i am the absorbed one thank god my brother did not fully absorb memy mum said in was an skin ed rabbit wen I was born I am still super skinny but I got blue eyes with the brownish green hazel some times it spread throwout my whole eye making it look that my eye is hazel in Sunday school ive seen someone with blue eyes his left had green on the bottom left of his left eye of was an weird case or Irish eye I feel bad being an absorbed one I:(

  10. Though i have mainly the build of a male, am noticing certain female charcteristics begining to show up, for example my hips did not narrow but rather the opposite and i have a small waistline, and my voice went from strictly a soprano to having the ability to sing with my chest voice (still soprano, but can reach high alto notes not normal for the average 17 year old boy). Also at school i catch myself looking at the same sex when i am not paying attention and sometimes get very nervous around certain ones for no reason, as in to the point i am shaking when they walk past, but i have no desire for them personally. How do you get tested?

  11. Via modern technology Geneticists can now analyze DNA, which in turn enabled them to discover Tetragametic Chimera’s within the human population. This discovery was possible because the evidence that had come forward involved fraternal twins, each of whom have completely different DNA. Geneticists have concluded that it is probable that this same process of twin fusion can also occur with identical twins — essentially, the cell had split, beginning the process of creating an identical twin, whereby while still at the early stage of gestation, one twin absorbed the other.

    This means that all of us could potentially be chimeras via identical twin fusion, and there would be no way of detecting this via our DNA. However, if our absorbed twin’s brain had managed to survive and is able to communicate to us, then this would be another form of evidence.

    This brings me to what we refer to as the subconscious mind and the collective unconsciousness. I have discovered evidence to support that the subconscious is not “ours”, but that of our inner twin.

    Due to events that occured in my life, and as early as the year 2000, I began to investigate the possibility that our subconscious is in fact not “ours”, but that of an independant “hidden” twin. The events that I refer to involve “synchronicity”… meaningful coincidences so vast that I began to consider the only rational explanation– that via our subconscious and collective unconscious, we are in fact creating synchronicity without being aware. In other words, our subconscious minds are independent and able to influence our thoughts and actions in such a way that synchronicity is created.

    Since the year 2009, I began to document synchronicity and have since concluded that these are a means by which our inner twin’s are attempting to “come out” as well as to communicate to us. I have come to realize as well, that they are making this move at this point in time due to desperate circumstances that affect our conjoined existence and world.

    If you would like to investigate my findings further, I suggest you begin by reading my second blog, Pronoiasecret:;postID=8260776899058756437

    • Not true identical twins have all 100% of there real blood and are fully related to there dad and mum while fraternal twins only got 50% of their own DNA and have half the blood of there dad and half the step dad

      • Hi iamangrainofsand,

        Identical, fraternal twins And single births share their biological mother’s and father’s DNA equally.

        A step father (or mother) has no biological relation to his (or her) step children, whether twins or singles.

  12. Biotom Says:

    I just came across this site and mentioned that some of you are scared about being a chimera. I just wanted to let you know, that all of us harbour an extremely small number of cells comming from our mothers (“maternal microchimrism”). Furthermore, all women that were pregnant also contain cells from their offspring (“fetal microchimerism”). In that sense, we all are at least microchimera. I know, that this is something quite different from being a chimera, but maybe it helps to see that (micro)chiomerism is a naturally ocurring phenomenon!

    All the best

  13. Roger Says:

    I think maybe I’m one of them, my right arm is like a dark stain that covers the whole forearm, and my beard and hair grows differently on this side too, never watched it, but now it seems strange …

  14. Alexa Says:

    I am a chimera.. i have brown like the picture avobe in the bottom left of my left eye (1/4) i have been diagnosed with bipolar and have had some schizolphrenia tendencies.. wow. A long time ago my dad said that means u had a twin but it died. I didnt believe him. Years ago.
    Im speechless. Thank you whoever wrote this.

  15. Brett Mousel Says:

    One’s spirit is one’ life; not to be confused, one’s soul is conceived by the mind and purpose of God, when He knew us long before any physical conception.

  16. Nicole Fetterly Says:

    This is strange because I believe this really may be me, I have 2 different colored eyes, both my hands are different from one another, my moods have always shifted rapidly and faught with one another, I constantly have racing thoughts, as a kid I was told I had type B+ blood and as an adult I am B- blood type with rh factor and my 3 kids have B+ blood I’m B- and their sad is O+, I am one to run into rare situations often(wish it could be hitting lottery as one rare thing I could go through haha) I had a rare type of cancer as a child(Ganglioneuroblastoma) and even more to that it was in a very rare location for that type of cancer(in my chest) and my oldest daughter was born with a rare condition (septo optic dysplasia/optic nerve hypoplasia) this would make more sence to me than anything so if anyone is aware of study’s or research on chimerism please let me know.. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I keep coming across this ‘concept’ in my journeys into the internet, and it always brings to mind the ability of a woman bearing children from two ‘fathers’.

    Chimeraism is something I have encountered a few times, but did not know or understand the reason some people had two eye colors. BUT certainly this could happen with ‘twins’ having the same eye color.

    The TWIN SOUL aspect is mind blowing! Thank you for bring this to our attention.

    On another ‘related’ point, the fact that human DNA is absorbed through the woman’s vagina is interesting, and may have been reviled by scripture where it says that a man and woman becomes ONE flesh through marriage (copulation). And another thing to consider is that “THEY” began using fetal tissue in the manufacture of vaccines.

    Dr Theresa Deisher – Worldwide Autism Epidemic & Human Fetal Manufactured Contaminated Vaccines

    JUST for further consideration >>>

    Vaccines are just one of the tools outlined in the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion. to be used for our DESTRUCTION! When read with the reading comprinsion skills of an eighth grader, you can clearly see that the PROTOCOLS have and ARE being implamented.

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

    Protocol 10:18. “The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence โ€“ a matter which we shall arrange for โ€“ of their rulers, will clamor: โ€œAway with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders โ€“ frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts โ€“ who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives.โ€
    10:19. But you yourselves perfectly well know that TO

    20. But if we give the nations of the world a breathing space the
    moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive.

  18. Jordan Says:

    Interesting stuff! I’m 17 and never really knew what a chimera was. I’m literally just started “researching” it. I’ve always felt like there was constant clashing within, it’s really hard for me to explain. I have always felt lost, like there’s two personalities inside constantly switching. I also have sectoral heterochromia, and my mother has told me that she always believed I had a twin due to the fact that early in her pregnancy she thought she had a miscarriage. I never had any testing suggesting that I’m a chimera, nor do I know how to go about getting such a test done, but this is all pretty heavy. Even though I’m left with more questions about myself, everything seems to make sense.

  19. I just recently read about Chimeras. I have two distinctly different hands, one very supple, the other more rigid. Physically one side is much more flexible than the other. All my life I have struggled with the feeling that am two mes – I am the artist and the writer, the performer and the introvert, I love bling and unique clothing, yet I also am very down to earth and conservative. I have difficulty making up my mind about things, and when I am alone i sometimes talk to myself. I must ad that I am very sane, function well, am financially secure etc.

  20. Kimberly mastin Says:

    Amazing I’ve Bennett heard of this until now sounds like something on Grimm… Very cool!

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